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Use this jQuery based AJAX newsletter signup form to quickly build an email newsletter sign up list, effortlesly. The method ExtractPages simply names the output file with the name specified in the path parameter.
Virtual Machines and website hosting beyond Windows to include Linux, WordPress, Python, etc. Send dynamically created PDF documents and forms to the browser in Web Forms and MVC applications.
In the above code snippet, we were able to get hold of the bookmark hierarchy by first calling PDFDocument.GetFirstBookmark() method, which returns a bookmark object referring to the first bookmark in the hierarchy.
Then, we could parse the bookmark hierarchy or tree by calling the PDFBookmark.GetNext() method. To parse bookmarks at different levels in the hierarchy, we have a PDFBookmark.GetFirstChild() method, as illustrated in the following code snippet.
To jump to the parent node of a given bookmark and delete the first child node, you first go to the parent of the current bookmark and then delete the first child bookmark.

To find out how this works, create a Windows Forms project, add two buttons and use the following click-event handlers.
When you run the application and click on the first button, it will create a PDF document like this. Other dependencies like jQuery, Web Pages 2, Web API can be added to your project with one click using Visual studio or Webmatrix. It can be integrated with a PDFViewer instance to enable end-users to navigate to destinations in displayed pages. PDF documents created in this manner can score higher in the usability scale if they were to have bookmarks. Lower down the tree, we could have called PDFBookmark.GetPrevious() to move up bookmarks in the hierarchy.
This method behaves like the similar feature in Microsoft Word and other word-processing applications.
However, the focus simply moves to the next page and rendering operations resume from there.

Even though the last file has only 2 page, it will still be given the full benefit of the multiple!
It inserts a new page and makes it the current page for further content rendering operations.
Thanks to this behaviour, we are able to render content where it was previously left off when the document was first created.
When this method is called after loading an existing document, then no new page is created but the next page is made the current page and the focus of further rendering operations.
See the documentation for more info.Support Please contact us with any questions you may have via the contact form on our author profile page.

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