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Wirelessly stream the latest movies, hit TV shows, Internet entertainment, and your personal media collection to the biggest screen in the house. Play your entire digital media library on the biggest screen in your house in Full-HD 1080p. This media player features built-in Wi-Fi  and intuitive navigation menus for a beautifully simple entertainment experience. The best of the Internet on your HDTV – Stream hit movies, catch up on TV shows, stay connected to your social network, and watch highlights from the biggest games of the season.
Your media collection belongs on the big screen – Enjoy your media library, home videos, vacation slideshows, and favorite songs on your HDTV and sound system in your living room. Play virtually any media file format – The WD TV Live streaming media player supports a wide variety of the most popular files including MKV, MP4, XVID, AVI, WMV, and MOV video formats. High-performance, streaming-ready WiFi – Includes the latest wireless technology— extended-range Wireless-N— giving you the speed you need to stream HD. Play media from any source – Stream videos, music, and photos from your USB drive, network drive, and any PC or Mac computer in your home.
Show photos and movies directly from your digital camera or camcorder – Connect your camcorder or digital camera directly to the media center and instantly view or archive HD video and photos without a PC. Stay updated with RSS feeds – Stay posted on your favorite bloggers and websites and stream the latest audio and video with timely RSS feeds. Programmable remote – Use the included programmable remote control to make your entertainment choices using our crisp, animated navigation menus.
Use your keyboard for easy searching and updating – Use the on-screen keyboard or attach your wired or wireless USB keyboard for easy text input. Automatic play – Select your favorite song, movie, or photo slideshow to automatically play when the device is turned on. HDMI and composite video output – The HDMI port lets you connect to the highest quality HDTV or home theater. SPDIF digital output – The optical audio output sends digital signals to your AV receiver for the best surround sound experience. Ultra-compact design – Cool and quiet, this compact system integrates perfectly into your entertainment center.
Streaming media player, Remote control with batteries, Composite AV cable, AC adapter, Quick Install Guide.

Skins - lets the user select the skins to change the appearance of the AVS Media Player program. Audio Visualization - lets the user select the visualization type used during audio files playback.
AVS Media Player supports skins and lets the user select the appearance that is liked better. Stay on top - use this option to make AVS Media Player stay on top of all the other applications. Full screen - use this option to change the view mode to full screen when the player is in the Window mode and to Window mode from the Full screen mode. Screen without border - use this option to hide the borders of the AVS Media Player screen window. Note: you can also save the selected view settings as a preset to use them in future and quickly switch between your preferences. You can set the number of the channels for your media files if it does not coincide with the number of the speakers your computer has connected to it. You can select any of the variants above and listen to the one selected to see which sounds best. You can select between the measurement units - feet and meters and adjust the room length and width. When you playback audio files it might be very useful to switch on visualization, that will be shown in the main screen window. Switch the main screen window on to view the visualization or off if you prefer to hide the visualization window. Fit screen to video on start - use this option to change the screen window size so that it represented the full dimensions of the video picture.
Sticky windows - use this option to make the AVS Media Player windows stick to each other and to the desktop borders. On Screen Display - use this option show the information on the AVS Media Player screen during playback, pause or any other operation with video. Show Fullscreen Controls - use this option to get access to the AVS Media Player controls when the FullScreen mode is selected. The AVS Media Player has a simple and user-friendly interface which can be presented in two different modes depending on the file type you want to playback: Video Mode and Audio Mode.

With the WD TV Live streaming media player, you can enjoy it all in the comfort of your living room in Full-HD 1080p. The WD TV Live streaming media player connects to your high-speed Internet connection wirelessly, no PC required.
Our media library collects the content from all the drives, so finding the perfect video, song, or photo to view is easier than ever.
You can also add specific feeds to your dashboard to be shown as tickers so you never miss a thing. Customize buttons for quick and easy access to your favorite music, photos, videos or menu choices. Additional composite (RCA outputs) ensure compatibility with virtually all television sets. After that you can use the mouse to move the figure of the listener to establish the position in the room. The windows standard explorer window will open to let you choose the directory for the snapshot output files. You can also select the distance in pixels within which the windows will start to stick to each other. You may use this software in copying material in which you own the copyright or have obtained permission to copy from the copyright owner.
With the WD TV Live streaming media player, you can enjoy your personal media collection and the best of the Internet on the biggest screen in the house in Full-HD 1080p. You can select the ratio of X (width) to Y (height) of the video image and click the Apply button to accept the changes.
You will see the distances between the listener and the speakers change and the sound change together with them.
The same is done for deleting the unnecessary presets, simply select the preset and click the Delete button.

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