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No other form of advertising has the power to reach your customers instantly the way text message marketing can. Our comprehensive SMS text message marketing platform is simple to use for everyone, so it’s easy to get your first advertising campaign up and running in minutes. This entry was posted in Infographics, Mobile Marketing and tagged bakery, infographics, marketing, mobile, mobile marketing on May 11, 2015 by Jordan Dugan.
Mobvista, Asia’s largest mobile advertising company, announced this week that it has acquired NativeX, which specializes in monetization and advertising through their native ad technology for mobile games and apps. This includes NativeX’s robust native video advertising platform which includes Lightning Play video, offer walls, interstitials and other rich media formats.
Mobvista currently operates a worldwide mobile ad network, receiving more than 10 billion daily impressions from integrated ad spots and websites across more than 240 countries.

Mobile Marketing Watch, otherwise referred to as MMW (because writing “Mobile Marketing Watch” just takes too damn long) is owned and operated by the Los Angeles based communications company, mobileStorm.
Build your own customer list and easily promote all your daily, weekly, or monthly offers, sales, and discounts to them any time you like. With SMS marketing you get to beam your advertisement directly into the pockets of your customers, and the best part is that they want to receive your offers! In addition to SMS text message marketing we can get you set up with a mobile website, Facebook fan page, and Twitter page. If you have any questions or need any help our friendly support team will respond with the answers in no time at all.
Once the transaction is completed, NativeX will become a subsidiary of Mobvista, Rob Weber will continue as CEO of NativeX, and Vice President of the Mobvista Group.

Mobile Marketing was once only for large corporations, but with new advances in technology, mobile marketing is now easy and affordable for small businesses of all kinds.
Your business will be immersed in both the mobile and social revolution propelling your business into the future.

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