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As marketers do you find yourself so busy in your daily tactical executions, you lose sight of new trends and technologies that are happening around you? Last week I had the opportunity to address members of the Virginia Assisted Living Association (VALA) at their 2011 Spring Conference.
Mobile Is On the Move–According to e-Marketer, there are over 75 million Smart Phone users last  year (about 1 of every 4 people in the US). Video Over Text –Consumer interest and the number of screens and devices to access video will continue to rise. Superior Customer Experience Is Required –Every touchpoint is key in the delivery of a superior customer experience.
Social media marketing, expectations that consumers have for social care and yes – major search engine algorithm changes are other trends that are projected to influence business sales and profits in 2014. Betts Recruiting has placed thousands of job seekers in revenue-generating roles at tech startups.
Since joining Betts in 2014, Amelia has been tremendously successful working with top talent.
Why? Early-stage startups need a highly productive B2B funnel of qualified leads for their sales team.
Why? High-growth startups that want to optimize their product positioning to give sales team a competitive edge. Who? Someone who can translate technical specs into marketing collateral that drives demand, and who can be the internal expert on buyers and their buying criteria. Click here to connect with Amelia about finding or hiring senior level marketing roles in New York. Kristin Fretz is the Associate Marketing Manager at Betts Recruiting. The Internet has made it easier than ever for potential franchisees to look for new business opportunities, but it has also made it harder than ever for franchisors to get and hold their attention.

Be careful because going forward many of these new marketing trends can have a major impact on your business. I talked about marketing’s changing landscape, customer engagement, and some current marketing trends they should be following.
Make sure it’s  delivering the right message because you should focus less on your company. The growth trend will continue so that by 2014, the number of mobile phone users will surpass the number of desktop computer users and that should exceed 1.7 billion.
There were over 158 million projected viewers of online video in 2011 according to e-Marketer with an estimate of 196 million by 2015.
With today’s more demanding consumer, it is more important than the increased number of commoditized products and undifferentiated pricing in the marketplace. The best content goes viral via earned media.From 2009 to 2011 the percentage of businesses with a blog grew from 48% to 65%. Your marketing strategy has to be an intentional infusion of online and offline marketing tools. In New York, Amelia Cochran leads our searches for marketing roles at high-growth companies.
She is currently a Recruiter – Team Lead focused on supporting junior recruiters and matching skilled marketers with innovative companies. Someone well-rounded in all of the different marketing disciplines, ready to get down in the trenches, and not afraid of a challenge. Someone who is driven by metrics and wants to collaborate with the sales team to execute “direct-to-prospect” email marketing campaigns. To find opportunities or top talent outside of New York, fill out this quick form to connect with Betts.
If you are a franchisor looking for more franchisee leads, these trends can help you refine and modernize your marketing strategies.

Demographics of people who visit business social media pages are expected to continue to reveal how successful businesses are at reaching their target audience. No matter where the individuals are coming from or what their questions are, they will undoubtedly check your website to try to learn more about your franchise, your corporate culture and philosophy, and whether it is a good fit for them.
Good brochures and a presence at trade shows are still very important, but not as important as your website.Mobile Optimization Is KeyNot only are people using your website to learn more about you, but they are using their mobile phones to look at your website. These tools can also cut down on the costs and human capital required to develop and keep a business’ primary marketing messages in front of the right prospects, including other business owners in the case of business to business (B2B) sales.
Franchises that have old websites and websites that don’t look good on a smartphone will end up looking antiquated and outdated to potential franchisees.Retreating from Social MediaThough franchises have invested a lot of time and money in the last few years for social media, almost no one has really cracked the code.
Franchisors continue to struggle to turn social media leads into franchisees, and why this is the case is still unknown. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms are still a fantastic way to reach and communicate with potential franchisees, and the franchises that can figure this out first will reap the biggest rewards.Increasing Phone LeadsIn the last couple years, franchises have actually seen an increase in phone leads.
Though less people are using the phone to learn about franchises then they used to, those who pick up the phone are usually more committed and more interested in becoming a franchisee. These are great leads, and franchisors need to make sure that they are providing these people with the information and customer service they are looking for when they call.The Declining Importance of VPs of MarketingIn the past, people learned about franchises through a few select ways, and a VP of Marketing had a lot of power controlling how information was distributed and presented to potential customers. When many business owners and marketers think about marketing shifts the first thing that may come to their minds is how major search engines will change their algorithms, demanding that they get busy updating their meta tags and website and blog content.Yet, these aren’t the only marketing trends that can impact sales and profits substantially. The numbers of people accessing the Internet using mobile devices as well as the fact that a growing number of companies are relying on big data to make product development, marketing automation and customer relationship management decisions are other trends that are having a big impact on sales and profits. In fact, these three trends are expected to be among the leading shifts that will impact the marketing world during 2014.

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