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The most creative and outstanding alternative to PowerPoint maker for you to create excellent and impressive presentation. Compared with the PowerPoint maker, Focusky provides you with a dynamic way to present your ideas. The presentation powered by Focusky can be inserted multimedia, such as images, online YouTube video, Vimeo video, SWF file, and FLV video.
Focusky provides you with various kinds of publishing formats for you to publish your creative and stunning presentation. The traditional slide to slide presentation created by the PowerPoint maker cannot clearly show the audience the path of discovery.
Show all slide on free-scaling canvas and go through the path with zooming and panning transition effect. A lot of well-designed templates and themes availible, which make the work of building presetation easy.

The Focusky supports multiple languages input, such as English, Chinese, French, German, Arabic, Korean, etc. Easily export HTML type of presentation and publish it online to spread your idea everywhere.
Enrich your presentation with images, Flash, local video, audio, YouTube video, Vimeo video and smart art. And your audience can learn more about your ideas and will surely have much more fun while enjoying your video.
However, with the help of Focusky, you are able to lead your audience in a mind mapping style. Focusky is an interesting and intuitive software utility which aims to offer you an alternative way for creating professional-looking presentations, for school or work purposes, with the least amount of effort for you. And the content is arranged in a logical path, it advances step by step through the path to guide your audience down to the path of discovery.Rich pre-designed templates and themesFocusky offers a rich set of beautiful templates and themes with pre-designed frames, which can be used to build different styles of presentations for diverse purposes.

By one key, your PPT contents show in Focusky.Object animation to make presentation livelyDo you want to make your presentation picturesque like a video? Focusky supports applying object animation for objects on each path step, which makes your presentation lively. There are tens of animation effects available in software, also you can arrange the animation orders easily.

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