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We continue our blog on Painful Advertising Mistakes when launching a campaign to a multicultural market. Rule: Show your Hispanic consumers your company is fully committed to satisfying their needs. Nothing says “we do not care about you,” quite like when advertisers put absolutely no effort into accommodating or even trying to understand someone while acting like they are putting forth the effort. Countless websites are viewable in Spanish; yet, almost as many of these Spanish websites are subpar compared to their English counterparts, containing less information or lacking cultural relevance. Moral of the Story: For advertisers to dodge sending the message that they do not care about their Hispanic consumers, they must take the time to target the Hispanic market and design websites that appeal to consumers with culturally relevant messages.
The art of blogging isn’t easily accomplished and while there may not be an exact pathway to the world of successful blogging, there are several helpful tips that can serve as guidance. Adding links to other web pages is a great way to support your post and give readers the option to dig deeper into a topic.
Assume your reader has the attention span of a fish so save the details for your diary and get to the point. Zpryme Research and Consulting just released the results of a great survey concerning Hispanic mobile consumer trends.
The INFOgraphic breaks down the Hispanic market’s spending on technology and illustrates the areas Hispanics are ardently spending. Zpryme projects Hispanics will spend $501.1 million this year on mobile applications alone. Zpryme projects Hispanics will spend $17.60 billion dollars this year on mobile tech devices, a 30% growth over 2011 spending. Click here to view Zpryme Research and Consulting’s “2012 Hispanic Mobile Consumer Trends” INFOgraphic. The number four way advertisers can breeze past the Hispanic market is to disregard their cultural symbols and stereotype their target market.
As a culture, Hispanics are unaware of the steps to take to avoid unhealthy lifestyles and implement nutritional diets.
Furthermore, studies have shown that Hispanics living in the United States for twenty years are twice as likely to develop diabetes than those who have been in the United States for ten years.5 A study in North Carolina highlights the ten year mark as significant for the Hispanic population.
Acculturated Hispanics who come from lower socioeconomic statuses tend to have less freedom at the grocery store. Going hand in hand with diabetes, along with other preventable diseases such as obesity and cardiovascular disease, is leading a sedentary lifestyle. Pharmaceutical companies must find ways to reach the Hispanic population, raise awareness about diabetes and other prevalent diseases in Hispanic Americans, and get Hispanics engaged in leading healthier lifestyles, thereby preventing the occurrence of diabetes.
Hispanics are known for their above average wireless population—over 85% of Hispanics belong to social networks.7 However, because efforts on health and medicine are difficult to communicate through social networks, marketing companies will have to creatively explore new ways to dispense health and medical information to the Hispanic public. What better way can a not-for-profit organization reach the most amount of people to drive awareness? When Facebook announced on May 1, that they added a feature which allows users to register as organ donors and share their decision publicly or privately, the initiative opened up the potential to reach masses of people who support organ donation. Do you believe Facebook’s initiative will continue to raise organ donor registrants across the U.S.?
Rule: With over twenty different Spanish speaking countries around the globe, be wary that Hispanic cultural norms and beliefs change from country to country.
Similarly, Mitsubishi’s named their Pajero car model after a type of mountain cat in Argentina. Moral of the Story: Realize words have different denotations in different dialects that depend on cultural trends. And in this corner, weighing in at 140 grams, with 64 gigabytes, he’s already gotten a bite taken out of him, we have the Apple. The constant battle between Apple users and Android users has more at stake than the simple keeping up with the Jones’ style bragging rights; they are also fighting to be the biggest market share.
Currently, Apple users are the top smartphone users and correspondingly have the most recall, but they are still “duking it out” with Android.
It has been said that imitation is the best form of praise; that may be true in a number of industries, but not for marketers. Thanks to the incredible contributions our creative and public relations teams have made, both groups have been recognized by some of the industry’s most prestigious awards.
SJ Public Relations also stocked up on wins, earning two awards from the Publicity Club of Chicago, an organization that honors achievements in public relations and communications across the Midwest.
Remember the social media explosion of Facebook and Twitter here in the United States back in early 2009?

In comScore, Inc.’s, an Internet marketing research company, October 2011 study of social media activity around the world, the results found that Latin American countries surpassed the top 10 global markets when ranked by average social networking hours per visitor. The four most popular social media platforms in the region are Facebook dominating in first place, Windows Live Profile in second, Orkut in third, whose audience comes mostly from Brazil and finally Twitter. This is just the beginning and great news for digital marketers and businesses because this tremendous growth of online engagement and social media now opens up a surplus of new business and communication opportunities.
In Britain, Domino’s Pizza and Blippar have debuted a new mobile ordering app that lets hungry consumers with smartphones order a pizza directly from billboards and posters advertising the pizza franchise’s 555 deal. This state-of-the-art app enables Domino’s to instantly engage consumers and leverages the growing popularity of their online ordering feature.
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For instance, the New York Red Bulls Major League Soccer team offers their website in Spanish, or so they say.
Companies need to research and consider the best means to effectively communicate to their consumers,” said George L. San Jose, Hispanic advertising, hispanic agency, hispanic market, Hispanic marketing, marketing insights, multicultural advertising agency, multicultural marketing, Social Media, The San Jose Group, writing. Give readers the maximum amount of information that is needed with the minimum amount of words.
While the INFOgraphic is loaded with several great facts showcasing the Hispanic spending power on mobile devices, the following is a short rundown highlighting the areas where Hispanics are over indexing on their mobile usage and spending.
Over the next six months, 24% of Hispanics are more likely to purchase a smartphone over other types of devices. The ad sparked so much controversy that it was pulled from syndication in Spain upon demand from the Mexican ambassador.
Simply drop the stereotypes and think twice about how cultural artifacts are being used and portrayed in the ad. San Jose, Hispanic advertising, hispanic agency, Hispanic marketing, Hispanic populations, lower socioeconomic status, marketing insights, Mexican Americans, multicultural advertising agency, multicultural marketing, Non-Hispanics Whites, The San Jose Group, traditional diets, unacculturated Hispanics, United States. Raising awareness of diabetes and other disease prevention is necessary to getting Hispanics back on the healthy lifestyle track.
They have acculturated to shopping at grocery stores rather than local markets or bodegas and have opened themselves up to traditional American, not Hispanic, food sources.
Hispanics in America not only become acculturated in their language and diet, but they also develop the habits of engaging in the physical activity (or lack there of) of Americans.4 A balance of a good diet and exercise is the only way to lead a healthy lifestyle.
Additionally, CPG Food and Beverage companies and Fast Food companies can get involved in raising awareness about portion control and incorporating exercise into a healthy lifestyle. The diabetes epidemic continually threatens the health of the Hispanic population, and the time to raise greater awareness and put an end to the increasing rate of this disease is now. San Jose, gift of hope, Health, Hispanic advertising, hispanic agency, hispanic market, Hispanic marketing, marketing insights, multicultural advertising agency, multicultural marketing, organ donor registration, Organ Donors, Social Good, Social Media, The San Jose Group, Wellness. Some examples include Mazda’s La Puta which translates to “Whore” in Spain’s dialect of Spanish, and Chevy’s Nova which unfortunately translates to “it won’t go,” not the ideal message to send while trying to sell a car. As promised, we distributed an interoffice questionnaire to see what demographics have the highest advertisement recall, what devices they are using, and what types of digital advertisements people are remembering.
The proverb, “why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free” fits the mobile app predicament.
While people used to take notice to the world around them, today they seem concerned with looking at one thing: their cell phone screen. San Jose, Gift of Hope Organ & Tissue Network, hcca, Hermes Creative Award, Hispanic advertising, hispanic agency, hispanic market, Hispanic marketing, Latinos, marketing insights, multicultural advertising agency, multicultural marketing, multiculturalism, National Minority Awareness Day, public relations, Publicity Club of Chicago, Rose Parade, SJ Public Relations, sjg, Telly Award, The San Jose Group, Trumpet Award, Upside Down. Only the most creative, strategic and innovative work receives praise – often in the form of an award win. SJG’s advertising team received awards for creativity, earning a Silver Telly Award for its American Family Insurance “Driveway Dreamer” campaign and a Bronze Telly Award and Hermes Creative Gold Award for HCCA’s campaign, “Cambia tu Mundo”: “Upside Down” (Spanish version).
When Facebook was growing at a rate of 600,000 users per day1 and Tweets were being tweeted at a rate of 100 million per quarter?2  It is happening again, but this time in Latin America (LatAm). Out of the 10 countries on the list, half of them were countries from LatAm3 making Facebook the top social media platform.

Despite placing 4th place, like Facebook, Twitter has grown significantly with an impressive 60% increase in users last year, reaching 27 million visitors. The most important reason is with the growing economy in Latin America, the governments of many countries are investing millions in expanding high-speed internet access, thus being able to provide quality internet service to a greater number of people at a competitive price, like never before. Because of the quickly growing economy, Latin America is becoming an even more valuable target to digital marketers.
Then, the app creates an augmented reality experience that allows users to order a pizza, download deals, and visit the Domino’s Facebook page.
As you can see, Domino’s is taking mobile marketing into a whole new realm and it’s likely that others will follow for their own piece of the pie. In actuality, it takes web viewers to a page with news articles about the Red Bulls written in Spanish. After reading it your audience should know what your blog post will be about and want to read it. With a market as notably brand loyal as the Hispanic market, insulting them is certainly not the way to sell the product. Their diets tend to have higher amounts of sodium than those in higher socioeconomic classes. If you’re not an organ donor and are interested in becoming one, Facebook’s initiative makes it easy to register as an organ donor.
Compared to Android and Blackberry users, Apple users have the highest digital advertisement recall—they also dominate the population. Even with all the added features (apps, email and phone capabilities), people still utilize their iPhones and smartphones for music and games. With that said, we are thrilled to share news of our award-winning work, 2012 has indeed been a great year thus far for The San Jose Group! A major contributing factor is in 2011, Latin America’s online population grew faster than any other global region.
This phenomenal growth rate is 20 times faster than the overall industry’s growth from 2006-2016.
The Red Bulls did not even translate the header of their “Spanish page” into Spanish as it reads, “Latest News,” in plain English. Making a minimalist effort while designing a website in Spanish will more likely cause irritation rather than engagement. As seen in the Texican Whopper print ad, the Mexican man is wearing the Mexican Flag as a poncho. Unlike Mazda and Chevy, Mitsubishi researched the market and changed the name of the Pajero to Montero before releasing the model in American and Latin American countries, successfully sidestepping translation frustration. According to the survey results, 75% of those who listened to music apps on their mobile could recall advertisements, and 63% could recall advertisements on their gaming apps. Though this begs the question, even though there are millions of new people to reach through social media, should every company be involved with this strategy?
When viewers decide to move to another page, they have no option but to view it in English, leaving anyone who clicks the “Espanol” option feeling cheated. With the combined stereotyping and misuse of symbols, the Texican Whopper stands as the epitome of a multi-cultural ad gone wrong. Trends in Nutrient Intakes and Chronic Health Conditions Among Mexican-American Adults, a 25 Year Profile: United States, 1982-2006. Therefore, not only do iPhone users have the highest ad recall, iPhones are the most used smartphones.
Moving from the general population into the bilingual acculturated Hispanic population, recall increases. Eighty percent of Hispanics surveyed said they recalled advertisements on their music and game applications.
No, it is not, but for those who can truly benefit from this method of reach, it’s all uphill from here on out.
It is clear that social media isn’t a passing fad, this impressive growth that is happening throughout Latin America is impossible to ignore and proves that social media is just getting started and here to stay.

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