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November 16, 2009 by Mark Fregnan Leave a Comment Improving Local Awareness Of Your Business Using Open Days! This week I’ve got a good example of how to improve the local awareness of your business. The open day marketing strategy doesn’t have to be limited to the first day your business was open to the public. The aim of the open day may not be to generate sales, but rather to improve the branding and awareness of your business in your area or to generate leads which you (or your sales team) could follow-up with later. IMPORTANT : The special report will be emailed to you, so please ensure you have correctly entered your email address. You’ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. Most web analytics departments in large companies are now using data to report on their online marketing performance. Producing analytics reports is not a simple process, but involves numerous company resources. Such big investment is always undertaken with the objective of reporting financial growth, but it is sometimes difficult to see the effect of this investment on Profit & Loss statements. Fortunately, online analytics is robust and flexible enough to allow companies to employ high level metrics that are not only actionable at an executive level, but present an accurate picture of company performance. From the diagram you can see how important metrics arise as the analysts see what is happening within the website, and then these metrics become integrated into the marketing mix strategy that drives action within the company.
Price: decision making on pricing is affected by different elements such as finding the right balance between marginal profit and competitiveness.
Product: Product engineers aim to design products which will meet the expectations of their users.
How should we target customers with complementary or ancillary products to increase cross sales?
Promotion: finding our target audience at an appropriate cost will make the difference between a positive and a negative ROI. Placement: Appropriate distribution of products increases customer satisfaction and reduces inefficient expenditures. Are we successfully adapting the different channels to the different audience and different products available- are we correctly targeting each of our predefined segments?
It is clear that there are many questions that need to be asked to determine the success of an online business. Therefore, it is critical to align KPIs with business objectives, whether they are financial or non-financial, and customize them so that they accurately represent performance in your organisation.

These are but a few examples of key metrics that web analytics tools can produce, and which can be supplemented with economic information to enhance their capabilities as tools of performance management. Here Avinash was quoting Andreas Schleicher via Twitter in June this year to emphasize his philosophy on the importance of data in supporting business decisions.
In business, when ever I take a client for digital marketing strategies, I will evaluate whether I can help the business or not and whether the business will be profitable using digital marketing. In this strategy the idea is to have a planned approach to creating a programme of customer acquisition to grow the volume of customers they need at an acceptable ROI.
Here I will understand the type of customers business are targeting, their purchase pattern, where they are from, where do they hangout online? Here I would work with business to show where to allocate the budget to make the most impact. Here I will be using tools, choosing the right attribution model, understanding and getting most out of the analytics, measuring social media campaigns, and provide reports on conversion rate optimization. There we go, the 7 strategies I always take when handling clients for digital marketing strategies. Oreb Reloaded provides digital marketing solutions that can help you reach out to more clients, market your products and services and boost website traffic.
My family and I went along and I would say they had around 500 people there around 8pm (see my photo below). You could use the same idea to celebrate any anniversary (of any year in business), or to launch new products or services, or to show off a store refurbishment (like Bunnings did) or even to celebrate a tie-in event like Easter, Father’s Day, Halloween, Melbourne Cup and so on. Navigational patterns, conversion funnels, and marketing channels have come to be the focus of most of these reports. From technical departments for the implementation and deployment of web analytics to different levels of marketing management to adapt reports to business objectives, the whole process is undertaken whilst dealing with multiple assets and data sources.
When managed and observed effectively, these key metrics can encourage data based decision making, leading to actions which can optimize your financial results.
With more than 15 years background in Finance and a Masters in Online Marketing, Anna Solans, along with her colleagues at Divisadero works to help clients use analytics data to drive business performance. Surprisingly most businesses here do not know what they want to achieve or worst still want maximum results but not willing to pay. What are the costs of acquiring of a new customer measured by the incremental revenue less the incremental resource and media cost required? Then we dig deeper into, what channels of communication they prefer and what kind of content they are looking for. We have maintained a good reputation in providing excellent and high quality services to our clients for years.

Marketing and promotional plans have to be laid out and implemented in order to get this objective realized. We understand the financial and time pressures felt by small business owners especially in a competitive marketplace.
Basically we can divide into 3 categories; advertising by using paid search, display ads, affiliate marketing and digital signage. Should you wish to learn more about us and our services, feel free to contact us or sent us a message. Advertising can be a means of promoting products but since this is an expensive method, other methods have to be laid out as alternatives. We rely on our proven marketing and business strategies along with smart systems to produce and maintain a healthy increase in sales and profit for our business clients. Using partner networks such as Facebook and influencer outreach and finally digital properties by creating blogs and social presence online. This method can be a means of attracting and reminding customers and the people in general about your company and also your products.
With the product giveaways they receive, people and potential customers will have the tendencies of recalling your company name including your products, once the product giveaways are used.
In terms of advertising and good promotional effects, these items are ideal to have because of usability. Promotional USB drives are products that people would not hesitate to receive once these items are given out. People will find good usage of these items because of the file storage needs that they have and these are also items that will surely be appreciated. However, you need also the good quality of these promotional items so that the appreciation will be complete.
It is a strategy that is accepted to be effective especially if you have the good quality products that potential recipients will find good usage of.
The USB flash drives you give out as promotional giveaways can be these ideal products to have.

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