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With Adaptive Chroma Processing, a high quality image-processing technology, it can process each pixel of blue-ray disc video signals horizontally and vertically in order to produce high color resolution. As the first 3D blue-ray player released by Samsung, it can support various media streaming websites like YouTube, Pandora and Netflix with built-in Wi-Fi.
With 1 GB onboard storage, fast process speed and 7.1 analog outputs, it is quite attractive. Though widely criticized for its low loading speed, LG BD670 is still a good choice for buyers. Hello there, just became alert to your blog through Google, and found that it’s really informative.
As I’ve already mentioned, the player is a commercial software, but you can download a trial version and test it for 7 days, before deciding to stop using it or purchasing a license.
In general I was not so pleased with the Movavi 3D Media Player so that I would recommend it as a replacement for something that you get for free, namely the 3D Vision Video Player, but it does also have its appeals. Apps like Video Converter is also available in the market to help you convert video to mp4 file for iPad with 3D effects attached.

You can call them old fashioned, but it is feasible for them to experience good 3D effects as long as they can get good 3D blue-ray players. What is interesting about this player is that the stereoscopic 3D support it offers is also compatible with Nvidia’s 3D Vision technology. So I did download the trial and ran some videos through the player to see how well it will perform and try its features.
In order to experience 3D effects better, many will go to the cinema to watch 3D movies in the big screen. With all those features plus 3D compatibility, it is a good choice for potential 3D blue-ray player buyers. It surprisingly stands out in the market with no-frills feature while others blue-ray player producers are publicizing their products in various ways. With USB port available, you can connect the hard disk and then watch the movies stored in your hard disk with LG BD670.
If you don’t own one but still want to watch 3D movies at home, you can use DVD Ripper to help you convert DVDs to mp4 files for iPad.

What I can say is that for certain the player offers some nice touches that are missing in the free 3D Vision Video Player, but on the other hand it is also missing some of the more advanced options available in the free 3D Vision Video Player as well. But you better try the player by yourself, as I said you get a free trial for 7 days which should be enough for you to compare it and decide for yourself. The Movavi 3D Media does not have a graphical command menu overlayed when in 3D mode, or a right click menu with options for easier control, so you still have to switch to windowed mode change something and then back again in the full-screen mode. The last option is something that might’ve justified the purchase of the software for some people, but the lack of such features for a commercial software that also needs some further development may as well keep you a happy user of the free 3D Vision Video Player. Another thing that might be good for some not so advanced users is the fact that Movavi 3D Media Player is handling better with the support of different containers and codecs for the video files, less problematic than the 3D Vision Video Player, but also does not have the advanced filters and codecs tweaking menu that can also be quite helpful if you are a ore advanced user… especially regarding the use of additional DS filters.

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