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You, as Nancy Drew, are invited to assist in the renovation of a Victorian mansion in Nancy DrewA®: Message in a Haunted Mansion! The title may lead players to think the Mansion is loaded with ghosts lurking in creepy corners and sinister basements. The graphics convey this old fashioned ambiance quite successfully with a chinese bedroom full of red, tapestries, and antiques, a library with its collection of old books that have sustained the assaults of time, a nicely decorated kitchen, corridors and stairwells. The action takes place in this closed-up surrounding, from room to room until the conclusion.
One thing I like in the Nancy Drew series, and this one is no exception, is how you intereact with the various characters, dialoguing with them, thereby obtaining important clues and some direction and learning a little about the background story of the house and its inhabitants. Inevitably, Nancy has to solve intriguing puzzles; they all are nicely integrated in the storyline, require only common sense, but no puzzle is triggered unless she has gathered all the clues pertaining to it. Like in another of her investigations, Nancy can set the time on her clock as certain tasks can only be performed at specific times. Finally, the professionalism of the developers also transpires in the quality of the voice-overs, the well-worded dialogs, and the right sounds at the right moments.
This is a beautiful and fascinating game for a person who likes a relaxing pastime to tune out the rest of the world.
Although there are many ND games out there, nothing beats this one in creepiness (well, other than Shadow at Water;s Edge, which has one of the scariest atmosphere in ND games). I find this game to be very enjoyable, and not as hard as some of Nancy Drew's other games.
MHM was the second ND game I played, and I found it slightly less challenging than my first, which was CUR (but that is a hard one!) and a bit similar.
I really felt like I was poking around an old house, looking for clues and answers, with the sort of hidden areas I always wanted to find in real life as a child. I've always been a Nancy Drew fan and when this game was released, I was a little wary- the last few had been a bit of a let down and my hopes weren't especially high that this wouldn't be more of the same.
I found The Captive Curse to be thoroughly enjoyable and would definitely recommend it, if this type of game is your fare. I loved the characters, and really felt like I got to know them through the dialogue and interactions. The floor plan did take me a little bit to figure out as it is sometimes awkward to move, but once you learn the layout it is much easier.
All of the dark, lurking, monstrous, hideous things, found in other Drew mysteries, were present throughout this extraordinary game which took place, for the most part, in a German castle -- Castle Finster -- and Nancy had her hands full of suspects, secret passages, dungeons, codes, mystery inventory, and a bevvy of suspects.
There are no HOS in the game, which usually is a very big dislike for me, but not this game- I am so glad I gave it a try. Nancy Drew must go undercover at a prestigious girlsa€™ boarding school to discover the culprit behind threatening notes and dangerous accidents! Nancy infiltrates a college (as done in the books too) to find out who is getting a bit too bonkers about a scholarship the school hands out to the top student. Given that it's based on a kids' character, I didn't expect too much from this, but the reviews convinced me to, reluctantly, give it a go. The game fell down only a tiny bit because of the lack of clear instruction - I either didn't read or simply forgot that the cell phone alarm is how you sleep #setting it causes you to nap til it goes off# and spent my entire first night awake, setting myself back a fair few demerit points by wandering aimlessly around. The minigames are SO much fun :D I spent over an hour manning the snack shop just because I was enjoying myself so much. Personally, I keep a small notebook by my computer for various game-related notes and for this game I suggest the same for everyone.
As to length - like I said, I got lost a few times, and spent a long while playing minigames, but I got about six hours of play. Frankly, I think I have a new favourite series with these, if the others are even remotely as fun as this. I solve mysteries as her, she takes me to places I would never go and not just tolerates, but encourages me to over-analyze anything that comes within a 10 foot radius of my nose.
I am a loyal Nancy Drew, fan, and I have played the other 20 games before it, and the other 5 games after (As of June 2012), of course after playing this one multiple times. This is the defenition of good detective work, and while there is no trial avalible, you can take a chance on buying without playing. I loved this very long game, I did read it was hard and it is, but fun from start to finish!
With all games I prefer to just dive in and try it my way before needing to use walkthroughs! You?re enrolled at Waverly Academy to solve a mystery and perform a mission as in all ND games. I found the interactions with the girls fun and just the right amount of characters and these girls are some interesting characters.
Paige is just a voice you never see except in shadow with a flashlight when she busts you for being out of your room after hours. Having to keep an eye on your cell phone clock started out to be an irritant but you get used to it! There is a lot of running around the College inside and out but once you figure out left right up down it?s not hard to get to places fast since it?s a small college! Some puzzles were extremely difficult especially if you?re not familiar with Roman numerals, don?t read music, play the piano and are geographically (illiterate like me# the ?map?
He tells Nancy to look up a book in the library card catalog, the book name he gives her doesn't exist!
You?re new so you get the job as Snack Boss at first I thought it was stupid then I found myself enjoying it and opened shop a few times when I didn't have to!
There is a major twist you really can't call predictable at all it hit me with a real wow, In a good way for some added interesting factor! This is a perfect nancy drew game; no impossible mini games and they have a reset buttons on a couple, no impossible timed element, a great story, largest amount of characters I think I've seen in a ND game.
It's set in a boarding school and you have to find the black cat - a person sending notes to other pupils and things then happen to them. I love the more modern ND games as there isn't that intrusive old interface, and you get achievements at the end which are fun. It's a perfect balance of great plot but not too much dialogue, great mini-games of all types and hardness and a great pace. I'm useless at arcade games but I do love some types and hate others but here they weren't hard (and I played on senior) and loved all of them. Usually there are about 2 mini-games you can repeat as often as you want, here there are four. 1) A great dart game which anyone can take the rules and apply to any dart game - it's a bit different.

If you play junior you get a to-do list which you tick off and hints from your friends when you phone them. There is a thing called second chance if you make a fatal mistake but it's auto saved and takes you back to just before you made it which is good.
It was so much fun from start to finish, I didn't find any annoying puzzles it was pure fun. This was my first encounter with a Nancy Drew game, and out of the handful that I've played so far, it's my favorite. If this is your first time downloading a game from Big Fish, our handy Game Manager app will install on your computer to help manage your games.
I was expecting the normal nancy drew (the frustration and back and forth to see what you do in what order, which wastes time.
I was dreading the snakes but those turned out to be very cartoonish and I was OK with them. For a completely different type of gameplay, fun not hard (apart from the timed areas) I give this an A-. The graphics are top-notch, extremely well crafted, detailed, colorful and the soundtrack is perfectly adapted to the story. Nancy interacts with the different characters by means of dialogs; depending on which phrase you click the reply will be different. The numerous puzzles and minigames are all good fun to play; they come in a large variety ranging from classics to innovations. There is an originality which you won't find in her other adventures: you earn points [as a measure of your progess] by giving the right answers in a conversation, doing certain things right, solving the puzzles and playing the minigames. The relative simplicity, by comparison with the Large Files, as well as the absence of major difficulties makes this game an ideal and accessible introduction to the world of Nancy Drew.
I only wish that the developers would work further on this series and bring us about 25 more Dossiers! This game, I completed in less than a day, which is surprising for a Nancy Drew game (with my ability) but this new gameplay. If you have never tried a 'dossier' game, then do, it is easier, the storyline is still as good, if not better..
The only thing is I missed the choice and flexibility in the game play, it fit with the storyline but I prefer to walk through the game myself at my pace.
The Dossier series from Her Interactive combines the HO format with adventure; these games are easier than the typical Nancy Drew games, but they are every bit as wonderful in their own right.
Here, Nancy goes to Hollywood to investigate a series of accidents bogging down filming a movie.
Lights Camera Curses features a terrific plot,voice overs that rival the very best in adventure games, and wonderfully noirish graphics that complement the theme. It's not a difficult game--about the only really tough thing is beating some of the games against the clock--but Nancy Drew fans are used to having to do that.
Sparkle hints can be turned off--althought the first time through --especially when you have to find all those candles and light them quickly enough-- you may be glad you've left them on! One final word about voice-overs because they are so outstanding--more developers ought to hire talent of the same caliber as these actors. I was enjoying the gameplay immensely until I met the 'match the crows' mini-game which was impossible for me to complete. This game is great for me because I am always a beginner, ND is usually about adventure game, but this one is more like a HOG, and it's exciting for a change.
This is more like a hidden object game, rather than the usual Nancy Drew adventure game, however, it is not a typical hidden object game either, you need to match items rather than finding a list of things or fragments.
According to legend, a fortune in long-lost gold is hidden somewhere on the property and someone is determined to find it. It has this lovely old fashioned atmosphere that emanates from those cozy Victorian style houses built early in the century, and the scent of leather and persian carpets.
But in all her conversations, Nancy has to be careful and diplomatic lest Rose might take umbrage and dismiss her. Nothing far-fetched, nothing out of this world, nothing left to the trial and error method, no place for random. Instead of big, cumbersome puzzles to solve that have NOTHING to do with the story plot, this gem of a game featured riddles and puzzles that were integral to the game.
You, as Nancy Drew, have to investigate accidents and bad luck in an old San Francisco mansion. It is, obviously, slightly simpler game, however, it does have its moments and the characters and mystery are as good as in any other ND game.
You soon get used to the screen layout if you haven't played one of these older ones before, and although the navigation can take a little getting used to, I soon forgot I had even thought about it. The eerie sound effects and 'did I see that?' visuals in a couple of places add to the atmosphere.
All other trademarks, registered trademarks, or logos are the property of their respective owners. The game is available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X platforms and was released on May 8, 2012.Players assume the first-person view virtual amateur detective Nancy Drew and has to solve the mystery with suspects, solve puzzles, and find clues. You don't have too much help (especially if you play as Senior Detective), so it's more work than your average HOG. Yes, there is lots of dialogue but that is part of the fun, you have to listen to catch the clues.
The puzzles were very challenging, and even frustrating, on occasion #the forest!#, but the game truly delivered! The game's a fairly big file #almost a gig if memory serves# but you can see why in the graphics. On occasion you are timed doing them, but for the most part you can work them out at your leisure - and I was overjoyed to see a variation of Einstein's riddle in there, one of my favourites! I took quite a few, most of them just to keep from having to open #and pick the right document out of# my backpack so often.
And frankly, I'd jump right back in a replay it immediately, if I didn't have a credit that I'm going to spend on another in the series, hehe.
It may seem girlish of me to be so deeply taken after such a brief acquaintence(I mean, it has only been one game!) but I cannot restrain myself!
I found with ND games it?s hard to get back on track even with the walkthrough when you play that way but It?s no fun and not worth buying just to be told step by step how to play any game for me.. I kept stopping, saving reading and re-reading the walkthrough and it all sounded backwards! Depending on skill level #I?m far from expert) It defiantly gives you hours to days of play time and worth full price!

Fun, exciting, challening and creative Nancy Drew who dunnit with the usual unusual surprise ending and very cool mini-games. There were other non arcade, puzzles as well and some very intelligent (well thought out ones.) As usual you can't skip any puzzle but if you get stuck just go to a walkthrough, there are really no timed ones (thankfully) that you have to do (apart from sometimes the making food one). The interactions (what you have to do) was very varied and thought out as well as the plot. A beleaguered movie studio is attempting to remake a classic film that cost its leading lady her life.
The dossier games are completely different to the normal Nancy Drew games - lighter more fun.
But Nancy's replies have to make sense else the other person won't know what she is talking about. I'm now playing the only other Dossier game available in the Drew Series, "Resorting to Danger," and it, too, is a gem! I found it much easier to complete the levels, I knew they were a number of items and I liked the fact that items had to be chained together.
As an aside, if you liked the Nick Chase games--especially the first one--you'll love this game.
Simply fabulous and a real delight to listen to--especially since the dialogue is also very well-written. The theme of pharaoh and Egypt is exciting, and you can also guess who's the culprit at the end of the game.
Although this is a great game for Nancy Drew lovers, some might find the point scoring system used throughout the game annoying. In a house full of trap doors and secret tunnels, breaking glass and suspicious fires, one misstep means Nancy won't stand a ghost of a chance!
The spookiness is limited to such things as a faint sound or something moving briefly somewhere. Some are trickier than most, although perfectly solvable, and make you think deeply, others a lot easier. I like it that there's seance (and that ND is potrayed dark in that scene), the characters move robotic, and you can't make many conversations with them, but you're basically on your own snooping around the house and 'ghosts' pop out from the corner of your eye in many parts of the game.
There are two levels of play, amateur sleuth and Master modes, each offering a different level of difficulty of the puzzles and hints, however, none of these changes affect the actual plot of the game.
This game, as well as the next in the series were a refreshing change from the couple games before them. This game has great (computer generated) graphics, superb voiceovers and a wonderful sense of humor. You can't fast forward through the dialogue, there are no hints, and puzzles can not be skipped.
However, that dialogue really does yield some important information that will ultimately help you to finish the game. It was fantastic from beginning to end, and I'll include it in my top 5 all-time Nancy Drew best games!
Is there a secret someone wants to protect or are the malicious pranks intended to scare away the competitiona€”permanently? You can really take as long as you want playing this, or you can get through it quite quickly, which is a really lovely change. It has good, realistic artwork, great puzzles (that are not skippable, just a warning, all of us lazy skippers are gonna have to use some brainpower!), and great storyline, although you sometimes want to yell your thoughts at Nancy, who is very generous and will do anything for anybody, a quality Nancy lets people take advantage of. This was only my 3rd ND game I've ever played so some will easily finish it faster than I did!
As a Nancy Drew lover for many years--from reading all the novels to now playing the games, Warnings at Waverly Academy is a truly great game now gladly added to the Collection. This has no hidden object scenes and as with all ND games, it goes by the Who Dunnit theme and the puzzles offer moderate to difficult challenges and total immersion in the story while solving the mystery. Go undercover on the set to get to the bottom of suspicious press leaks and uncanny accidents that have put the production schedule in jeopardy. There was the crows, and then lighting the candles which you had to replay later and the timer got even tighter. The art work for example, is remarkably similar and though I didn't check the credits, it's entirely possible the same hand did both. The storyline flows quite well and sometimes you really need to put your thinking cap on as you're trying to pair objects. I wouldn't say that this game is very difficult at all as all the tasks can easily be completed using common sense as well as by paying attention to Nancy's comments about what needs to be done.
In one of the bedrooms, the song playing is so hauntingly beautiful that I've replayed the game many times to reminisce.
You do have a basic journal in the bedroom, but note taking is imperative for solving the riddles, and helps if you get to a point where you need a reminder of what possible actions you could be taking. Solve the mystery before the threats turn deadly and youa€™re expelled from the case in Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy! The voice-overs are well-done, though I did get tired of not being able to skip at times #that I figured out anyways# because, yes, it IS possible to go horribly wrong, but the game autosaves plenty so there's not too much repetition. Sometimes the dialogue was a little tedious, but for the most part you expect that in a Nancy Drew game, so not a huge minus. Sparkles which I usually hate, were helpful here* and only showed up once your cursor went over it.
I found the graphics to be fairly good quality, though a bit more on the cartoonish side than is seen in the usual mysteries. There are puzzles to solve (easy and hard), games to play, a castle to explore and a mystery to solve. It was fun, from the graphics to the puzzles, more laid back than the 'normal' Nancy Drew games. But I printed out the crows screenshot (search for it in a walkthrough) which really helped.
Although there are some maddening areas where things get a bit difficult, all can be solved without having to resort to outside help. And, as one did in the Nick Chase series, one hunts up objects within the scene and then uses them to solve each part of the storyboard.

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