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DiscoveryOnce prospects find your site, the trick is to keep them there and keep them coming back.
Recommendation agents are particularly good at helping visitors discover suitable products. Amazon is probably the granddaddy at this with their simple recommendation agent that recommends other books viewed by folks who bought the book you’re viewing. Netflix has a more sophisticated recommendation agent that finds movies based on your rating of movies you’ve already watched.I use a plugin called Outbrain, which offers other posts similar to the one you’re reading. Thus, it’s critical to address all their issues on your website and use influence strategies effectively throughout the site.ConversionMake the sale. Take as many clicks out of the selling process as possible and only ask for information critical for completing the transaction. You can get more information if you’d like AFTER they’ve closed.And, like any good salesperson, don’t leave without getting referrals.

Ask that they share their purchase with their social networks to gain tacit endorsements among their social graph. That’s a great incentive to share.Customer RelationshipI was involved in marketing in the old days when we didn’t talk about building a relationship with customers to keep them coming back.
This was brought to my attention in some work I was doing in graduate school — sometimes you just want your waiter to bring your food and leave you alone. Digital adds another option to other forms creating awareness and harnesses the power of word-of-mouth, which is much more effective than traditional advertising. You don’t want them to be your best friend and keep stopping by the table to ask if you need anything. Getting users to share your content gives it the patina of legitimacy missing from advertising. So, while I might not want the invasiveness of the waiter interrupting my dinner conversation (or studying), I’ll really appreciate that they clear the table when I’m done and not bring my check until I’m ready to leave.

Think about what you can do to provide value versus being an annoyance to your customers.RetentionYou obviously want to retain existing customers since it’s 5x more expensive to replace a customer who leaves your digital marketing funnel. Annoy them with constant irrelevant emails and spam their newsfeeds and they’ll leave.MonitoringOptimizing your digital marketing funnel means assessing your success in pouring more people into your funnel, driving more folks down the funnel, and making sure folks stay in your funnel.
I think within the opening move of the exposure shall certainly be one thing more right targeted audience.

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