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Marketing strategies refer to all the efforts made by a company in order to increase the number of their customers and to keep the old ones closer. Particularly if we refer to small towns, we can apply some specific marketing strategies in order to achieve our goals.
Marketing strategies start from making a clear profile of the customer your business has set as a target and all the necessary information about his preferences, the products he uses, the reasons why he uses them, the price he is ready to pay, the amount of products he need every month and the other products related to this one offered by the company. When we refer to marketing strategies for small towns, we suddenly think of similar products with the competitors, products that have no competition on the market area or products that are useful, together with others offered by the competitors. A very important part of marketing strategies  is the advertising campaigns and procedures.
Search the term marketing strategies on Google and you’re likely to get over 69 million results. If you’re on the hunt for marketing strategies for your business, you can easily be overwhelmed with the abundance of suggestions, all of which can run the gamut anywhere from free to the price of a small country. How many times have you thought to yourself, I wish I could afford  to <insert fancy marketing tactic here>? How many times have you seen a company do some quirky marketing and thought to yourself, one day I hope I can afford to do that?
Are you using social media for marketing, but you’re just throwing out random posts, crossing your fingers hoping someone sees you and makes you famous?
It’s ok, as most, if not all, entrepreneurs have visions of going viral, gaining celebrity status overnight. The infographic below gives you 27 specific, proven marketing strategies for a small budget. I would encourage you to try a few of these proven idea to see which of these work best for you. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, pick two marketing strategies to try this week.
For example, this week you can implement marketing strategy number one and comment on 10 blogs.
Then, next week you can try strategy number 12 and answer questions on a forum site like Quora and execute strategy number 16 with an email campaign to your customers asking for 3 referrals. The following week you can implement strategy number five and update your Google local listing and run a Google ad. If you break out the strategies over the course of several weeks, and stick with them, you will be a lead generating marketing machine! Miss Kemya is a Marketing & Social Media Strategist at Marketing Sparkler, a marketing consulting firm that facilitates the growth of small businesses through conventional marketing techniques merged with social media tactics.
Now don’t get me wrong—all of these are great tools and can be incredibly powerful when it comes to gaining exposure.
Television advertising is still a very viable option, even for entirely web-based companies. Well again, you should go traditional if you really want to be effective, and try building a relationship with a journalist or editor. Unfortunately, not every company has an announcement exciting enough to warrant regular conferences. Giving fans a sense of belonging is one of the major benefits of promotional gifts, but they will also help to win over more allies and friends among your customers and within the industry. Greg Fisher is the founder of Berkeley Sourcing Group, a company that coordinates relationships between manufacturing firms located in the United States and factories in China.
Bplans is owned and operated by Palo Alto Software, Inc., as a free resource to help entrepreneurs start and run better businesses. If you keep an eye out for them, you’ll quickly become aware of hundreds of local events going on around you.
Email continues to be one of the most effective marketing channels available to teamsTweet This of every size.
At some point, every person you do business with will visit your website, whether to check out who you are, see who’s on your team, or simply look up your address. Now, immediately after putting up the entry form on your website you shouldn’t expect a big increase in sales and the money to purchase an extra home in the Hamptons. One marketing strategy that can build your local reputation is also one that very few people attempt.

Identifying reliable tactics that bring in high-quality leads is hard – there’s no doubt about it. It also involves finding information about competitors, products and customers’ preferences, trying to sell as much as you can, setting the best prices and making special offers that attract people.
A small town needs a well established point of attraction for tourist, citizens or simple visitors. Everything is focused on what he wants, what he likes, what he dislikes and what he would like to be offered. It refers to the way your business is seen by the people, the message you try to send and the way it must be understood by the customers. You don’t have to wait until you land that million-dollar-client (or hit the lottery) in order to successfully marketing the heck out of your business! All Rights ReservedUse of this website constitutes acceptance of the Marketing Sparkler Terms and Conditions Policy.
There’s less competition and you can get a lot more bang for your buck than you used to, plus you can reach an entirely different audience than the one you reach online.
Lots of bloggers use Google AdSense and other large programs to find ads for their sites, but if you approach them yourself and offer to pay for a banner on their site, they’ll be glad for the guaranteed sale and will probably give you much more prominence on the page as a result. Networking is a forgotten art and it works best if you can do it in person—try visiting some tradeshows or seeing if any of your existing contacts can put you in touch with someone who will listen.
That could be a launch party or an announcement, and if you can make the event exciting enough, then it will almost guarantee that you get some exposure.
As mentioned above, many people don’t know how to network in person anymore, which puts them at a huge disadvantage. Media professionals are likely to be there, and if you can use that opportunity to become friends with someone influential—from your industry, from the media, or from somewhere else—then you’ll start to see doors opening up that never would have otherwise.
Furthermore, if someone wears your promotional cap to a football game and happens to get caught on camera then that’s free advertising to thousands or even millions of people at once. Organizing interesting events and distribute promotional gifts this will give good impression your users and will lead into more business. Online business planning software makes it easier than ever before to put together a business plan for your business. It’s a knowledgable guide combined with a professional designer coupled with a financial wizard.
However, many of these marketing strategies require gigantic budgets that small teams don’t have. Your clients will largely come from people who already live in your area, and most people prefer to work with people they have a personal connection to. Start by looking for local clubs that are genuinely of interest to your team members and begin attending introductory events.
These aren’t just real estate events or big-ticket concerts, but an endless list of events that all have 30-to-60 people attending.
Due to its flexibility and low-cost barrier to entry, even a team with two members can take full advantage of it. Regardless of the reason, people are going to show up on the main page after Googling your name. Instead, you first need to figure out an incentive that will spur people to give up their contact info – just because the form is there doesn’t mean people are going to automatically fill it out. If you’re trying to reach a specific community of people, you want to look for a place where people find their local newsTweet This, become familiar with the local big shots, and stay up-to-date with what’s going on in their neighborhood.
As a small real estate team, you may not have the money to buy advertising space or employ an expensive public relations firm. However, just because you’re resource-constrained and your team lacks the experience of building up a dozen marketing channels doesn’t mean you should quit prematurely. Marketing strategies also refer to following and respecting certain rules specific to the organization that can lead you to great and successful results. When we refer to marketing strategies for small towns, it is absolutely necessary to identify such a point of attraction. According to these data, companies try to produce something that is known from the very beginning as being useful for the population. These messages often appear in newspapers, e-mails and flyers and in small towns these are cheap and successful manners of advertising.

Over time, you’ll see where the best leads come from and can focus on those few strategies.
It’s relatively rare to find an advertisement for a website in a magazine, so if you can create a compelling image and get it into a relevant publication you might have found a perfect route to market. This will help you to improve awareness for your brand and will help to set you apart from the competition—and you’ll often actually get a better rate as a result. You don’t necessarily need to become a weekly attendee, but you should try to visit often enough that people start recognizing you.
Realize that you can speak on the nuances of local real estate, what the buyer and seller markets are like, and what people should be on the lookout for when searching for an agent. There are countless books, resources, guides, and hacks you can use to make email really work for you, but to begin with there are two projects you need to work on: email capture and drip campaigns.
When you list out these criteria, you promptly realize that local newspapers and TV stations are the ideal channel.
Fortunately, there’s a free way to get into the news – becoming a source for a reporter.
Instead, by experimenting with the strategies listed above, you’ll be well on your way to an increase in both new leads and closed deals. Even if we are talking about hunting, fishing, touristic objectives or shopping, lower taxes or kind and gentle people, all these indicate the way in which a business in a small town can become successful. Starting with this idea, the products made will be easy to sell, will be looked for by the customers and the sales will increase permanently.
Local radio stations and newspapers, meanwhile, are a perfect fit for local businesses (and just as targeted as Facebook ads!). At the same time, many of the strategies that are free to implement don’t really bring in high-quality business. The important thing to avoid is only going to events or becoming part of organizations focused solely on business. Whatever topic you land on, remember that when you have a captive audience that cares deeply about what you’re talking about, you’re in a great position to bring in new leads. To do this, you simply put an email address entry field on your main landing page that signs your customers up for your email newsletter. This means that when they give you their email, you automatically send them an email every day for a week on an educational topic. If you build up a professional relationship with local reporters that cover topics like real estate, gentrification, and community development, there’s a good chance that they’ll begin to use you as a source. This can also depend on how political people are, for example; if people adhere to Democratic Party views, it is much more probable for them to be accepting and understanding on a number of issues, whereas Republicans are more conservative, and can often be wary of the new. It’s a conundrum that causes many teams to just throw in the towel before they get started. Once you’ve got their email address, you can begin to communicate with them on a regular basis.
If you make coherent, accurate, and attention-grabbing points and stand out in comparison to other real estate teams you’ll be well on your way to getting your name and face in front of thousands of potential leads. That being said, a business can have much bigger chances of success in a town where people share Democratic Party views, but politics isn’t the only factor in determining this. You have to know them so well that you can predict what they will like or want in the future as well, or know them well enough to know that they can be made to like and want products and services that you want to bring.
To help avoid this fate, we’ve pulled together some tried-and-true marketing strategies that are designed for small real estate teams. Sometimes, successful small business ideas are all about convincing people that your new products is what they need, whether they’ve made use of such a product in the past or not. For example, if your drip campaign focuses on the local intricacies of buying a home, you can advertise that when people give you their email that they’ll, “receive a free introductory course to buying a home in Chicago!” Secondly, a drip campaign enables you to keep leads warm over a number of days without manually sending emails.

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