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By featuring your app across multiple app stores you’ll increase your chance of reaching new customers. Everything begins with a title, and there is no exception for your app page on the Amazon app store. If the search engine doesn’t pick up any of your title words, the app description is a second chance to grab search results, but it’s also the first chance you’re going to get at describing your application and what it can do for your customers. A description is nice, but unless you have picture proof to back up your stated features, customers are going to feel less secure when downloading your app, and that’s why it’s important to make use of all the image options the Amazon app store has to offer. Amazon has a service that takes a handful of apps from their app store and offers each one per day to customers for free.
The Amazon app store has a few features that work similarly to other app stores, making marketing rather similar, but there are areas that need to be looked at that won’t be necessary when marketing on a different app store, such as the Free App of the Day service. Understanding how users download apps is a key step to improving your chances of making it in the app store. In this article we focus on some of the key points to learn about why and how users download apps, and hopefully after reading through this you’ll have picked up some new knowledge to help improve the success of your mobile application. It’s been said many times that the higher your app appears in search rankings, the more downloads you pull in, and this is 100% true.
Secondly, by using burst marketing and advertising campaigns, you can quickly draw in more downloads to artificially boost your app to a higher search spot, which will in turn bring in even more downloads from organic search. Whilst 47% of iOS users download apps via organic search, there is still half of the picture missing, and it’s important to learn where other download sources are coming from, even if they do not pale in comparison to organic search. This shows that word of mouth is the second largest contributor to why users download apps, and you must use this knowledge to your advantage. Secondly, make your app worth talking about – give it a feature that makes it stand out, and this will speak for itself when users share this app with their friends and family.
There are two ways to bring in an extra wad of downloads from the iOS app store, and they involve one of two processes. Secondly, 9% of users download apps after seeing it on the Apple featured apps area – once again, this is something that can happen after your app already receives a significant amount of positive exposure. Burst campaigns can be a good way to get your app on the top charts, especially if you have just released an app, and this can in turn lead to getting your app seen on the featured area.
We’d suggest focusing on other download funnels as both of these methods are typically based on the roll of a dice in many circumstances. In this section, we take a quick look at other download summaries that make up the rest of the download pie. Hopefully this information has proven useful to you, and after reading you should now have a good understanding of how users download apps.

Redkey Media builds Mobile Apps for Android, iOS (Apple) and most other popular mobile platforms.
The new generation of iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows mobile devices offer an unmatched level of ubiquity, flexibility and ease-of-use. Our iOS application programming services revolve around the cornerstones of efficiency, reliability, technical competency and visual engagement.
We will help you devise and execute a mobile strategy that is tailored to your target market, budget and growth plans. We have developed a number of mobile strategies for clients based on various funding and revenue models.
As the market place continues to evolves and manufacturers of tablets and mobile phones continue to push new hardware with a variety of operating systems, it becomes hard to decide which platform requires priority in terms of presence and development.
Whatever the right decision is for your company or brand, Redkey Media can help you decide.
Once an app is built and tested, for optimum distribution it should be listed in the native platform’s App Store. Our team can help submit your app to the app stores and work with the vendor through the approval process. Our object oriented designs allow us to make sure we build apps that don’t crash arbitrarily.
Once you app is ready to go live there are a number of options to generate revenue from the app. Another way to create additional revenue from Mobile Apps is to add advertising through a number of mobile specific advertising networks. Once your app is listed and ready for the world to enjoy, talk to us about launching and promoting your brand. Complete web branding, Social Media promotion, Industry specific blogs and forum based awareness, Videos, Press Releases and much more!
Of course the first two platforms to cover will always be the iOS appstore and the Google Play store, but after you’ve covered these two, the third popular app store is most likely the Amazon app store. You can include up to 10 screenshots, and although you may not need to use all 10 of these, make sure to take a screenshot to cover every feature of your application. Signing up to this allows you to get ‘featured’ without needing 5 out of 5 ratings or thousands of downloads. There are only a certain number of ways you can improve your app downloads without truly understanding exactly why and how a download is made. In fact, 53% of Android users download apps via organic search, and a similar 47% of iOS users find apps through organic search too.

The top three spots of a search result will bring in more downloads than any of the other listings, so trying to increase your rankings for search terms is very important. Firstly, app store optimization is paramount for the success of your mobile app, and there are many great tips out there to ensure you optimize your app page to the best of your ability. Around 15% of app users download apps from a recommendation or conversation with a friend or family member.
Firstly, around 10% of iOS users download apps from a category top chart, but to reach this you will need to have a large number of downloads in a short period of time. With its remarkable features, Android Application Development has proved itself to be the tough competitor in the field of mobile apps. Our developers are efficient enough to build third party custom applications that can run on Android platform. Our focus is on delivering your mobile application development requirements in a cost effective way and to a time scale that suits your goals.
Whether you are a business or an individual we can steer you through each step of the project process, it always helps if you have an audience in mind for your app but we can help you define this essential information too. If they do crash, with object oriented code we find it easy to pin point the source and fix. There may not be as much competition on the Amazon app store as there are on the other two, but you’ll still need to market your app page correctly, because without an optimized app page, you’re only going to limit your customer potential. Don’t add descriptive words like great, awesome, or incredible because that will only make potential downloaders feel as if you’re touting your app and being biased to how good it actually it is. Include features of the application that customers may be specifically searching for, as well as the complexity and depth of the app.
Once you’re on the Free App of the Day area, you’ll get a huge boosted amount of downloads, and if your app is good, there’s no doubt downloaders will share with their friends as well. 11% of users download apps after reading about it on the web, and in most cases this can be linked back to social media and online communities such as Reddit or StumbleUpon. If you are offering a unique and valuable service or product (in the form of the app) people will pay for the download which will make it way back to you. If your app is a paid app, you’ll have to accept you may be losing out on profit, but if it weren’t for the Amazon FAD opportunity, you probably wouldn’t be able to receive as many downloads at the same volume anyway.

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