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Brian Hoadley kicked this off for me with a great post unpacking two contrasting approaches to social media: as a one-off campaign tool vs an enduring set of communities.
So perhaps that’s the biggest challenge for government in using digital more effectively to listen, discuss, inform and deliver. I think you do right to concentrate on your main points, that is your job after all, and you do it well.
For my money, one of the more revolutionary things going on at the moment is the subversion of the old world order where, to put it far too crudely, there was a chasm between marketing and communications on one side and service delivery on the other. All of which means that the question you end with is still more difficult and still more important.
The UK government seems ahead of most in this, so has anyone you know collected together a toolkit of internal marketing materials that can help support this organisational change?
I think the diagram might benefit from hinting around the edges at the ecosystem it fits into, e.g. The internet has been successfully adopted by Amazon, twitter, easyjet and others because of their focus.
Vendor Relationship Management, authentication and identity will help to drive this in the next few years.
As per our Twitter conversation, I love this post and can see myself linking and referring back to it many times. This post lets me start thinking about how some of my activities could be done by other people in the organisation. I am preparing for an interview (UK gov webbie post) and there’s a lot of ground to cover. Steph – this is so helpful in seeing the bigger picture of digital across government but also in itemising the various elements. When the website costs report comes out, it’s important that commentators understand all the behind the scenes work that goes into a web presence, not just the front-end design and content. An online marketing plan template is a ready to use document which is used by organisations to plan online marketing strategies.

You can Download the Online Marketing Plan Template, customize it according to your needs and Print. Online Marketing Plan Template is either in MS Word and Editable PDF.
Microsoft® and Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft Word® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Nicht die Technik, die an Unternehmenszielen ausgerichtete Enfuhrung sollte im Fokus jedes Enterprise 2.0-Projektes stehen. For people looking to do more for less, digital offers a more cost-effective delivery channel. In my mind, it’s also the difference between the digital marketing approach to social media, compared to the digital engagement or channel management approaches. In a day’s work, webbies find themselves in discussions with IT, PR and digital agencies, lawyers, photographers, data geeks, half-trained web publishers and vocal online communities. They’re clearly policy questions so I left them off my monster venn diagram, but maybe there’s point missing under digital engagement or digital marketing that relates to the area of planning digital activity in the context of audience access and capabilities? What is so soul destroying is that none of this can ever happen until the infrastructure works. It might also take a brave government official to recognise that it is individuals who can change, and that their relationship with the state needs to be altered so that the ability to control their lives is back with the individual. A lot of detail here to think about and some great thoughts from others on the challenges it all brings. Such templates are really useful as they are readymade documents which just need a few changes and adjustments in order to be used according to suitability. is not associated with Microsoft and templates provided are for guide only and not legal. Though the group had diverse backgrounds in Press Offices and Strategic Marketing, they were all in agreement that digital, and social media in particular, was the way of the future. For people looking to reach younger or more mobile audiences, it offers new and engaging channels. Or, someone needs to do a whole lot more engagement with people elsewhere in the organisation who work in parallel fields (IT service operations, offline marketing, training, internal comms, statistics etc) to help them become professional specialists in some of these fields themselves (of course, there are external agencies that offer many of these services, but they still need intelligent clients to work with).

As the BBC has found, this is profoundly different at the end of a boom, to the beginning and middle bonanza.
In diesem Rahmen macht es Sinn, auch mal die Ausgaben fur Microsoft Office oder Windows unter die Lupe zu nehmen. At the ftth conference in Lisbon this week the UK has dropped further behind and is now a laughing stock amongst other forward thinking nations. Sicher sind die wichtig, aber in erster Linie geht es darum, sich klar zu werden, was das eigene Unternehmen im Rahmen seiner Enterprise 2.0-Strategie erreichen will. But if we’re going to make it happen on the scale people envisage, we need to translate that enthusiasm into a deliverable configuration of people, suppliers and skills. Denn genau das bedeuten diese Web 2.0 Werkzeuge fur Unternehmen - die Einbettung in die Kommunikations und Zusammarbeitsstrategie des Unternehmens. In den IBM Foren konnen Sie live erleben, wie Sie durch unabhangige Desktop-Systeme und eine offene Client Architektur Kosten einsparen sowie mehr Offenheit und gro?ere Flexibilitat gewinnen konnen. Hier erfahren Sie, welche Alternativen es zu Microsoft-Produkten fur Ihre Kunden gibt, und wie einfach sich ein Wechsel auf offene Systeme gestalten kann.
Sichern Sie sich Ihren Platz in der IBM Veranstaltung 'Alternativen zu Microsoft' und verschaffen Sie sich einen Einblick in die IBM Open Source Strategie sowie die IBM Positionierung.
Peter Schuett wird auch Angelika Heun von NEC Electronics (Europe) GmbH berichten, wie Social Software erfolgreich eingefuhrt wurde. Informieren Sie sich daruber, wie IBM und Open Source Losungen eine valide Alternative darstellen, wie die Vorgehensweisen sind, ob es Ko-Existenzen gibt und wie letztendlich der Return on Invest sich gestaltet.

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