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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Looking for specific recommendations to improve your small business website without breaking the bank? There are some free tools you can use to analyze your online storefront and determine if your site is optimized for search engines, user friendly, and firing on all cylinders. All you have to do is enter your url and within seconds, you have a detailed and comprehensive report that evaluates how well you’re doing.
Best of all, you also get instant and actionable online marketing advice—taking the guesswork out of how well your site is actually performing. However, before you go out and completely overhaul your site based on their results, make sure you carefully review each recommendation to make sure it’s right for your specific business, your online marketing strategy, and your customers. As with any free tool, if you only come away with one new actionable insight that you can use that’s definitely well worth the time and effort.
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Your insights regarding online marketing and blog posting are very relevant and helpful to us. Awesome!Your insights regarding online marketing and blog posting are very relevant and helpful to us. A website is a central hub of information and a place for you to guide your readers (and those who may not be readers yet) where to go to connect with you and most importantly, how to buy your books. If you do not have a website set up for your brand, then you are definitely missing out on a perfect marketing opportunity.
Obviously, if you are an author, you need to showcase your books, but many authors put their books on their site haphazardly and do not generate sales because of the poor layout.
The individual book pages should all feature the cover, a brief description of the book, and of course the links to buy the book.
While having your books (and links to buy the books) is important, having a mailing list sign up form on your author website is just as important. Many authors skip this step and then wonder why they are having to work so hard to find more readers. One of the best ways to get people to want to buy your books is to offer them a sample section of your books. Your author website is an essential marketing tool, and you need to make sure you have these important marketing elements on your author website. Book Marketing Tools exists to provide authors with helpful tools, book marketing tips and advice, and a community of like-minded authors.
I don’t have a mailing list as such but I do have email follow and follow via wordpress widgets. This free guide will provide a comprehensive checklist to ensure that you've covered all of your bases when it comes to marketing your book online. 8 Mistakes that Will Frustrate Writers 7 Tools That Will Make an Author a Periscope Rock Star 7 Ways To Level Up Your Writing Replay 013: "Book Marketing Success" Planning a Book: Creating a Rough Plan eBook Or Print?
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Readers love to hear about people going the extra mile, overcoming adversity, and becoming successfula€“and the publicity can generate even more success. No one likes to be lectured, but you can present helpful, useful information by telling a story. Even if youa€™re not in the environmental industry, you can still win customers with a a€?greena€™ story. Technology is one of the most talked-about industries today, and you dona€™t need to have a high-tech product to get involved.

Everyone loves stats and surveys, particularly journalists who find ready-made stories in this type of news release. From there, they provide a detailed breakdown of how well your site performed in each category. You can then click on each category to see how you’re doing as well as access helpful checklists. Now, you just need to make sure you have all of the components on the site that will help you to sell more books and connect with as many readers as you can.
The books can be sorted by publish date, by the collection if you have multiple sets of stories, or any way that makes sense to you. Feature the Amazon, Kobo, Nook, and maybe 1 or 2 other buy links, and then include all of the other links in a smaller font or smaller images. If people are that interested in getting to know you, then it’s an extremely easy step to get them onto your mailing list. An alternative to providing samples is to create short stories that are exclusive to your blog. Our author newsletter features exclusive book marketing content.You also receive our free gift, the Ultimate Author Checklist for Book Marketing Online. And you can turn any piece of news into an online asset that helps you increase awareness, attract more customers and win more business. An online news release can take the story beyond your industry in all sorts of ways and connect you with all sorts of people, including journalists looking for a story, and customers looking for a well-reviewed, credible product or service. This sort of news can build your credibility with readers and provides a resource they might share. Recapping its success once youa€™re all done gives you a brand new story angle for no extra legwork. The competition is fierce but the rewards are well worth it, so complement your existing publicity with a news release.
Ita€™s a great way to get each bit of work youa€™ve done in court out to the media, and customers looking online for legal representation.
A news release can help brand your podcasts, get the word out to a broader audience and win you more listeners (which means more leads). Readers also love sharing them in a big way, via links, tweets, Facebook and just about every other communication channel. If you sell computers, publish a list of keyboard shortcuts or a guide on how to avoid online scams.
Your online strategies are what every online marketers need to keep going in this online journey.
However, with the web & social media, chances are the customer will see your brand before meet you.
The designer needs to understand fully what the overall message is of a product or service, so their brand reflects that. Every marketer should know how important creating and maintaing a social media presence can be. Most authors will have these things, but read the details for some additional tips to ensure you’re maximizing the marketing prowess of your website.
You want the links that a majority of your readers will use to buy the books to be the links that stand out the most. A mailing list helps you to connect with your readers on a constant basis, and more importantly, let them know about new books that are coming out so that you can have an initial wave of purchases by readers who wanted to know when your next book came out! This could be a quick prequel of one of your books, or any type of engaging content so that readers can see, for free, your writing style and your skills. Maybe someday I will try Aweber as it looks far superior when I am willingly to fork out money.

It can win you positive media coverage and connect your business with the many consumers that believe in your cause. Having solid branding is no longer a luxury but a necessity in staying competitive with the market. If you are marketing yourself as a modern company don’t use Comic Sans on your flyers.
You don’t want to overwhelm someone, who is about to make a purchase, with a lot of options. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Goodreads, etc… Each person likes to use a different social network so make sure you are on the various social networks so that readers can connect with you how they want! If you can draw them in with this engaging content then they will most likely be willing to purchase a book from you. The understanding of these elements will help with showing customers how much thought and planning has gone into creating a strong & recognizable brand.
This could be as simple as creating a universal color scheme that unifies all materials or incorporating your logo into the design. It’s really important that the personality of the brand and the marketing message work well together or you are going to have confusion and a disconnect. Make sure all images are of good quality and everything you show does not only have solid content but is visually interesting as well. Make sure your logo is clearly visible on all social media and that the design matches your overall branding.
Knowing what you look like is a great way for your readers to create another connection point with you.
Plus, these social networks are a great way to drive people to your website, the website which has all of the important items on there. Take some time in the next few days to get it all set up to maximize your marketing efforts! Remember though: just one or two brilliant tips is much better than a long list of useless ones. So what can you do to make sure the messages match and your branding isn’t hurting your marketing efforts?
Clearly defining your brand personality can eliminate any gaps between branding and marketing messages. Try incorporating infographics into your marketing-people can easily understand large amounts of data if they are shown visually. You can also feature quotes from top reviews of your books as social proof to help your potential readers pull the trigger on buying the book.
Be sure to include links to buy your books, especially books related to the bonus content, at the bottom of the blog post or short story. Helping customers see beyond the end product will really open up their understanding of the process and therefore they will develop more trust in you & your team. Social media is all about visibility so make sure you put as much effort into that design as you do all other marketing materials. In turn the marketer will have an easier time getting their message to stick in customers minds and not be lost in the shuffle of other companies.

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