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Many South Africa marketing executives are ignorant or intimidated about how online advertising provides detailed data of an audience – so, they stick with outmoded methods, says an industry insider. The company is a Cape Town-based digital agency and has Steenekamp decades’ worth of experience in the marketing industry. But while the growth appears healthy, marketing executives are stuck in a dated paradigm where 10% of budgets are reserved for online advertising.
He argued that 10% in online marketing of a massive budget could deliver a decent return of investment, especially when clients have unrealistic expectations. Marketers will ultimately follow audiences, especially as social media becomes more influential and traditional TV viewing begins to decline as is happening in the UK. Facebook has doubled its share of the $140bn online advertising market to 8% in 2014, according to research firm eMarketer, serving notice to internet giant Google, which commands around 33% of the market.
Facebook contests and campaigns are powerful ways for brands to engage with customers in social. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. New data from comscore Video Metrix reports that in May of 2012, 84.5% of the US internet audience watched online video.
Then seek profit by generating sales and from word of mouth publicity getting more new customers. Mobile Pull Marketing Strategy:  Mobile pull marketing means giving consumers ways to interact with your advertising over mobile devices, and pulling them closer to a purchase decisionMobile Pull Marketing can be combined with Traditional advertising to have an immediate call-to-action.

In the past year alone, growth was 52.1%.?Why are they so sanguine about the future of online video advertising? For example, ask customers to retrieve a coupon by texting a keyword to a short code or by taking a picture of the coupon in a print publication.3. In May of 2012, over 10 billion online video ads were viewed, more than double the 4.6 billion in May of 2011. According to a Brightroll survey of US ad agencies, high prices, limited reach and lack of targeting are considered the top three growth hurdles. And advertise on the mobile phone screen using loyalty apps that track purchases or promotions that involve the phone at the physical point of sale.5. However, the adoption of cost-per-view and cost-per-engagement pricing models, more interactive video content, and the personalization and targeting of video ads will likely resolve these issues over time, as online video advertising matures as a marketing channel.?MARKETING TAKEAWAYFor business owners and marketers, the explosion in online video consumption represents a massive opportunity if handled properly. Local Online Marketing:If you wish to reach prospective customers in a particular state of India or any other country, for example would you consider advertising in national publication? To be effective, your online video marketing strategy should incorporate a healthy mix of video content that mirrors and compliments your other content marketing media. Proximity Marketing:With the increasing use of Foursquare, letting people opt in for receive promotions on their mobile phones from nearby vendors.
With location detection technologies on the phone available today, consumers can check in to a physical location with their phones.Still many people are adapting to the idea of enabling location detection on their phones.
Proximity marketing in 2012 could help prepare you to reach tech-savvy shoppers in the years to come.7.

Then, create some products or services that meet the needs of your international audience and use the test results to expand to other countries.8. Social Earned Media:Consumers who are loyal and involved with your brand are always talking or reviewing about you and your brand online.
Then, get involved in the conversation and politely ask customers to rate and share their opinions of your business.
This is a great way to connect to you target audience and keep them update about the same.9.
For example, if you notice customers talking about summer vacation plans on Facebook or Twitter, then it might be a great time to offer a promotion involving summer vacations.10. Everywhere Commerce:Paying with a plastic credit card is probably going to go away someday, but not yet. Still, 2012 will offer consumers many more payment options.Get your point of sale ready by accepting payments through PayPal or by enabling Google Wallet or a proprietary point-of-sale option.Related Posts 5 Reasons SEO Needs to be a Part of Your Digital Arsenal How to Organize Blogger Contests, Meets and Campaigns Make Your Twitter Experience Count!

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