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The printable ninja turtle labels come in an easy to edit Microsoft Word document that you can input your address and print away! Required fields are marked *Name * Email * Website Comment Sign me up for the newsletter! Is there any chance that you’ll do this in the retro TMNT along with kit kat wrappers, push pop covers and birthday banners? My son is having a TMNT party soon and I used all of your Minion printables for my other son’s party in February.
I am so glad I can use Microsoft Office Word with this one, it is so much more convenient and accommodating than Adobe.

The pizza box is designed so that if you have access to a larger printer or take it to a print house you could use it for larger pizza boxes optionally.I love ideas for other TMNT printables and I am always happy to make them however I can give no timeline when I will get to them.
El otro me gusta mas que este y creo que esta mas completo, pero me falta esta etiqueta para la caja de pizza. Voy a hacer una caja de pizza con las tortugas originales pronto on July 24, 2014 Reply By AzulMuchas gracias!!! I didn’t use the pizza box lables for a game, I used them for invitations and the goodie bags. This printable popcorn box is decorated like a turtle shell pattern with the faces of the of the ninja turtles from the late 80’s cartoon.

Just print, cut, fold, and add a little glue or tape to build your ninja turtle popcorn box. With this template you can make either flat or rippled edged top ninja turtle popcorn boxes.

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