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Though all the plans were updated with full care but since plans are subject to change without prior notice, we don’t guarantee availability of any plan. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. All there is to see in the video is a man sitting behind a table in a blue business suit, and a clock on the wall behind him – for a whole three minutes. Who knows, maybe what the cellphone service provider MTS India is showing us here will soon become reality.

London ad agency Mother has kicked off what’s lining up to be a highly fascinating experiment. MTS also Provide services in West bengal, Kolkata, Gujarat, Delhi, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Kerala and Uttar Pradesh. The guy in the video talks about how we always seem to have to do stuff to stop ourselves getting bored, and end up wasting our time.
Recently MTS introduced its 3G plus network in all its 9 circles and also revised the Data plans.

Can you watch the video from start to finish without doing something else at the same time?

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