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Cell Phone trailing has become very talked-about and iSpyoo has one among the simplest telephone huntsman Apps out there.. The GPS huntsman App uses the newest international Positioning System (GPS) technology to urge the precise location of individuals inside your network. Via Emerce, by Frederick van Eijk (Director Benelux, Rocket Fuel)Among marketers and media-buyers there is on-going conversation about ‘location based profiling’, a relatively simple method to offer advertisements to desired consumers, who are present in a certain location.
Satellites send triangulated positions to the GPS huntsman App providing the foremost correct location. I can help businesses and individuals get a fresh perspective with simple, practical advice. But in doing so, they ignore the potential of the much more advanced ‘location based profiling’, allowing them to connect geo-data and anonymous online profiles.
You can also Search for vehicle tracking, postal codes, telephone landline area codes and international dialing codes here. With period of time GPS trailing you’ll be able to tell wherever everyone seems to be and understand if they need safely created it to their destination. I am passionate about my business and working with businesses and families, enjoy being outdoors and am a creative and spiritual individual. These principles have been applied for years in display advertising, resulting in a much higher ROI.
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Now these options also become available for mobile, new opportunities arise to increase the relevance, timing and context of advertisements.

Location based targetingLocation based targeting offers advertisers the excellent opportunity to reach consumers based on their location, after they have allowed this with their smartphones. Specific retailers achieve amazing results with this approach, especially with low-threshold or impulsive purchases.I have to place the remark here however, that the use of geo-data in this way is quite simplistic.
The book store in the example is of course especially interested in a specific segment of the consumers in the immediate vicinity. The great challenges and opportunities for marketers lies in the question how they can analyse location data to identify receptive consumers.
This allows them to create anonymous profiles, allowing advertisements to gain relevance and online campaigns to improve.
If this method works for display campaigns, why shouldn’t we apply it to a similar dataset contained geographical information, to increase the performance of mobile campaigns as well?Location based profilingThe true potential of mobile advertising is therefore contained in combining geo-data with anonymous online profiles, also known as location based profiling.I would like to give an example to illustrate the difference between targeting and profiling. The theatre could make last-minute offers to consumers in the immediate vicinity or perhaps to culture lovers who have been spotted at competing shows. But by making smart use of the combination between online and mobile data, the theatre could also select its desired customers among the tens of thousands of tourists who visit the city every day. They are looking for fun and entertainment and are perhaps the most lucrative target group for the theatre. One signal from Museum square does not differentiate a tourist from a local, but a number of visits to famous (and less-famous) touristic hotspots or hotels draw quite a clear picture of the holidaymaker.
By connecting these location data with online footprints, it can be decided that especially tourists X, Y en Z are theatre enthusiasts and are therefore extra interesting for the advertiser.
Technically, the possibilities are almost infinite, but in the end there always has to be a creative marketer who decides which information is truly relevant.

Another example: imagine, for a certain period someone has extensively searched the web for houses from the thirties, mortgage lenders and notaries in the Groningen-area. From geo-data it becomes evident that he has visited a local construction market a couple of times that he didn’t visit before.
Who connects these data, could conclude that he has bought an old house and is therefore an interesting candidate for the promotion of DIY-products. Those who think further, realise the new home owner could be interested in information about home decoration as well, but is probably not ready to shop for furniture this weekend. He therefore doesn’t want to be bothered in the construction market with offers from furniture retailers, but is interested in receiving information in the evening that helps him to get inspired. In many ways this approach forms the contrary  of ring-fencing and is meant to reach people on a later moment, on a different location and in another situation.
This will increase the relevance, timing and context of ads on mobile platforms and improve the ROI of campaigns. Because the technique for location based profiling works according to the same principles as applied in display advertising, many marketers are more familiar with the basics than they realise.

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