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College students’ social lives include more hookups and casual hangouts than official dates.
The term hookup can encompass anything from kissing to sex, according to the journal article Sexual Hookup Culture: A Review.
Other vague terminology such as “hanging out” can have different meanings for different people. Many people think the word date implies a committed relationship, but if there is no clear communication, others are left confused.
Hooking up has become the normal relationship on campus, according to the journal article Hooking Up in Young Adulthood.
Cohan said in an interview that she encourages women to set rules and parameters because they have a stake in what happens.
In that interaction, the dynamic is changed, and the asker now knows what the other person wants is a date. Cohan said she doesn’t place all the responsibility for starting relationships on men; she is a strong advocate in women taking risks and initiating conversations with people they don’t know.
Generations who experienced casual dating in their youth are sometimes confused by the lack of casual dating. Although marriage rates are at historic lows, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Cohan said she thinks people should stop looking at statistics and focus on their own relationships. Many students rely heavily on texting, social media and dating apps to get to know their potential romantic interests. Joseph Walther, a telecommunication, information studies and media professor at Michigan State University, said people romanticize or reject others based on their social media profiles.
Although there are a number of studies that suggest people lie online, Walther said none of those studies have demonstrated that people lie more online than they would offline.
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A friend of mine recently started dating someone new and has kept the relationship relatively low-key.
Where should the line between private and personal posts be drawn when it comes to relationships? Kaitlynn Boot, a sophomore at MSU, is single and says she finds a majority of posts between couples to be awkward, particularly when they highlight rough patches in the relationship. Erika Holmes, also a sophomore at MSU, has been in a relationship for a year and half and chooses not to share any details of her relationship at all. Holmes says she and her boyfriend call and text each other regularly when they are not together, but do not see any need to make private conversations public. Relationships are shaped by a variety of circumstances, from distance to the general personalities of the partners. The center sees young couples, in addition to providing counseling for a variety of other needs. He suggests that sometimes personal posts on social media can become detrimental to the relationship, particularly if the couple is not on the same page about what is and is not appropriate to share. But he also said certain postings, like engagements or overcoming obstacles can become sources of strength for the relationship. Posts about relationships should adhere to the same rules as all other posts, particularly in terms of appropriateness. Inappropriate posts –  or even gag-inducing declarations of love –  may cause your social media audience (friends, family, co-workers, etc.) to take you less seriously, feelings which may spill over into your life outside the confines of social media.
Sharing relationship details is not strictly good nor bad, but couples should be aware of the potential for miscommunication and misunderstandings that come with doing so on social media. Not all couples share the same boundaries when it comes to sharing details about their relationship – not everything needs to be “Facebook official”. Twitter, a social media phenomenon created by software architect Jack Dorsey, has swept its way across the world on the back of the little blue bird they hold as their logo. As an easy access social media site, Twitter has recently been recognized for playing a practical part in the lives of college students. Kevin Burrows, a broadcast journalism sophomore here at Michigan State University, has discovered a way to use Twitter to his utmost advantage.
For Burrows, this opportunity was one that may have placed him on the map for future job prospects in the field that he truly aspires to be in. While many of us are currently still getting into the swing of Twitter, companies are using it to their full advantage to see who is available to them, and also how they can make themselves available to their consumers. Lauren Simonetti, a recent advertising graduate of Michigan State University, uses Twitter and LinkedIn to connect with companies that she has a personal or professional interest in. Twitter offers a particularly easy and acceptable way to be able to stay in contact with opportunities one might be interested in. The ease and availability that Twitter is able to offer to college students, as well as the general public, is something that works well in the favor of those who are using the social media tool for professional reasons.
Twitter is a social media of give and take – what you put into Twitter is what you will get out.
Bonnie Bucqueroux, a journalism professor at Michigan State, uses Twitter as a learning tool in her classrooms to expose her students to social media. Twitter does not stop being beneficial once college has come and gone away, but continues throughout when graduates search for more professional opportunities. The help that Twitter lends does not stop with helping to secure professional opportunities, but also keeps people in tune with the most current and up to date proceedings of news, events, and promotions.
While Twitter is a fun and interactive social media site, it can be used to a much higher potential by students and employers alike.
With this advice said, students should remember to keep their Twitter as professional as possible. Your teachers were never pulling your leg about professionalism and your future, and now Twitter can truly help and secure that position you once thought was out of reach. Twitter, the bird-themed micro-blogging website, has been taking the world by storm since the first Tweet was posted in 2006.

Jeffery Elsworth, hospitality business professor, has his students use Twitter in almost every class he teaches, mostly as a way for him to post interesting articles related to class discussion. Elsworth will occasionally have an in-class quiz to ensure that students are actually paying attention to the materials he puts on Twitter. No matter what class Elsworth is teaching, he stresses the importance of using Twitter in the real world. Journalism professor Karl Gude doesn’t just encourage his students to use Twitter – he requires it. Gude said that Twitter and other social media platforms are changing the way that journalism and other industries function. There is also the option of retweeting what other users have said and different individuals, organizations or businesses can be tagged in the tweet. Lauren Montemurri, a professional writing senior who uses Twitter both for personal and professional purposes. Montemurri also uses Twitter in a professional sense through her social media internship with BeSpartanGreen, a program through the Office of Campus Sustainability that works to educate the university about different environmental issues.
While Montemurri said she finds Twitter to be useful in her internship and as a way to get information out to a wide audience, she added that given the choice between Twitter and Facebook that she would stick with Facebook.
Another professional writing major, junior Lauren Ebelt, gave a similar answer when asked if she would pick Facebook or Twitter. Ebelt has been using Twitter for approximately a month, mostly as a personal account but also as a way to network with potential employers. Ebelt said she still prefers other forms of communication, but added that Twitter is slowly growing on her.
Lampe added though that most of the current users of Twitter are slightly older than college students – mid- to late 20s.
For this reason, Lampe said it is difficult to predict if Twitter will still be useful in the next decade – things could change or a new and improved social media platform could be created that renders it obsolete. Despite being fairly simple to use, Twitter is in fact a fairly complex form of social media that is changing the way businesses and universities think and act. Twitter is a news mediator, a large-scale communication tool, and a platform for promoting different events and information. MSU has 119 recognized Twitter feeds belonging to colleges, student groups, schools, buildings and other entities. According to Rachael Zylstra, an electronic media communications specialist with University Relations, there are two official campus-wide Twitter feeds run by University Relations: michiganstateu and MSUnews.
Cooper works for Auxiliary Resources, a Department of the Division of Residential and Hospitality Services.
It’s not that the Union is in the market for free drinks, but it has become a central actor in the whole MSU Twitter scene, giving it a lot of social capital. But for some university entities, Twitter is less of a networking tool than a Public Relations (PR) mechanism.
But he says there’s a lot of value in the personal connection with patrons messaging the center as well. Some feeds are expanding into contests and questions that make interaction with users a stronger prospect. Calling all #UMich graphic designers – the #UMsocial team is looking for a graphic design intern! Creates digital assets for University of Michigan central social media accounts, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vine, Youtube, and website.
Creates longer form assets such as infographics, monthly and annual reports, ebooks and newsletters in collaboration with senior social media specialist and social media director. Aptitude in graphics and design required, photography, videography, and social media understanding strongly preferred.
With new technology and vague terminology, it’s difficult to define what dating is on college campuses today. Students talking to each other about hooking up leave the listener to interpret the word how they will; therefore people never really know how far their acquaintance went with their hookup.
Is this a thing right now?’ And he’s like, ‘Yeah, we’re sort of together, I guess.’ That’s so weird.
Years ago, people had to go on dates to find out a person’s favorite movie or where they went to college.
Walter said that people just display favorable aspects of themselves—like they would in a job interview. I think you get a lot of uncontrolled communication when you meet face-to-face, and sometimes that can be a disappointment,” Walther said.
News of engagements, new relationships, and fun trips are welcome additions to her newsfeed. Couples who are not able to see one another regularly may find that sharing things on social media accounts helps them feel more connected when they are apart. Becker, Associate Director and licensed clinical psychologist at the MSU Counseling Center. Becker says these challenges are heightened by fast-paced and constantly changing lives many college students and young adults lead. In romantic instances, this can mean developing boundaries that both partners are comfortable with. Does your entire online network needto see a collage of you and your significant other’s Valentine’s Day date? The content and context of social media posts can impact your reputation both now and in the future. Having a clear distinction between what is appropriate and what is too much information will not only clean up your profile, but allow others to see you and your partner in a more positive light. It cannot be compared to the camaraderie of Facebook or the wishy-washiness of MySpace–Twitter has been holding its own. After following his idol, news anchorman Vic Faust of Channel 7 Action News Detroit, on Twitter, Burrows decided to take the opportunity and contact Faust about following him on a job shadow.

Across the country, students, professionals, and everyday citizens are using Twitter to grab at small and large breaks for their careers.
Companies I followed would often post job opportunities on social networking sites before I found them using another resource,” said Simonetti. I made it a point to connect with professionals via Twitter after we had met at a career fair or through any of my internships,” Simonetti explained.
When close to 65 million tweets are being pounded out of computers, iPads, iPhones and other electronics daily, to be noticed, one needs to stand out from other generic tweets that are being tweeted by millions of people around the world. Even if it doesn’t gain you an interview, it may play a significant role in getting you the [right] job,” said Simonetti. While learning of news happenings in America, one can also hear the comings and goings of news all of over the world as Twitter is currently international and able to be read in sixteen different languages, expanding the marketplace for professional opportunities that much more.
With the help of professors and peers, that small blue bird may one day take a hold of the current job market and transform it into something much more futuristic than this world could have imagined. MSU is certainly no exception; there are many ways in which students and faculty are utilizing the social media website both inside and outside of the classroom and everywhere in between. Now, roughly three quarters of his students in a given class knows what Twitter is and roughly half of them actually have accounts.
He even went so far as to say that a student or faculty member’s refusal to use social media either in the present or the near future would ultimately be their demise – “You can’t dwell on the past,” said Gude.
First is the personal level, where an individual has their own account where they post tweets similar to Facebook statuses. In this way, something that was posted on one account will show up in the newsfeed of another account. With retweets and the use of hash tags (such as #MSU or #JRN203), Twitter can be used to send out information about events or promotions quickly and conveniently. She said the difference between a Twitter account for an organization as opposed to her own personal account is that she tweets items that she thinks would be interesting to BeSpartanGreen’s audience and tries to find different ways to get people to follow the organization.
Despite knowing almost nothing about the site initially, she found it quick and easy to use. Cliff Lampe, associate professor and director of the Social Media Research Laboratory in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences, Twitter will probably continue to grow and fill its particular niche in the world of social media. The reason for this, said Lampe, is that Twitter was launched at a time when it was useful for this slightly older demographic. At MSU alone there are professors using it as a teaching tool and as a way to supplement more traditional ways of learning. It may not be used by everyone on campus, but those that are using Twitter are using it in diverse and effective ways that ultimately improves their educational experience at MSU and beyond. See what fellow Spartans have to say about it and how they use social media in their everyday lives! Bigger nodes indicate more connectivity, and bigger lines indicate more tweets between specific actors (graphic credit: Zachary P. When the feed started a year and a half ago, she said she wanted it to be a virtual place to get information.
It boasts 1,686 followers, more than either of the official general MSU Twitter feeds or any specialist college. That puts you in a position of being able to demand free drinks at your buddy’s parties or his physics notes from last semester in exchange for introducing him to your cousin. Since the Union interacts with the Breslin Center, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and Olin and none of those interact with each other, you want the Union as your friend. Wharton Center, for instance, has incorporated their Twitter account into their main website and also had it broadcast to two electronic billboards. According to the college’s Communications Manager, Kirsten Khire, the college has made strong connections with individual students and alumni via Twitter.
Now, if their privacy settings aren’t strict, a quick search on Google or Facebook can reveal the desired information.
This once small, podcasting company is now helping to secure the future of many college graduates, as well as students still currently enrolled and grasping at their future job prospects.
Here are a few instances of how Twitter is changing the way people and organizations think and do different things. Gude uses the social media platform to post assignments and only allows students to ask questions about grades, projects and other class-related topics through tweets on the class’s Twitter page. The difference from Facebook is that while there is a 140 character limit on tweets, the tweets can be about virtually anything and can be seen by virtually anyone – in other words, there’s a much wider audience and less privacy.
This allows the post to be seen by a larger or more diverse group of followers than the original account may have had. For most college students they are not at a place in their lives where Twitter is especially useful. Students are using it for personal and professional networking and as a way to keep in touch with the world outside of college. University entities usually have Twitter accounts because somebody took it upon themselves.
And directly or indirectly, Twitter can lead to jobs or connections you’ve never had. Despite the necessity of making a Twitter account Gude said he still has a few students that don’t seem very interested in using it. Examples of this way of using Twitter include celebrity accounts like Ashton Kutcher and Conan O’Brien as well as business accounts where a company representative tweets about events or news updates related to the company or something in which the company has an interest. Facebook for example was originally just college students but now it’s being used by a much broader spectrum of people.

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