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As marketing becomes more data-driven, it’s essential for companies to hire people specializing in social media.
Students can apply for online social media education programs at the University of Florida.
Share this article0000There used to be a time when the only way you could judge the success of a certain marketing campaign was either through conversions (sales), or through focus groups where agencies would ask the opinion of those who had witnessed the advertisement. This new data not only makes things easier, but we’re now able to easily understand where things are going wrong, allowing us to deliver a better ROI to our clients. As you can see, analytics is a skill which is needed across marketing, and in most cases, you’ll find that people aren’t able to do their job without solid analytical skills. If you don’t use data in your line of the work, especially within marketing, then you’re quite probably in the wrong profession. Like digital espionage, the ways that we measure success doesn’t necessarily mean that those analytics guy and gals get all the credit. Without going straight into tools for each area of digital marketing, we’ve split up the areas, including social media, content and general data collection. This free website helps you identify the influencers’ and your competitors’ most shared content. Trendsmap maps out and visualises topics which are trending globally, nationally or even just in your city. Sprout Social is a social media management tool created to help businesses create and grow their social media presence, you can try it for free here.
You probably have a Facebook page for your brand, and if this is the case, Insights provides you with information about your page’s performance. Twitter Counter allows you to check lots of twitter stats for free, including followers, people you’re following and their tweets. Simply Measured provides in-depth media analytics and in-depth management across many different social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. SocialBro lets you manage and analyse your Twitter communities, meaning you can track competitors, followers and find out thing like what time is the best time to tweet. If you’re like me and you write, occasionally you can struggle for that all important blog topic, so why not check out Google Trends?
Google Alerts allows you to monitor the internet for interesting new content, be it news stories about one of your clients or rivals within a sector. Buzzsumo shows you the most searched for topics within content marketing and SEO campaigns. Now, if you’re starting out with a blank slate or you’re looking to produce some informative infographics, or just drop some statistics into a report, you might find the following websites of real interest.
As you’d expect from Google, they have created a site which is clear, concise and very easy to navigate. As you can see, you can gather plenty of data about numerous topics, but be sure to delve deeper into the site as there is information which might be of use to you and your project.
Reddit is a procrastinator’s best friend but apart from providing a distraction from boredom, Reddit is home to something called Datasets. If you want to collect primary data instead of taking it from sites like the ones listed above and below this one, take a look at Survey Monkey. A part of me thinks that Bottlenose should have gone in the social media section of this blog post, but here it is, in with the misc’ tools. By gathering ‘trend intelligence’, brands can track what people are saying about them through its algorithms, before allowing you to analyse the data and then building on it. The latest update to the software was the ‘emotion detection’ function which displays the emotions of online users and how they’re reacting to certain events. Advertising Press on Your Side Creating a BIG Promotion Tutorial Unique Ideas Promotion Articles Online Tools This is our article database. The importance of an IMC graduate degree has become increasingly relevant in todaya€™s corporate world.
With Marist Collegea€™s 100% online Integrated Marketing Communication Mastera€™s degree program, earning your marketing Master's degree through online evening classes has never been easier.
Advance your skills in public relations, marketing, advertising, social media, and analytics with a 100% online master's degree in integrated marketing communication from Marist College.

Marist College has offered a comprehensive online Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Mastera€™s degree since 2012.
The Integrated Marketing Communication Mastera€™s degree is made up of a 100% online curriculum, allowing students to earn a marketing Mastera€™s degree on their own time. Marist College's online Mastera€™s in Integrated Marketing Communication was developed with the help of knowledgeable marketing and communication industry leaders. Whether you are a recent graduate, seasoned marketing professional or interested in a career change, the online Integrated Marketing Communication graduate degree can provide you with the necessary knowledge to advance your career. The Mastera€™s degree in Integrated Marketing Communication can be earned 100% online thus providing marketing graduate students the flexibility they need to complete the program while still pursing a full time career. Request A BrochureRequest a brochure today to get detailed program information about earning your IMC graduate degree online through our Integrated Marketing Communication Mastera€™s degree program. Contact Marist to learn more about earning your marketing graduate degree through our 100% online Integrated Marketing Communication Mastera€™s degree program.
A growing number of universities, colleges, and schools are now offering social media degree programs. By earning a degree in this field, you’ll become a more valuable employee and learn new skills that will help you land a high-paying job. Students can learn how to use the world’s most popular social platforms, find leads online, and attract customers. These innovative courses provide a highly interactive learning experience that will boost your career and expand your professional reach.
This of course, was before the digital age and while those two parameters are handy for discovering if a campaign has worked, nowadays us digital marketers have access to a plethora of different types of data, each with its own unique use. Essentially streamlining our campaigns, across content, social and design, in the hope of becoming much more effective.
Being able to gather data, assess metrics and complete thorough analytics allows those within the realm of digital to utilise their skills, putting their talent to campaigns that actually work. This underlines how important it is to be able to read metrics, it also allows us to focus our efforts, share results and allows us to shift from wasting time on pointless tasks, to focusing on things which work – improving the business as a whole. Data allows us to learn and grow, and despite negative perceptions, it can be lots of fun, being like a true digital detective, unmasking issues and looking under the bonnet of campaigns. I mean, the world of spies and gadgets is less James Bond, more Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy anyway. This is where data comes to the fore, and by leveraging this data we can understand how we can go about adapting to changing consumer behaviours. This is so it’s all easier to digest and so that you can skip to the part which is relevant to you. Brands now look to engage with an audience through Twitter, Facebook and Google+ etc, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. There are 22.2 thousand active users, and if you would also like to get involved, click here. It’s available after at least 30 people like your page so it’s a handy tool for a lot of SMEs who are active on this social media platform. If you go premium you can gather stats for analysis on interactions, mentions, retweets and favourites. The self proclaimed ‘number one marketing platform for Twitter’, SocialBro isn’t short of supporters and if you want to analyse, engage and monetize your Twitter audience, you might want to check it out! Topsy maintains a huge index of tweets which dates back to the inception of the social network back in 2006. If you’re struggling to think of a topic to write about, you can search it via the handy search bar and it will bring up any related pages. You’re now able to use non-personal, non-sensitive data and can find it via a quick search using the built in search bar. The Google Public Data Explorer makes large datasets easy to digest, and visualise and if you’re looking to create infographics, you’ll benefit from the amount of reports that are housed within the collection. Users on the social network will regularly post links to reports and the latest news within the world of data. On this site you can create your own customisable surveys before sending them to whoever you wish.

Bottlenose outlines trending topics, people and their emotions and allows yout to reveal what matters to your business in real time. Have we missed any out that you use religiously or are you reaping the rewards of using, say, Social Crawlitics or Survey Monkey?
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Social media education programs are designed to help people understand this fast-growing trend from a marketing and public relations perspective.
One of the best things about earning a degree in social media is that you can study from home and set your own schedule.
It’s just not as glamorous as it could be, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important, as was uncovered with the FutureBuzz article. It’s important to be adaptive, especially with the changing nature of our industry and with new developments in technology that this brings.
Here are some dedicated tools for gathering data through social media channels, helping agencies connect on a higher level with their customers as well as mapping out future campaigns and developing tactics. Topsy makes products which allow you to search, analyse and then draw insights into online conversations and trends on Twitter as well as Google+.
Alerts has recently undergone a revamp and works similarly to Trends except that you’re able to completely tailor your alerts. Essentially it’s a goldmine of data of which content is most shared across social media; get involved here. The project is only fairly new so the amount of information you’ll be able to access is sure to grow. This link may prove useful to you in any number of different campaigns across many different sectors. Let us know on Twitter and don’t be afraid to drop us a line as we’re all good eggs here at OVG! Each course concentrates on how marketing professionals can develop strategic marketing planes to deliver a consistent message that reflects a branda€™s values, products, and company mission across a variety of channels.
Online Integrated Marketing Communication graduate courses include topics such as advertising, public relations, social media, marketing research, branding, strategy, analytical tools, and global marketing insights. All full-time Integrated Marketing Communication courses are offered through our online curriculum. They cover a wide range of topics, including marketing, psychology, communications, graphic design, statistics, and social networking for business. They use case studies of social networking and content-sharing websites to emphasize the importance of social interaction for individuals and businesses. There are many different aspects of analytics which need to be undertaken in order to make improvements to your markets. Approximately 88 percent of people are influenced by other consumers’ online comments. This program is ideal for business professionals, social media managers, search engine marketing specialists, and entrepreneurs.

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