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CLOUDSPOTTINGdigital marketing strategy guideOverviewA digital marketing strategy isthe content plan that ensures anydigital marketing efforts aretailored to your target audience,in order to maximise return oninvestment.Your audience may be arriving atyour website or online content viaa desktop, a tablet or as isincreasingly common, from amobile device. The portal giving chance to spend time on our Real needs and Interests unlike other Social networking sites where we spend time to know about others Interests . No blog-no website-no blogging-no spending time and money ; But still with one time effort one can become Affiliate and can get valuable benefits every now and then when some E commerce transactions happens in your user base .
ACTIVATE - INVITE - IMPORT - AFFILIATE - FORGET - LET M FLOAT Please contact me for further details Wish you best of luck.

Then we will get an Email which we should click and import all our Gmail and Yahoo contacts. Once 20 people join under you and among them 6 people have completed what you have done then you will be a Premium Affiliate. When the portal comes out fulfledged, then we will get income on whatever has been bought by the buyers from the portal. Each Premium Affiliate will be given some users and the premium affiliate will get commission on the purchases made by the users given to him or her. Step 2.When 20 people become active users under you, then you will become an Affiliate Member.

Out of the 20 Active users under you, if minimum 6 people become Affliliate Members, then you will become a Premium Affiliate.
Advantages of becoming Premium Affiliate : You will be given a list of users joined in the portal. IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBTS KINDLY CALL ME WHILE YOU ARE SITTING BEFORE YOUR SYSTEM AND KEEP YOUR INTERNET ON.

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