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How To Market A ProductFacebook AdsThe very first thing that I will do to market my product is to use Facebook ads. The team at Two Degrees Marketing has been involved in a number of start-up companies and product launches. Two Degrees Marketing doesn’t plan just features-we think benefits when planning a product launch keeping the end-user in mind at all times. We look at the gestalt of a product launch and then break it down to bite size tasks and objectives-benchmarks we have developed together as a team. We like to under promise and over deliver; building realistic expectations with your team to keep everyone informed, excited, and invested in the common goals and outcomes of your company. Let Two Degrees Marketing help your company reach your goals and objectives through many of the services we offer. Webinars as a Demand Generation Tool Adapting the New Product Development Process to a Small Company What is the Chasm and How Do You Cross It? Michael Kapp has 20 years of high tech product marketing and product management experience and is currently VP of Marketing and Product Mgmt.
The webinar must provide an opportunity for the audience to learn something that will be beneficial to them and their business. The presenter or presenters should be subject matter experts in the topic addressed by the webinar.
The webinar topic should be narrow enough so the material can be covered in the allotted time - typically 30 to 45 minutes which will also allow time for questions. It is typical that only 40% of the people that sign up for webinars will actually attend the webinar. Last but certainly not least - get all the contact information from the webinar registrations (both the attendees and non-attendees) to your sales force. Most leading companies follow a structured and highly disciplined approach to new product development. Normally, the development process is divided into named stages, with the management reviews being the gates between stages.
In most small companies, there will be no dedicated product manager or product management resources will be severely limited.
Small companies can be quite resourceful at adapting a process that fits their business model and specific needs while maintaining the most positive aspects of the traditional NPD processes.
Smaller development groups will have implications for the core teams brought together to manage a product through the development process. For over fifty years, researchers have used the Technology Adoption Life Cycle model to explain the adoption of new products and technologies. It is not uncommon for a new technology to take several years to cross the chasm, and in many cases, the chasm is never breached. It is better to focus resources on one target market and achieve a whole product solution, rather than work on a number of target markets and have 80% of what is needed in each market to cross the chasm. The building of a "whole product solution" could require alliances with providers of content, technology, software, or services such as contract manufacturing, installation or repair services. Once you are satisfied with your brand, logo design, tag line and related brand promise, then you should be consistently using the brand in all marketing collateral, advertising, web site pages, direct mail, e-blasts, etc.
Will your patent represent the only viable alternative to implement the concept or feature?  It is no use pursuing a patent if there are several other ways to achieve the same thing - unless, of course, you are planning to patent all of them.

Market Needs – From your experience with early customers you will be able to articulate the unmet needs in the market related to your segments (and beyond). Sales Strategy – How the company will sell the product including the channel strategy (if applicable). Sales Process – The sales process is the detailed step by step process that a prospect goes through on the way to becoming a customer. Market Strategy – The market strategy is a higher level view of how the company plans to scale in the market from early adopters to a broad market, including the segments to be targeted and in what order. Retention – The plan and budget for tactics aimed solely at retaining existing customers (really important for SaaS offerings). Messaging – This includes the company messaging, product value proposition, company and offering stories, responses to common questions, objection handling and reassurances for perceived risks.
Sales Tools – Includes presentations, demos, data sheets, brochures, ROI calculators and other tools that are used to help customers make a buying decision. Media Outreach – Actions, programs and tactics related to working with reporters, writers and bloggers. Funnel Optimization – The ongoing process of tracking and analyzing each stage of the sales funnel with the goal of making incremental improvements. How write marketing plan business easily, Get clear steps on how to write a marketing plan for your business in quick time. Marketing plans & marketing strategy guides - mplans, Discover 100+ free sample marketing plans. Marketing plan information, sample marketing plan , Marketing plan outline sample -tos: learn increase effectiveness business marketing plans, online marketing strategies, marketing promotion . The reason I would use Facebook ads before anything else is because they are easy to track, they are cheap, you can customize everything that you need and best of all Facebook has almost a billion people on the site.
We find the process invigorating and we love bending our minds around new ideas and products. We look at possible design and developmental challenges; together we create practical product milestones that synergize your team’s effort helping to align them with your company objectives.
You have heard is said time and again; goals should be specific, measurable, written, attainable, realistic, and have time-targeted objectives. Helping your company define these variables is extremely important in determining the product development path.
You should subscribe!  You can sign up for email updates, subscribe via RSS or follow me on Twitter. Why execute your product launch using mass marketing and advertising when you can leverage trust and credibility through influencers.
Depending on your type of business, Two Degrees Marketing will collaborate with you and your team to define your business goals and set practical milestones to help guide our product decisions and outcomes.
The webinar viewer will listen to your company's subject matter experts for 30 to 60 minutes, and will hopefully develop a favorable impression of the presenters and your company. They should be capable of fielding a variety of questions from the audience regarding the topic. However, these teams may necessarily be smaller if various functional areas are combined (for example, engineering and testing).
Our eBook explains how and why influence marketing can be crucial for the success of your next product launch.

This is a huge number and if you can market your product to even a small fraction of that number, then you will be doing really well.
Marketing a product will take time but with Facebook that time is cut in thirds because of how much traffic they get.Twitter UpdatesIf you have a Twitter account, then you are hopefully doing updates on a daily basis. The nice thing about Twitter is that you can give a little introduction to your product and then a link pointing your following to it. A lot of people use Twitter for the wrong reasons but if you do things right, then you will see some traffic and hopefully sale from it. Just remember that not everybody has a Twitter account and most people don’t use it on a daily basis so you will have to send a few updates at different times to ensure that all your followers see your update.EmailsDo you have an email list? The best part about emails is that you can send an email to your list as many times as you need to in order for them to see it. What most people don’t realize is that sending somebody an email will be much better than getting them to show up on a site all the sudden because with an email they will know who you are and what you have to offer before even opening it up.
This is why using emails is a great way to market a product.Guest PostsAnother thing that you need to do in order to market your new product is to get other people to know about it and the best way to do this is through guest posts.
The nice thing about doing a guest post is that you don’t have to worry about promoting to the same people over and over again. With a guest post you will be promoting your product to people that you don’t know and who probably don’t know you. Doing a guest post is also a great way to show that you are an expert in your field and this will make it a lot easier to sell something to somebody you don’t even know.BlogThe last thing that I would do to market your new product is to use your personal blog. The best part about using a personal blog to get more sales is that you will probably already have a following and that means that you will be able to turn your following into money. Trust me, using your own blog to promote your new product may seem like too much but your readers want to know about what you have been doing too.Another thing that you can do if you have a really good product is to enlist the help of affiliates. A lot of people are creating new E-books but the biggest problem they have is they don’t know how to market it. This is something that is a great source for marketing later on but for right now you should stick to the methods above. What you need to understand is that if you don’t know how to market your new product, then there really is no point to even make it.Something that I would highly recommend is before you ever create a product you should first come up with the marketing plan for it. Just know that in order to make any money from the product that you just create you will have to market it somehow. This is something that most people don’t do and that is why they have trouble selling the product that they just spent weeks or even months on. My advice is to make sure you are using every marketing technique that you can in order to make the most money in the shortest amount of time.
Trust me, you will be better off creating a marketing plan than putting another hour or two into the product itself.
When you create a product you can always give updates to it, with your marketing strategy you can’t do this.

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