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MKV Player is a free video player that lets you watch MKV files on your computer - as well as other audio and video formats. The program is meant to be really simple in appearance and functionality. Diger kullan?c?lar?n hosland?g? MKV Player gibi programlar? tavsiye etmekten mutluluk duyar?z. Eger bir yaz?l?m ulkenizdeki yasalar? ihlal eder nitelikteyse, kullan?lmas?n? tavsiye etmiyoruz. MKV is a file extension used for the Matroska file format for video, audio, or picture storage.
V file format has been associated with the program, VLC will open automatically and load the file. If the MKV does not work, chances are it requires Real codex, which are impossible to install on VLC as they are licensed by the Real corporation. MKV Player consists of a single window with playback buttons and a timeline to move along the video.
It can be associated with your MKV files so you just need to double click the file to play it.
If you have a large number of MKV files, you can use built in search to find your favorite from the list.

MKV oynat?c?, MKV dosyalar?n?zla birlikte diger video formatlar?n? da oynatan basit bir video oynat?c?d?r. It’s been created by open source developers to serve as a universal format for multimedia use.
Most software that users already have installed will not be able to play these files, so a compatible stand alone video play must be used. It’s commonly used for storing videos or TV shows, and MKV specifically refers to files including video. They’re hidden in a drop-down menu below the video screen, and only let you tweak video speed, subtitle delay, and file association.
While other open source video storage formats have come and gone, such as the OGM format and various AVI and MPEG based formats, have come and gone, MKV is still considered by many developers and users to be the best open source format for digital video storage. It’s rare to find MKV files containing Real codex, so most MKV files will play just fine on VLC.
PC ya da dizustu bilgisayar?n?z?n turune bagl? olmaks?z?n, yukseltilmis bit oranlar?n? kullanabileceksiniz. It has some support for MKV, and in most cases can play the file as soon as it’s installed.

The program is not documented either. If playing audio and video files is all you need to do, then MKV Player will be enough. Her seyle birlikte MKV Player, isleri basit bir sekilde yurutmek isteyen kullan?c?lar icin mukemmeldir.
Then click OK at the bottom of the box, and the MKV should immediately open and start playing.
If you’re looking for a more sophisticated piece of software, with more options and tools, you probably need to look somewhere else. MKV Player is a very simple MKV video player with support only for the most basic functions. Fortunately, most codex that a MKV file use can be downloaded for free online, as MKV files usually utilize open source codex.

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