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No matter how perfect the setting, or how great he looks in his suit, no couple is happy looking at wedding photos of a groom plagued with a ghastly red cold sore. While PhotoShop is the number one choice among professionals and hobby photographers alike, it's also a program most can't afford. If you've ever wanted to know how a different hair colour would suit you, this is the free, easy and ultra-temporary way to do it! All you have to do is upload your pictures in the same way you do on your social networking sites.

I have decided that I want to be an artist that works with photo editing, because I love software, and computers, but I am also in love with art, and photography. It's becoming stiff competition for expensive photo manipulation programs like top seller Adobe PhotoShop. Rather than hitting up Pirate Bay or getting a tech savvy friend to make you copies, you can legally head over to FotoFlexer for a free photo editing program similar to Adobe's. Boost your cup size, trim your thighs or give yourself the deep dark tan you've always dreamed of.

For added convenience, the program is compatible with popular sites like Facebook and Flickr, so uploaded to your personal pages is a breeze.
You'd love to put them up for display, if only you didn't have those little buffet-indulgence bulges poking out the top of your bikini.

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