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Below you will find videos from Auction Calls, each of which focuses on a specific topic within the general category of modern auction marketing.
Sharpen Skills: As the auction industry and the digital landscape continues to evolve, new marketing skills must be constantly developed. Improve Marketing and Campaign ROI: Learn proven techniques and advanced strategies from an Auctioneer to drive more traffic, produce better bids and increase results on your auction marketing spending. Anyone can use Pinterest, but being successful at Pinterest marketing requires a combination of internet marketing, design, and copywriting skills.
An effective Pinterest marketer needs to be able to think about a business in sideways terms; imagining how people might come to an account and being curious about how people think of their interaction with any particular business or service provider.
I think about a Pinterest account as a spiderweb, stretching into all the spaces that someone might think of just before they think about my business. People who understand how traffic, lead generation, and conversion work on the internet will be better able to benefit from using Pinterest as a marketing vehicle. Roughly weekly, info about how to use Pinterest for Marketing, as well as productivity and business organization from Red Tuxedo. Digital marketing moves very quickly, and as a modern marketer, you’re probably gaining new skills by the handful.
We’re in a pretty frightening content whirlwind; with many blogs pushing out several posts a day, there’s zero chance we will ever read most of what is published on the web. Since nearly all businesses publish content with the help of a Content Management System (CMS), noting some CMS experience on your resume is always a smart move, especially if you're applying for a content marketing job. Businesses are also looking for experts in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, which serves as an essential tool for virtually any company. It’s estimated that 60% of mobile consumers use their mobile phone as their primary (or only) device for accessing the internet, and over half of e-commerce traffic is driven by mobile devices! As companies say sayonara to hard sales tactics and cold calls, they increasingly look to lead nurturing as a better sales solution.
Show that you understand the lead nurturing model and that you have some knowledge of how various types of content (from ebooks to webinars) can be crafted to serve specific audience needs. Email marketing isn’t new, but it’s still one of the most effective ways to market products and services. Productivity Tools.  A healthy knowledge of productivity tools shows that you’re motivated and strive to be efficient.
If you have experience with these tools (or tools that are similar), be sure to add it to your marketing skills resume. In an age when you can pay for likes and promote your Twitter posts, competition is heating up in the social arena, and businesses know that working with paid opportunities is the best (and quickest) way to get ahead. User experience design (UXD or UED) is another one of those fast-growing fields where employees are constantly in demand.
Whether for apps, software, or site design, UX is X marks the spot on your search for prime marketing skills! That’s where you come in – the data analysis expert who can help sort, organize, and, most importantly, extract meaning and actionable insights from these huge data landfills. Going hand in hand with the statistical analysis crew, brands also want to be able to share some of their data insights with their key target audiences. However, most of us don’t perk up at the thought of combing through spreadsheets for that eureka moment. Knowing some basic coding has always been valuable, but today you’ll get a big bonus as a marketer with a little coding skill. Proving you know at least some very basic HTML and CSS skills shows that you can self-correct your own hiccups with a bit of finagling. Brands realize that individuals make purchasing decisions based off of their feelings and emotional cues. As businesses seek to amp up the emotional storytelling and strengthen consumer bonds to brands, they want experts who understand consumer behavior and can help figure out what makes their key audiences tick. Don't ever be that guy that relies on someone else for a skill set related to your field or specialization, take the time to learn and become extremely proficient at it.
When considering whether or not to specialize or generalize, it's also best to take into account where you want to be working in and the resources that are likely to be available.
The Skills Enrichment Program aims to cater for the needs of the individuals to increase their skills and knowledge in certain areas.
We base our pricing on the philosophy that everyone should have the chance to enhance their skills.
An organization can also decide to buy course hours on credit and then send employees to attend the courses throughout the year for example.
This course is designed to accommodate two types of delegates with optional content that are provided.
This intensive long management course prepares the delegates for demanding leadership roles necessary in today’s competitive world. This management course teaches the delegates the art of being in the middle; how to handle people, stakeholders, resources, budget, assistants, technical issues, etc. This highly interactive course introduces participants to the core principles of team building and team work including effective communication skills, problem solving skills, the value of cooperation in teams and many others. This course helps delegates provide effective feedback and, learn how best to receive feedback and encourage information transfer.
This course contains a variety of modern proven techniques to systematically teach delegates on creativity and the nature of innovation.
This management course contains a range of topics on modern coaching principles and covers areas such as the structure of your conversations, strategy & mentality, active listening techniques, several questioning methods, the GROW model, human behaviour, motivational conversations, giving feedback or praise and many other relevant topics.
The soft skills course on Emotional Intelligence (EI) teaches the delegates a set of core skills to become better at managing themselves and others.
This course follows on from Emotional Intelligence focusing on personal skills and competencies such as self-awareness, self-motivation and self-management. This course teaches the delegates on all aspects of time management, productivity and planning to get the most from everything they do. Many delegates learn how to present from others and are not systematically thought on the art of presenting. This soft skills course contains a variety of useful and practical techniques and tools that delegates can use to master the art of decision making. This highly visual course on body language contains a large number of illustrations that describe various important body language cues.
This course follows on from Body Language Part 1.This course has been designed with the same style going through a number of gestures cards explaining various body language signals. This soft skills course helps the participants to understand how to express themselves assertively in order to get what they want.
This introductory course to NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) covers the fundamental principles and techniques used by NLP practitioners and helps the delegates to quickly understand what NLP is all about. This training course covers the full life cycle of writing texts such as reports, technical texts, business documents, emails, and similar content. The anger management course is not only for those who suffer from excessive habitual anger, although they will certainly benefit from the information provided.
This soft skills training course helps delegates to increase their presence and learn how to project a high-impact personality.
6 Hour Course on Social Intelligence Focusing on EI Competencies such as Social Awareness, Empathy. This soft skills course follows on from Emotional Intelligence focusing on interpersonal skills and competencies in areas of social awareness, rapport building, empathy, understanding others, influencing, acting and so on. Influence others and manage runaway emotions in social encounters and guide the interaction towards a direction of your choice.
This is a course about handling difficult people, challenging situations and confrontations. Sequence your statement efficiently, so that you can get maximum effect for the objective you have in mind.
In this management course, delegates learn how to perform conflict resolution, prevent discussions from escalating into conflicts, understand psychological tactics used on them and the best way to respond, negotiate and manage their emotions.
This is a focused course that teaches the delegates how best to handle customers found in professional environments such as sales, progress meetings, consultancy meetings, customer services, management meetings and similar. StartUp FASHION On a mission to help independent designers make a living doing what they love. In the startup world, when you’re beginning your new business, everything is going really fast. Unfortunately, with the speed of the startup scene, sometimes certain skill sets fall to the way-side.
It’s important to understand how each channel works, what it’s used for, which audiences are on it, and how best to distribute content within those channels.
Although numbers are a pain sometimes, and no one wants to comb through Google Analytics to see what is working and what isn’t (ok some people do enjoy this)…it will help to understand your measurement plan and in turn which channels, content, and formats are working best for your brand. This powerful 1 day course is designed to show you how to build a professional practice, how to market it effectively and get a regular stream of paying clients.
If you want to learn how to sell your Products & Services reaching as many people as possible then this course is definately for you! Upon successful completion of the 1 day course you will receive your Marketing Skills Diploma certificate. All course delegates are welcome to attend our regular, ongoing learning and inspirational events. All of the online course materials are emailed over to you as e-documents, if you would prefer a hard copy of the course materials to be posted out to you please select this when checking out. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

Marketing Skills Matrix Purpose This tool was designed to help you increase the skill set of your marketing team. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Using the framework developed by the Partnership for the 21st Century Skills provides a solid foundation on which to build.
Core subjects required include English, reading or language arts, world languages, arts, mathematics, economics, science, geography, history, and government and civics. The components of the life and career skills desired include flexibility and adaptability, initiative and self-direction, social and cross-cultural skills, productivity and accountability, and leadership and responsibility.
The functional and critical thinking skills desired in this area include information literacy, media literacy, information, communications and technology (ICT) literacy. The middle of the pyramid is based partially upon research conducted by the American Management Association in partnership with the P21, reaffirming the importance of critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication skills for success in the business environment. This category of skills includes creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem solving, and communication skills and collaboration.
In addition to possessing skills in critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration, marketing graduates need to receive a solid foundation in marketing principles, theory and practice.
Marketing graduates seeking jobs in the current marketing environment should be able to demonstrate proficiency in all of the DARC areas. Never had a professor that asked me if I wanted to position myself to get a job after graduation and that gave me access to such information. To go to full-screen mode, click on the little white arrows in bottom right hand side of video. Learn cutting-edge strategies and how to employ these techniques in your auction marketing.
He holds a Certified Estate Specialist Designation and is also a member of Certified Auctioneer Institute. It doesn’t hurt to have a basic understanding of copyright law and how it applies to the images you pin.
Still, you can capitalize on this mighty content race by marketing yourself as a content mastermind.
WordPress and Drupal are two common examples of content management systems you may want to get you hands dirty with. CRM software is used to organize and manage customers’ various interactions with a company. Understanding the mobile marketing landscape will make you a hero in the eyes of employers, so be sure to show this off on your resume. In the B2B world, most customer relationships today begin with content offers, then continue on with lead nurturing through the sales funnel. Newsletter signup boxes are commonplace on nearly all blogs, and brands are hungry for employees who can help them grow, retain, and delight email subscribers. Tools that can help manage your various social media accounts and measure your effectiveness. Apps and software that can help you create blog images and valuable visual content to capture the attention of your audience.
Programs that can help you manage email more effectively and measure open rates, clicks, and conversions for various email lists.
Brands are recognizing that video is a very engaging and compelling form of content that can be used to a company’s advantage.
Best of all, you can brush up on some of these skills yourself if you’ve got a bit of spare time. Businesses know that their product needs to be smooth and streamlined, and they are chomping at the bit for skilled UX designers who can help create an intuitive, natural product experience for users.
From conversion tracking cookies, social media responses, and video views to GPS data and app activity, the sheer quantity of big data companies have access to is mind-boggling. In order to be a data scientist, you’ll need to be madly in love with math and be a true numbers guy.
That’s where data visualizers come in – they help reformat valuable, insightful data into visual graphs, charts, and graphics that make those numbers easier to digest.
Engineers and coders are valuable commodities, and they won’t gladly be spared to fix the padding on your tables and align your text properly.
On a small team, if everyone specializes, you can have serious knowledge holes that are less apparent and less likely on a large team. Some content are ideal for delegates who already know each other and are perhaps working as a team and want to enhance their inter-communication skills. The course emphasizes on many emotional skills required for a leader, who must have vision, know how to manage stakeholders, boost the team’s moral, manage risk, exploit opportunities, spot trends and create a creative & motivating environment for the team to work in. A project manager must be able to handle all aspect of a project’s development and must see way into the future. Team Building course offered by Alriyada International is both entertaining and educational and takes advantage of modern efficient teaching methods to maximize knowledge transfer. The techniques are accompanied with carefully designed exercises that help the delegates, even those who think they are not creative, to become better at finding novel and original solutions to problems.
It covers core principles of negotiation in a variety of situations such as business to business negotiations, sales negotiations, product presentations, office negotiations, etc. Delegates get to systematically perform self-examination to define what they want to achieve in life and get motivated as a result. Emotional skills can easily come to distinguish individuals from the rest and lead them to a much more rewarding and successful life.
Delegates go through case studies and example conversations and become aware of many behavioural traits which help them understand themselves and others better. It is assumed that delegates are familiar with the basics of emotional intelligence as the course explicitly focuses on personal EI competencies. Using the latest methodologies and technological trends, the course covers many proven systems and processes that can be employed for personal or professional life. The result is the common death-by-power-point which we see in many business or sales presentations. It covers topics such as choosing options, analysing implications of taking these options and deciding in groups. The gestures are organised into a number of logical sessions covering different aspects of communication.
It focuses on power, politics, intimidation, handling difficult people, meeting in groups, presentations, public speaking and similar topics.
In particular they will learn the differences between aggressive and assertive behaviour, correct body language, what to say to get results, how to request, how to criticise and how to boost their confidence. It contains many exercises, thought experiments and group exercises that enables the delegates master the skills during the course. It includes many aspects of report writing such as preparing materials, structuring, presentation, using clear English, persuasion techniques and so on.
This course aims to help people improve their communication skills, handle difficult situations, practice assertiveness, manage their frustration or temper and control their emotions more easily.
Personal impact is not a single skill; it is a set of skills that must be mastered together in line with improving attitude.
Due to the nature of social intelligence, the course relies heavily on participatory exercises that encourage delegates to explore various techniques when communicating with others.
It is assumed that delegates are familiar with the basics of emotional intelligence as the course explicitly focuses on inter-personal EI competencies.
Core topics include understanding how people perceive the world and the impact of such perceptions on their behaviour, avoiding blame when things go wrong, managing feelings, understanding the relationship between intentions and their influence and many other advanced topics. Delegates learn about characteristics associated with difficult people, the origin of their behaviour and how best to deal with them.
Influencing is an interactive skill which needs lots of practicing to master and deliver naturally. Training resources is full of examples, exercises, activities and bite size training content. So instead of letting that happen, make time to ensure that certain marketing skills are kept polished; whether it’s through workshops once a month, webinars, or just diving in with a good old business book. It allows a brand to be unified across channels, allow consumers to understand what the brand stands for, and believe in the brand.
For example, one brand may be better suited for YouTube with its variety of videos,  while another may consider creating a tumblr blog for aggregating their content in one place for a community that is hungry for discovering and sharing cool stuff. Although Google makes changes on how people will be successful with their SEO tactics, it’s important to keep up.
However, if you hire someone else to do it, how will you know they’re doing a good job without understanding at least the mechanics so you can review their work and keep an eye on the business you’re building? In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. How to reach as many people as possible through online marketing, email marketing, data capture, websites, promotions, competitions, free media advertising and running successful meet up groups and workshops.
We also hold regular inspirational events in Manchester and London for all students studying any of our courses. If so, then focus on building demonstrable skills in the areas that potential employers have identified as important for new employees to possess. Additional 21st century themes include global awareness, financial, economic, business and entrepreneurial literacy, civic literacy, health literacy, and environmental literacy. Marketing students who can demonstrate their ability to adapt to change, work independently, manage their goals and time, work and interact effectively in diverse teams, manage projects with demonstrable results, who can act responsibly and lead others are better positioned for success than are those who are deficient in this area.
Given the importance placed upon these skills by employers, they are placed above the foundation-level in the proposed pyramid.

New graduates should be capable of thinking and working creatively, implementing innovation, reasoning effectively, use systems thinking, make informed decisions, communicate clearly and effectively and to collaborate with others. Suggested coursework includes marketing principles, integrated marketing communication, consumer behavior, advertising, global marketing, marketing research and marketing management. A recently published book, Inbound Marketing: Get Found Using Google, Social Media and Blogs, by authors and HubSpot co-founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, includes a chapter entitled Picking and Measuring People.
If you’re a student in a marketing program and not developing your inbound marketing skills, the time to start is now. Let us know what you think and feel free to make suggestions for training topics – your feedback is appreciated. Brands have realized that they need to be producing a steady stream of high-quality content in order to attract their audiences.
Lead nurturing is in super high demand, so employees with experience in this area should be sure to note it on their resume's marketing skills list and LinkedIn profiles. Some popular tools include Google Keyword Planner, Open Site Explorer, Ahrefs, and of course our own keyword tools. Popular tools include Canva, Piktochart, SlideShare, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. If you have your own blog or website, use them as social advertising guinea pigs (although you’ll have to deal with the smell). If you’ve got the goods, you can be sure businesses will be knocking at your door (or even breaking it down).
Data visualizers are utilized to create powerful, data-driven content that is appealing to users (infographics are a prime example).
Often it's the generalists who can look at something they don't know, realize someone needs to learn it, and figure enough out to get the job done. A difference set of optional content is designed for those delegates who don’t know each other and are looking forward to improve their general communication skills with colleagues, clients, managers and employees. This course contains many group exercises that encourage delegates to practice leadership skills and learn how to handle a variety of common situations found while managing others. This extensive course teaches the delegates about standard techniques such as critical path planning, Gantt charts, planning & scheduling, etc. Training resources contain a large number of exercises that you can choose from according to your specific needs.
Delegates learn the techniques by exploring good and bad examples and understand how to formulate their statements for best results. Comprehensive instructions on how to run the course are provided along with extra exercises to extend the duration of the course based on your delegate’s specific needs and the time available for training.
Delegates will go through many group exercises to learn the art of asking the right questions and providing guidance & coaching. Delegates also learn how to become more creative and use novel tools to boost their creative mind.
This could be because they don’t want to lose control, not sure how to delegate or believe they can do a better job themselves. This training course contains many guidelines with lots of examples of good and bad slide designs.
Many elaborate illustrations are provided that clearly show the body language and help the delegates to practice these gestures. The workbook contains all the NLP exercises in detail, so delegates can practice them after the course as they wish.
It is packed with examples of good and bad text to facilitate both processes of training and learning. This course contains many exercises addressing these skills individually and in isolation and later in combination with each other in more demanding environments.
Whether delegates are from the same organisation, or have never met each other before, they can all benefit from this course. Delegates are introduced to a variety of effective responses, learn how to deal with toxic words & phrases, how to resolve a confrontation, how to avoid blame games and many other topics. This course is packed with exercises and guidelines based on the latest research on human psychology and academic theories on influence.
One minute you’re the marketing manager, the next you’re the project manager, and yet another you’re the production manager.
Each channel is different and provides different features, which may enhance your products or services. Whether it’s tagging your content with the right keywords, getting more shares on social, or distributing on partner channels for a larger audience – make sure you take the time to understand how SEO can play to your benefit. My loves include photography, sushi, wine, helping animals, live music, and exploring the city. Also included in the course learn the powerful tools and techniques that Author and Radio Broadcaster Sara Lou-Ann Jones used to make over 1 Million pounds profit working online from home in less than 2 years. The events are a great way to watch live demonstrations of different techniques, learn new skills, have a practice with other students and to meet your tutors. Level of Difficulty Low Medium High Simple Strategic Skills Developing Strategic Skills Advanced Strategic Skills • SWOT Internal Analysis • Business Case Writing • Business Alignment • STEP Industry Analysis • Core Competency Review • Strategic Planning Strategic • Competitive Analysis • Interviewing Skills • Project Prioritization • Job Description Writing • Segmentation • Setting Objectives • Department Goal Setting • Product Positioning • Business Case Analysis • Market Requirements • Department Leadership • Brand Scorecards • Sales Growth Team • Web Marketing • Change ManagementType of Skills • Advertising Copy • Product Management • Succession Management Simple Tactical Skills Developing Tactical Skills Advanced Tactical Skills • Activity Reporting • Lead Scoring • Vendor Consolidation • Case Study Development • Consultant Evaluation • Branding Alignment • Competitive Analysis • Skills Assessments • Build vs.
Progressing from the broader general skills sought by employers in the 21st century to skills identified by the American Management Association for business school graduates to possess to the narrower skills identified as critical for those seeking careers in today’s marketing environment, the purpose of this blog is to provide a framework for marketing students to consider when positioning themselves for future employment. Around this inner arch of competency, specialized skills can be developed including life and career skills, learning and innovation skills, information, media and technology skills. These skills are identified as Learning and Innovation Skills in the framework developed by P21. As much as possible, active-learning (learn by doing) should be stressed over passive learning.
The investment that you make in building your network, personal brand and mastering social media platforms and tools will pay off during your job search. You can start mini-campaigns for relatively cheap, and it will get you familiar with all the ins and outs of paid social advertising.
Data visualization mastery is in high demand, so be sure to detail your knowledge on your marketing skills resume. Of course you can really only be expected to be familiar with related disciplines (for example, great at content marketing and familiar with content management systems, SEO and social media). However, even with specialization you still need to have a solid knowledge of several skills on this list to be a true master at your job. The course is full of many group exercises encouraging delegates to put what they have learned to use several times from different angles until they fully learn the skills and can use them naturally when necessary.
This is an interactive course with a variety of exercises in each session and contains all the necessary training resources needed to run it. Training resources is packed with step-by-step guides, exercises, role plays and case studies along with comprehensive trainer notes that help trainers to quickly pick up this course and deliver it. This skill is useful in many areas in everyday life, but it also helps them to become more creative about what they want to achieve in life which fits nicely with the motivation part of the course. Participants will learn how to overcome these barriers using a systematic approach to delegation. In addition, delegates are also introduced to fundamental decision making principles and associated philosophical implications of these principles which further prepares them to use the tools discussed in the course correctly. The training resources is full of practical examples, case studies, exercises, training games and role plays with optional extra content to adjust the pace as trainers see fit.
Your delegates can use this skill in many contexts such as sales, management, HR, team working, customer services and so on to maximise efficiency. In addition to online storytelling through images, video, and written content, storytelling transcends to in-person interactions with customers.
Being knowledgeable on the ones that best fit your brand and your competition is helpful in creating the best marketing plan to be successful now and in the future. Once you've signed up for any of our courses you will receive details of our different monthly events via email. In addition, marketing students need to possess a solid foundation in marketing principles, theory and practice.
If your business school doesn’t offer coursework in these areas, take charge of your own education. This training integrated with social media applications allows buyers and sellers to access highly visible results. The course contains many practical interactive exercises designed to facilitate the transfer of skills to the delegates. The course also covers persuasion techniques, confidence boosting exercises and basics of NLP all provide with many interactive exercises.
They will be introduced to various strategies and learn what to do to get the best results. If you cannot attend our events you can watch a live streaming of the event on our tv channel. Sign up for HubSpot’s free Inbound Marketing University (IMU) to study for and earn Inbound Marketing Certification.
Various exercises on all levels are provided that help participants build up their skills through the course using realistic scenarios. External verification of skills, such as IMU certification, provides you with a competitive advantage once you enter the job market. The training materials contain these exercises as well as other training resources necessary to run this course.

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