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15 July, 2014 by Shai Berliner Leave a Comment Forward-thinking businesses seek opportunities to bring in new software to help run their business more efficiently. If you decide to implement the new business software, you should make sure all your staff understands the purpose of the new software, the benefits of this, and any important points of what the software package can do to improve their productivity and performance. Pair up workers-Encourage all employees to teach one another through what is called the buddy program. Use positive reinforcement -Want your team to stay motivated during the training and beyond? However, a lot of components are still missing, there is no power factor correction, no UPS and the motor starting is very limited.
Also, there is no enough information about the Standards used in the software (for short-circuit calculation, cables sizing and etc.). I,m electrical panels designer ,can anyone send to me the software for industry& buildings. Excellent way of describing, and good piece of writing to take facts on the topic of my presentation subject, which i am going to deliver in academy. Most of the software testing community is in a dilemma to accept or denounce the new software testing standards, which are going to be recommended by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and there are numerous discussions happening on this topic among software testing professionals. The most common problem they face is their staff – who do not want to see change and are worried about not being able to understand the new technology in place.
The more you explain the more likely it is that your staff will understand and enjoy the new training. In order for this system to work, your company should have support and established structure in place. Your employees will look to you as their manager for direction on how to feel and what to think about the new implementations, and many will resist change simply because it’s change. Use positive reinforcement every step of the way.  Experts argue that positive reinforcement both shapes behavior and enhances an employee’s self-worth.
If your employees do not know how to use the system properly, they won’t buy into your proposal.
Now HPDZ can properly draw fractals with division, like the Nova fractal and, of course, the Magnet fractal.Here is a re-rendering of the area where the problem began in the video. It is a software for electrical installation calculation: short-circuit calculations, cables sizing and protection devices choice and settings. The good point is that it is available in several languages (the previous version was only in German and English).

According to Internet, the software is dimensioned according to the VDE and IEC standards, but which exactly ? I just wanna tell Christian Petrov that in the latest version which launched in April, 2009 as (SIMARIS Design 5.0) the motor starters is very detailed.
I would like to model my network LV (low voltage) only, but SIMARIS-Design requires MV (Medium Voltage) data also.
I’m also electrical engineer who is now lecturing in University.Can i use it for students?
The first three standards have been published, 29119-4 is going to be published by the end of year 2014 and standard 5 (29119-5) is likely to be rolled out in 2015.
The 29119-1 software testing standard is highly informative and provides definitions and descriptions of the concepts of software testing and different ways to apply processes, documents and techniques.
The role of a software testing process is to govern, manage and implement software testing in any organization, project, or software testing activity.
Each template prescribed in 29119-3 standard can be tailored based on an organization’s unique requirements. The 29119-4 standard will supersede the BS-7925, which is a basis for the creation of this standard. The 29119-5 standard defines an international standard for supporting keyword driven testing. This process model contains a set of indicators to be considered while interpreting the intent of a process reference model. Standardization in a way can be beneficial, keeping in view the current globalization trends, onshore and offshore working models, some industry analysts feel that there is a greater need for standardization. And according to Jon Hagar, author of the popular book “Software Test Attacks to Break Mobile and Embedded Devices”, the software testing standards are not meant for individual software testers, but for organizations. As far as my opinion goes, I strongly feel that current ISO standards have few glaring gaps and adopting a new set of standards in any area of software development is noteworthy and especially when these new software testing standards will encourage the independent testing practices and help software testers and the software testing community as a whole. Otherwise, staff members could get tied up in their daily duties and let opportunities slip away. 3 months) and that means meeting for at least 1-2 hours a week until the mentee is comfortable using the software. Experts advise mangers to answer the “‘what’s in it for me?’ question for anyone you expect to use the software—which is really just another method to ensure your staff knows the importance of why they are learning what they are learning.
And if you use positive reinforcement immediately after someone learns something new, you’ll encourage fast and thorough adoption.

When staff members don’t buy into what you’re doing, this nullifies any potential future returns. As per IEEE standards association, these new software testing standards can be used within a software development life cycle (SDLC) or in any organization involved in software development and testing.
The IEEE 29119-2 software testing standard lays emphasis on mitigation of risks, and hence follows a risk-based approach towards software testing. As this standard is yet to be published, I would like to touch upon the highlights of this new software testing standard.
The process reference model 29119-2 forms the basis for the 33063 process assessment model for software testing.
Torq DJ software takes DJs beyond simple beat matching and crossfading by offering a host of real-time creative options.
Implementing these software testing standards would not only help organizations to adhere to the only internationally recognized and agreed standards for software testing, but also provide them with a high quality approach towards quality assurance.
The implementation of 29119-2 standard allows software testing to be prioritized and focused on the most important features and quality attributes of each system under test. The software's new Tempo Anchors allow users to set the phase grid exactly on the beats of the song, even if the song changes tempo. Our account managers will prepare you for the transition and provide you with the ammo you need to ensure the staff that the investments you are making are smart ones. Overflows can happen easily in this software because it uses a fixed-point arbitrary precision representation of real numbers.
The new Tempo Master function assigns a playing track to serve as the master BPM for everything in Torq, so looped samples, VST effects and other tempo-based features will follow in perfect sync. That means that while there are an arbitrary number of digits after the decimal point, allowing arbitrarily great precision in representing numbers, there is always only one digit to the left of the decimal point. The magnet zoom video worked because the overflow conditions that were generating the artifactual fractal structures were not being detected correctly.Artifacts in the AnimationThe disconnected Julia set-like structures are artifacts.

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