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Digital marketing strategy is a growing movement to increase companies’ presence on the market. Approximately 64-85% of people are more apt to buy a product after watching a video based on it. Because Google now owns YouTube, having a presence on YouTube and embedding that video on your website will give you a greater likelihood of getting on a Google front-page search. Contact us at Austin Visuals if you need help structuring your 3d animation needs, and we can help you save time and many headaches of getting your project off the ground and best of all we bring your ideas to life. In my view, not only did Google help the internet at large, but it also took into account the value of animated videos as higher quality information sources (as you will see in my test below). Millions of business owners have spent hours analyzing the new course that Google has charted but rather than wade through opinions and blog posts, I thought I would do an actual test in my own industry. The first test I ran was to simply rename a video that was already in our You Tube channel. Within two days we went from being unranked for those keywords to the bottom of page 1 on Google. In speaking with my colleagues, they all believe that in general content (like this blog post) you need to be careful of how many keywords you use.
When a new script writing job opens up at Fire Starter Videos, the article below is pretty much what we send applicants before their trial. First, the job of being a script writer and Fire Starter Videos involves direct communication with our clients.
Obviously we have to learn a lot in our business because we make explainer videos for everything from medical devices, to high-tech stuff to insurance policies and humanitarian initiatives. Next you write the first draft of the script and then you revise the script where necessary to finish it. Ideally we like to do the discovery call within 24-48 hours of the client completing the questionnaire. Whenever you write for us, the important thing to keep in mind is the medium for which you are writing.
In that explainer video we compare the need for a keyboard that can be split in two, to the need for adjusting your car seat, office chair etc.
Mostly our clients are looking to create an explainer video of around 90 seconds in length.
Yes we do make a little more money the longer a video goes but you should not try to push the script out to make a few extra dollars.
So that’s part of what we send our readers to orient them within the animated video script writing space.
Take 6 minutes and watch the video above where you get the inside tips from a guy who built his business on this principle. For what it’s worth, I personally believe that humour in your animated marketing video is one of the most effective ways to cut through the clutter and get to the hearts and minds of your customers.
I also promise you that if you take the time to read this whole thing, it will stimulate some very valuable thought about the true effectiveness of the messages you are putting into the marketplace. Yesterday I received a long and passionate email from a prospective client who thinks the video above, our own explainer video, sucks. If you haven’t already, it will help to watch the video above before reading what follows.
I like your hip feel, your site, the fact that you post your pricing unlike others I’ve seen, and I liked the feel, animation, score, and narration for your own demo video. Yes, it’s fun and you get the point across (cleverly and humorously) that your folks work hard.
I work in entertainment, and know all-too-well the importance of making sure that our clients clearly understand the overall approval process before we begin – and agree to it in writing, but I would not take up almost half of a pitch meeting by telling them that they need to make their selects and how they need to format their change orders, etc. Granted, you still present the rules in a fun, creative fashion, but that’s not the point. The first part of the video is your process, which I guess is feature-esque, and the fun stuff about your underground, abused minions. At first pass, there’s some very well-considered and valuable observations in the email above.
Well that certainly is one of the most unique emails I have ever received about our explainer video. Then we interviewed our customers and found out that they didn’t need to be sold on why they need an explainer video at all. Our first video (the one above) answered almost none the questions our customers were wanting answered (except the one about originality. To drill deeper, all of our incoming web traffic is either from intentional search (like Google AdWords and SEO) or by referral.
In short, you have to know EXACTLY what is in the minds of your customers at the exact moment they are going to be watching your explainer video and cater to that. Since releasing the new video (the one you suggest we cut in half), our conversion rate doubled.
Almost without exception, 100% of the feedback on that video has been overwhelmingly positive. We deal with entrepreneurs, some of the toughest SOBs around and generally speaking, our video inspires them to have more fun, stop being so precious about offending people and enjoy the process of serving their clients.
First, you have to know (REALLY KNOW), who your customers are and what is on their minds at the time they are looking at your video. If not, you may be dealing with half the inquiries that you could be, if only you actually knew.
Finally, the video above really leverages the power of demo videos through clever use of visual charts to SHOW (not just tell) the real costs of not maintaining your solar power system. You may be wondering why my opinion on this video carries any weight at all given that our company made it. Notice how in the first portion of this explainer video, the script hits on several very specific frustrations that the target audience is likely to be experiencing? As this blog develops, I will be bringing you real life case studies of how and why animated videos work. If you have an internet business or a company and want to gain high popularity on the internet market, having an animated marketing video on your landing page is the best choice.
Explainer video delivers strong messages about your business and products to your customers. Most of online company conversion rates increases after using an animated marketing video because they successfully introduce their products and services. We are a specialist in the subject of animated marketing video for promotional and marketing campaign on the internet for your company. There are lots of end users who spend hours on the internet just for browse hilarious animated video.
Explainer videos are proven to be very helpful to increase conversion rates, and here's how we can help you increase yours! If you work with Bread n' Beyond, you will see that they are always ready to go an extra mile. I came with a limited budget to BreadnBeyond for a small logo design project - but in the end I found so much scope for expansion with them that I couldn't help but re-hire them to produce a higher quality output, each time. Bread n' Beyond provides you with quality animated video and a specialized, targeted design.

Youa€™ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing.
There are all sorts of names for it a€“ explainer videos, corporate video, marketing videos, animated web videosa€¦.
Once animation was limited to those with massive six figure production budgets, but current technology means you no longer need a big studio or access to television broadcast channels to create and distribute animation.
In theory, anyone can have one written, designed, storyboarded and produced tailored to your marketing needs. Increased conversion rates a€“ 64%- 85% of people are more likely to purchase after watching a product video.
Viral marketing and video sharing - Viral video marketing campaigns increase clickthrough rates by 750%. Free Range Studios has created several animated videos that have gone viral and had this to say; "a€¦therea€™s no guaranteed recipe for big numbers on a video campaign. Video saves time in creating and delivering Powerpoint presentations - Once youa€™ve created an animation, make the most of it and use it offline too. Free Range Studios has a track record of creating compelling animated videos for social and charitable causes that go viral. Commsxchange sometimes found it difficult to explain its business communication solution services. If you have any further questions or comments about using animation as part of your online marketing, feel free to contact me. When engaged in a video, people are more likely to stay on your website 2 minutes longer and be actively engaged in it. Approximately 68% of people will pass links and videos to their friends when they watch online videos. You can use the videos in presentations as well, and it helps to create good pitches and helpful for meeting settings to promote your business. The more popular you are on the internet and relevant people who are ranked as relevant to your industry, the quicker you are going to rise up the rankings.
I decided to publish it almost uncut, because I think there’s lots of great information that is particularly granular in regard to writing scripts for explainer videos.
Therefore your ability to write well has to be matched by your ability to make people feel special and valued.
We expect a first draft of the script to be created an delivered within the next 24-48 hours. By that I mean, keep in mind that you are creating the bones upon which our artists will create the visual flesh. The fastest way to get people there is to compare that complex thing to something simple that they are already familiar with. Great scripts turn the lights on in people’s minds and then let those light shine by virtue of only the power that runs them.
Most professional voice actors read at about 2.7 words per second so that gives you about 240 words to play with.
In fact, according to him, our own explainer video was the only thing stopping him from hiring us. After watching your own video (and a couple of the interviews with your CEO), I noticed that your video violated a couple of the guidelines your CEO stressed and that plain confused me. The overall industry, your CEO, and your pricing structure all say that the recommended length is 1:30. When you’re trying to wow clients, you spend almost half of the whole video telling me exactly how I, the client, will need to behave. I suppose it helps to show the concrete process, and demystify it for me, but it still doesn’t tell me why I should hire you guys.
Feel free to ignore my ramblings, tell me that I’m maybe partially right, or tell me how I so completely missed the boat. We know that most customers want to know what’s in that video, and we also trust that they are big enough to not be too easily offended.
Writing a script based on how your competitors write a script may not be the best course of action. If you want to see what I mean, go to the 55 second mark and see how the visual manipulation of the bar charts really drives home the cost benefits of maintenance V neglect. The script is clean, uncluttered and clearly explains how their product or service removes pain in the life of the prospect.
In this example the client trusted us by allowing us to illustrate an old world machine that produces buy and sell signals for the stock market. I will be showcasing examples of whiteboard animations and well as traditional cartoon animation videos.
It is just the right mix of humour and substance, and it isn’t diluted with unimportant details and features of the product. It will strengthen your company online appearance and provide more benefit in some point to lead the market. Video keeps attention longer rather than just text, beside that video is easier to remember. We make animated marketing video on the Internet about your product and as a solution to motivate the visitors to stay longer on your website in order to deliver more traffic. He is proficient in writing technology stuff, SEO optimization, musical composing and editing. Signup for a FREE course, and receive monthly tips and special SUBSCRIBER ONLY promotions.. For example, adding the keywords a€?hire freelance animatora€? into my You Tube videos resulted in commissions for projects from clients who discovered my business through these videos. Animation can enhance presentations, pitches and meetings by helping to explain and promote your business. They let their customers know what they do, the benefits and how they can use its service quickly and simply. I think their animations work because of the careful mix of factual information, humour and genuine sentiment. So, I was approached to create an animation to explain what Vodafone One Net does and the benefits it can bring to businesses.
We used a map theme approach to advertise RS consultinga€™s market research tools, as its product helps its clients map and understand consumer behaviour. Our client needed this animation for a marketing campaign launch with a tight deadline so it was a challenge to create something in the time scale that still communicated its messages and was aesthetically pleasing. In a follow-up post I'll go into a bit more detail discussing marketing issues to consider when briefing an agency to make sure the animation fits your objectives. Mair Perkins runs a small, Derby based company that provides 2D animated video production, motion graphics, illustration and design services and is qualified with a Masters degree in Visual Communication Animation.
Videos used to be limited to major production budgets of six figures, but with current technology, that is no longer necessary. When you have a video on your landing page of your website, you can save visitors the time and trouble of clicking through your entire page.
Austin Visuals can help you 'WOW' your target audience every time through our commercial-quality Animation Designed Custom for your needs.
It will also give you an insight into our culture here at Fire Starter Videos and why our business is thriving in a very crowded marketplace.

We are thriving as a business because we openly love our clients and have fun along the way.
Ultimately our success lies within our client’s success, so write the best script you can, in as few words as possible. In fact, I am posting it because we should all be-so-lucky to have our potential customers think so deeply about our messaging and then take the time to share such thoughtful feedback with us. Sure, I could have just gone to another site and taken my feelings about your demo video to my grave, but I preferred to give you my feedback as I have always appreciated feedback that my website customers give to me.
It has the level of production value that I’d be proud to have in a demo video on my site. I have a 12 minute monstrosity on my site right this very minute that consists of a Camtasia screen capture video of me narrating while I wade through my goddamn Excel template! Straight answers to the questions they want answered rather than taking their time up with a presentation we want to give. We are conditioning the clients that are right for our business in a self-deprecating and humorous way.
These days, in a world of way too much information, you have very little time to get your foot into the doorway of people’s minds. The clever scripts, casual narration and cartoon characters that somehow make complex ideas seem easy. In every case we collaborate with the client who ultimately has final-cut on all aspects of production.
I believe they will see a sharp spike in their online conversions and it will also serve as a great tool for their sales people to play at the table on their iPads when visiting prospective customers. The client knows that his clients are smart enough to know that it is not literally a 1950’s machine doing this work. I will be mixing in some old fashioned marketing and messaging advice and hopefully, showcasing our ability to communicate well.
We know exactly all about a promotional animated marketing video that important for your campaign result.
An interesting and exciting animated marketing video is a good solution for your marketing campaign. After watching the animated marketing video, the audience will most likely curious about your products. I will definitely be using their services for all future design projects.Matthew BalfWorking with Breadnbeyond was great.
You have a chance to grab their attention and communicate using a powerful mix of pictures, motion, text, voice, sound effects and music in a short amount of time.
The script was adapted from existing literature and characters were created to help viewers imagine how the service could benefit them.
On the landing page, you can grab viewers’ attention and communicate well by mixing pictures, text, motion, voice, and sound effects with music in minimal time. When you post videos to YouTube, make a strategic decision on the title and make sure it includes your keywords that are relevant to your product or video content.
Have your animation video on hand at you at all times whether it be your phone, tablet, or iPod because it is a great lead into give out business cards as well. To my way of thinking, that stuff belongs in whatever agreement document you have the client sign before officially beginning the engagement, but not before you generate the interest to make the sale. I promise you, if you are thinking about how best to tell your story to potential customers, you will learn something from this.
As a result their expectations about what’s ahead are set properly and they end up loving us (which is almost always the case).
These days though, traditional bricks-and-mortar businesses are using animation to explain their services too.
Second, it easily transports the customer to the otherwise unseen problems of owning a solar power system.
This client did take our advice and contributed many great ideas themselves so it’s their video as much as ours. If you are currently writing a video script, then you need to have about 240 words to hit the 90 second mark.
If you link your product or service to the removal of pain, you will do far better that just linking it to the addition of pleasure. When people are looking for your product or service, it is essential that you give them the right information, in best format, as quickly as possible. I would highly recommend their work and not hesitate to hire them again.Maggie GraceOverall amazing!! You can also check our portfolios to ensure that our work quality and product style is in sync with what you need. It’s an efficient way to use your time and by condensing information, you can use various forms of media. It is helping with traffic to your website and 38% of searches on Google are for videos, so it is ideal to amplify the benefits from the videos. Imagine trying to explain the problem of expanding electrical connections caused by hot weather if not for the power and flexibility of animation? In whiteboard animation you don’t have quite that amount of visual flexibility because the characters being drawn are usually static. I will definitely be using this team for my next animation project.Four Leaf TechnologyI had contacted another company before Breadnbeyond. Not only will we hire them again, I have already sent two more people their direction because they did such an amazing job. So, if I ever get into a conversation with someone about what I do, I can whip out a device and show them.
Yes, you mention a benefit in the text to the left of the video, but the one you mention – customer engagement, is weak. It’s like trying to sell me the drill by emphasizing not the bit, and not the whole, but its product liability limitations. And I think I’m one awesome Fire Starter video away from getting my island in the South Pacific. Thanks you for doing such a great job.Jabez Le BretAndre is great - his skill in Flash really came to the fore as he dealt with some stringent technical requirements we placed on him. What really sold me on Breadnbeyond is the story board with the picture and the text below it which showed me exactly what the video would look like. I'd highly recommend him and his team for flash work, including proper Flash development with complex technical requirements. Finally (and perhaps most importantly) it highlights the personal losses that a poorly maintained solar system will cost the viewer.
We'll be working together again.Paul Walsh, PromodityBread n Beyond blew away all expectations, not only is their work phenomenal but their customer service and attentiveness should be a standard for every business.Ian CarnevaleGreat quality and fast turnaround!

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