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The PhotoStage Slideshow Pro is a slideshow software that features user-friendly interface – offering users with high definition photo and image viewing.
The PhotoStory on DVD MX Deluxe offers users with lots of transition effects options in viewing photos. The My Memories Suite software provides users with fun and exciting photo viewing thanks to several templates embedded in this program. The InAlbum is a simple, easy and powerful photo slideshow program providing users with the standard features of any slideshow software. The ProShow Gold is a program that is made for the experienced and professional user because it will need the user to properly operate the program’s every feature. The PicturesToExe Deluxe is a program helping users not only to create wonderful slideshows and presentations, but also in securing every photo and image file included in the slideshow.
This DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe software offers users with tons of background and style templates to go along with transition effects. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. Love it or hate it, PowerPoint isn't going away any time soon; it remains the professional tool of choice for presentations.
You can also search online for templates and themes from the Start screen; a list of suggested searches helps here.
PowerPoint Themes are predesigned slide designs that spare you from doing the design work yourself.
Although some of the Merge Shapes features that are touted as being new in PowerPoint 2013 were in PowerPoint 2010, they werena€™t accessible from the Ribbon toolbar. In addition, new alignment guides show when shapes are lined up to each other, to slide elements, and to borders and they make it easier to line up and space objects evenly on your slides.
In PowerPoint 2013, youa€™ll find many formatting features from task docked to the right of the screen as you work. To access these new task panes, right-click a shape, for example, and choose Format Shape to see the available options for a shape in the task pane.
The new Video button on the Insert tab includes options that let you search for a video from an online source and drop it into your deck without first downloading it to your computer. PowerPoint 2013 supports a wide range of audio formats without requiring you to download and install additional codecs.
You can click a button in PowerPoint 2013 to play audio tracks across the entire slideshow or across slides. While the PowerPoint Presenter View was available in earlier versions of PowerPoint most users didna€™t know it existed.
The new Zoom option lets you look close-up into an area on a slide to draw attention to it. When youa€™re designing a presentation with others, the new Comments feature will make it easier to discuss your slideshow with collaborators.
The new Office Presentation Service expands features for Presentation View and video in online presentations.
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Pictures are the memories captured and printed on film or saved to a device to last for a long, long time.

This program also offers several useful and great features that making viewing photos and images more exciting.
This program also has several background selections so that users will have a better photo viewing experiencing.
It helps users in making and viewing slideshows quickly and easily; making the software ideal for even beginners to use. In addition, this program allows users to create their own templates from the lists of tools.
The program has 300 templates but the photos viewed in this program are not allowed for editing.
This program is one of the most commonly used slideshow and presentation programs all over the world. After a user learns every functionality from this program, he can create run photo slideshows in any setting or mode.
Through this program, you can set passwords on the photos as you use them in your slideshow.
The interface of the program is designed systematically and beautifully and beginners will have an easy time navigating throughout the user friendly interface. The program offers users with 450 templates to choose from and these can also be utilized as the slideshow backgrounds.
Features that were already in PowerPoint just became easier to discover and use with the 2013 release. Instead of the blank presentation you started with in PowerPoint 2010, this screen is packed with options including a range of templates. In PowerPoint 2010 there was a plethora of Themes, Color Schemes, Font Schemes and Effects to choose from. On the Start screen you can click a Theme, preview its variant,s and scroll through previews of the Theme Title, Title and Content, Smart Chart and Photo layouts before committing to one to use.
In PowerPoint 2013, though, the Join, Combine, Fragment, Intersect and Subtract tools are accessible by selecting the Drawing Tools, Format tab and clicking the Merge Shapes button. In earlier versions of PowerPoint, these options appeared in dialogs over the slide, which you had to move or close to continue working. Plus, if your computer only had one monitor you couldn't access it a€”even to rehearse your presentation! When you add a comment, it appears in a Comments task pane down the right of the screen and stays visible while you work. The Comments task pane lets you navigate through comments, and see if there are comments on other slides. Plus, you can play video at presentation time, and viewers get their own set of video controls.
Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links. In today’s world where technology is so advanced, taking photos and saving them digitally is very easy and anyone can take tons of images and pictures. This program also features a drag and drop functionality wherein you simply drag the photos and then drop them to the interface for faster organization as well as viewing. This program has the capability of making standard definition photos and images to become high definition. Although this program does not have the advanced features which are present in the paid version but, it is still decent enough for a free program capable of accommodating the users’ daily slideshow needs.

In other words, this program will help users to customize and personalize their slideshow presentations using a wide array of tools such as colors, fonts and other creative elements. Another constraint is that there are limited number of images that can be uploaded in a slideshow. There are 130 transition effects to choose from and hence, with those numbers, you have numerous combinations to choose from. For example, task panes and other elements now suggest options for tweaking your deck, rather than leaving you to find them yourself.
Youa€™ll use these to create your own custom shapes by combining and merging simple shapes to make more complex ones. A Now all you need do is to insert the audio file, select it, and choose Audio Tools, Playback tab and click the Play In Backgroundoption. You can also view a thumbnail view of your slides, and click to view a slide out of sequence. In addition, viewers can navigate back to previous slides if they need to check or follow up on something.
Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. Viewing photos and images using electronic devices such as smartphone and tablet is made easy and simple with the use of slideshow applications. Even with these limited features, it can still get the job done and it provides satisfaction to most users. The user-friendly and easy to navigate interface makes it possible for beginners to put their creative idea into reality. However, the styles plus the friendly user interface of the program stands out from other slideshow software. This program is probably one of the few slideshow and presentation software that most people go for when making slideshows.
Another great feature of this program is that the user will have an easy time creating the slideshow as the process is divided into three simple steps. Youa€™ll see fewer but more relevant choices, thanks to the new Themes and Variantsa€”and youa€™ll find tools that were previously hidden, such as Shape Merge. The new Themes default to a 16:9 aspect ratio and each has a small subset of Variants, which provide variations in color and some design elements for that Theme. These affordable and sometimes free slideshow software or apps can give users various backgrounds as well as transition effects. The user-friendly interface of the program makes it easy even for beginners to maneuver and navigate all over the program. One of the best features of using PPT is that you can upload your own image and use it as your background. Even beginners will have easy time navigating throughout the interface in creating his creative slideshows.
Here are 10 ways your workflow, from design to presentation, can be more efficient in the new PowerPoint.

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