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But first, I want you to understand this: I am NOT some money-grubbing video hack recycling out-dated generic info for outrageous prices to unsuspecting would-be filmmakers.
I am a passionate life-long filmmaker and educator who loves teaching and helping other filmmakers. Film and TV projects Ia€™ve made have been screened at the Tribeca Film Festival, Slamdance, and on MTV and The Education Channel.
I am currently the Production Center Manager and an adjunct professor at NYU-Tisch School of the Arts, one of the most renowned film schools in the world, where I instruct grad and undergrad students on everything from lighting to audio to camerawork and other practical production strategies for pulling off their creative vision regardless of their budget or previous experience level. Even with a family and full-time job I actively devote a huge chunk of my time to helping up and coming filmmakers. Unlike the money-grubbing video hacks peddling whack digital downloads across the Internet, I actually want you to succeed, so Ia€™m not gonna B.S. 100% real-world illustrated practical instructions on the tangible and intangible things that can help you make your film and video projects with less mistakes and better end results regardless of your budget. 296 glossy full-color pages featuring 500+ clear full-color photos and diagrams in a real soft-cover book.
This isna€™t one of those cheesy low-budget fly-by-night digital downloadsa€¦this is a glossy full-color soft-cover book, packaged with a professionally produced Bonus DVD that features a one-of-a-kind video DVD tutorial on recording better audio that has received univerSal praise for ita€™s clarity and usefulness. This entire book and DVD package has been professionally edited, designed, laid out and perfectly-bound by the worlda€™s leading publisher of technical film and TV books,Focal Press . This is a book and DVD of purely practical advice and technical instruction from the deep trenches of guerrilla filmmaking. If youa€™re busy trying to launch a film, I know that you dona€™t have the time to read between the lines, so I took more than 2 years out of my life to catalog and illustrate the filmmaking process and write The Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide to break down the things you most need to know.
Thata€™s just the useful information that Ia€™m providing, but even after 15 years in the game, I dona€™t know everything (far from it), so I reached out to gather more practical wisdom and advice some of the most respected, experienced and talented filmmakers and experts in the industry to ask them to fill in my blanks by giving you their candid advice in pages entitled Been There, Done That, that are dispersed throughout the book by topic. Who are just some of the diverse respected and talented filmmakers who have contributed their vast filmmaking wisdom and knowledge to this book?
John is an world-renowned animation historian and Executive Director of Animation of NYUa€™s legendary Tisch School of the Arts. Adrian and his brother Rocco, shot their documentary, Genghis Blues, on a Hi-8 video camera in the rugged mountains of Tuva. Many of these name-brand indie filmmakers have been nominated for (and even won) Oscars and won more major awards, festivals, and accolades than I could hope to list. In the 15+ years Ia€™ve been making film and TV, Ia€™ve wasted many precious hours (actually days) of my life reading i??between the lines of some overwhelming film book, trying to find and decipher the few kernels of real information that were actually relevant to helping me make my projecta€¦I rarely found the practical info I needed and hardly ever in a single book. In The Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide Ia€™ve gone through great pains to make the complicated and confusing process of filmmaking easy and clear for you to understand and more importantly, execute. Long after you begin to master the craft, the Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide will serve as a continual illustrated reference guide to the thousand little technical and procedural details you need to recall to pull off a film.

Not only that, but this book will help you avoid the most common filmmaking mistakes and give you the technical know-how, insider tips and confidence to capture your vision regardless of your budget. In addition to that, ita€™s gotten more positive reviews and endorsements from active blog writers in and around the filmmaking community, such as Making The Movie, Irascible Ian, and The Blog Columnist. This partial list includes some of the most prestigious names in film education on either side of the globe and they have adopted this book in the classroom for one reason and one reason only- ita€™s helping their students to make better films. I want you to take the word of the many happy customers who already own The Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide.
This price is much lower than other filmmaking products on the market and even 20% lower than the retail price printed on the book. Next up in this class was learning how to do a multiple-step process or what's called Show Car Detailing to a real muscle car a 1965 Plymouth Belvedere II with a radical engine in it and a paint job that looks like it was washed with a Garden Rake!
Here she is early Saturday morning parked next to the other cars for this detailing class. One of the reasons I like to bring in cool cars for our classes is to make the class both fun and memorable but also because muscle cars from the 1960's and 1970's tend to be very large compared to modern transportation cars so there's PLENTY of room for everyone to get lots of hands-on time working on the car.
Now with the car inside the garage under the florescent lights, you can see the paint is nothing but a hazy, swirled out mess! When trying to create a true show car finish that has that deep, wet shine we all love, it starts with removing any and all above surface bonded contaminants to create a smooth surface before machine polishing. Now a wool pad on a rotary buffer will tend to remove contaminants because it's the most aggressive buffing procedure there is and the fibers of a wool pad spinning in a circle on the paint is very aggressive especially when you add an abrasive compound. But when the plan is to use foam pad then it's a good practice to mechanically remove contaminants before you do any buffing. After using Detailer's Waterless Car Wash to wash this muscle car, the next order of business is to inspect the paint.
Here's Axel and Rick feeling the paint on this 1965 Plymouth Belvedere II using the Baggie Test. Next, place a clean, sandwich baggie over your hand and feel the same area of paint you previously felt and in most cases the paint is going to feel rough, like it has little bumps all over it. The blue foam indicates the fine grade while the yellow foam indicates the medium grade Nanoskin Autoscrub Pads.
So next up the class is going to use Nanoskin products including the Nanoskin Autoscrub Pads on the Flex 3401.
First a demonstration on how to correctly use the Nanoskin Autoscrub pad with a Flex 3401 Forced Rotation Forced Oscillation Dual Action Polisher. After decontaminating the paint, (that's removing defects on top of the paint), the next step is to remove the defects below the surface, this would be the swirls, scratches and sanding marks. First a demonstration on how to use the Flex 3401 for heavy correction work with Wolfgang Uber Compound and Lake Country Orange Hybrid Cutting Pads.

After the compounding step everyone switches over to the Black Hybrid Pads with the Wolfgang Finishing Glaze and re-polishes every inch of paint. After the polishing step we switched over the fresh, clean Black Hybrid pads and machine apply the Blackfire BlackICE Hybrid Montan Sealant Wax. After each project car to keep things orderly we pull all the extension cords and set them on the floor next to were they are plugged in so they are not a trip hazard.
Nor am I one of these guys who made a single lame little film that never saw the light of day and is now claiming to somehow be able to give you everything you need to take on Hollywood with a dollar and dream.
A feature film I produced was covered on the front page of both The Hollywood Reporter and Variety when it took the top prize at the prestigious 2003 IFP Film Market in New York City. As a service to the indie film community I provide tons of helpful original information in the form of a free filmmaking blog, podcast, email newsletter and Ia€™ve even donated thousands of dollars of this product to several filmmaking non-profits organizations that serve teens.
I do them because this is my art, craft, and passion and I want to share the many things Ia€™ve learned (and am still learning) and do my best to inspire you to pursue and persist at filmmaking. These are just practical straight-up answers that every filmmaker will need to know sooner or later- all explained clearly, in plain English, step-by-step. They are self-taught and challenging the traditional notion of film distribution with innovative new models.
Ita€™s an easy and humorous read and written to inspire and motivate you to pursue your vision regardless of your budget or experience level.
Not only that, but there is absolutely no-risk for you whatsoever, because just like the filmmaking instruction, the guarantee is no B.S. What you see here is hazing looking paint but what it really is are WET SANDING SCRATCHES that were not removed by the other guy that sanded and buffed this paint job. Nick and I have a lot of fun driving these hotrods, kustoms and classics at our detailing classes. Not only is the paint filled with millions of swirls, scratches and sanding marks it's also heavily contaminated. For most cars, paint will often feel smooth to the touch when using only your skin to inspect the paint. These bumps you feel are contaminants that are BONDED to the paint as though they are glued to the paint. And they are all giving perfectly candid, concise and practical advice on everything from funding to storytelling to ethics throughout this book. If you are truly serious about filmmaking and looking for a better learning resource, therea€™s nothing more to say or to do except buy this book and Shut Up and Shoot!

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