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These are 11 videos result for the Voice kids semis 2015, hit the "Play This Video" to watch streaming the Voice kids semis 2015 online. Play and Stream Voice Kids Philippines 2015 Semi Finals Performance Salamat Salamat Musika By Esang free online here. Play and Stream Voice Kids Philippines 2015 Semi Finals Performance If I Were A Boy By Sa free online here.
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Play and Stream Voice Kids Philippines 2015 Semi Finals Saranggola Ni Pepe Ang Pipit By Reynan Sa Kyle free online here. Play and Stream Voice Kids Philippines 2015 Semi Finals Performance Itanong Mo Sa Mga Bata By Reynan free online here. Play and Stream Voice Kids Philippines Season 2 Semi Finals 2015 Announcement Of 4 free online here.
Play and Stream Voice Kids Philippines 2015 Semi Finals Halik Luha Basang Basa Sa Ulan By Lyca Gairanod free online here. Play and Stream Voice Kids Philippines 2015 Semi Finals Fame What A Feeling By Elha Zephanie Esang free online here. Play and Stream Voice Kids Philippines 2015 Semi Finals Performance Got To Believe In Magic By Kyle free online here. WHEN African slave Sarah ‘Saartjie’ Baartman was noticed for her very large buttocks, a typical body feature amongst many black women, she was transported to England and promised wealth. The well-shaped South African, who was born to a Khoisan family, became a spectacle in the early 19th century when she was exhibited as a freak show attraction under the name Hottentot Venus. But if Baartman was alive today, she would probably be celebrated amongst many as a beautiful, bootylicious woman.Although white people once frowned upon our large bottoms, and viewed them as highly undignified, a large derriere is now considered by many as an asset.
Prince William’s sister-in-law Pippa Middleton who was a bridesmaid for her sister Kate Middleton at the recent Royal wedding, became an unassuming worldwide attraction when her figure hugging dress emphasized her rear. Pippa accredited pilates classes for giving her a shaped bottom, driving hundreds of women to sign up for the popular exercise classes. Still, many in our community simply couldn’t see why so many people were fascinated with Pippa’s bottom. Clearly, Pippa Middleton isn’t blessed with a shapelier ‘back off’ than the likes of Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Serena Williams, Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez, yet her shape was one of the media’s hottest topics following the Royal wedding! People have expressed their admiration for Beyonce’s voluptuous Coca Cola bottle-shaped figure; a refreshing change to the stick thin models and pop stars we see so often. Similarly, US models like Tahiry Jose and Buffie ‘The Body’ Carruth are revered for their large bottoms. In an interview with The Voice earlier this year, Alesha Dixon revealed that she wished her bottom was larger, saying: “I am happy with my body, but in an ideal world, I’d love to have a bigger bum. Although big bottoms are often celebrated in the black community, of course, not all black women desire a large derriere.
Lisa Craddle from north-west London said: “I do not enjoy the perils that come with having a big bum. While Lisa might be uncomfortable with her large bottom, many women long for theirs to be larger. Earlier this year, British student Claudia Aderotimi died after undergoing an operation to enlarge her bottom.

It was later revealed that Aderotimi, an aspiring dancer and student at Thames Valley University, thought that a shapelier bottom would help her in her quest to become a hip-hop star.
Talent scout Tee Ali, who met Aderotimi while she was filming a video reportedly told a British tabloid: “She was a dancer and choreographer. Andrew Morrison, a producer and entertainment manager confirmed that women with larger bottoms tend to garner a lot of attention in the entertainment industry. But Dr Charles Nduka, a specialist in plastic surgery and honorary senior lecture at Imperial College in London, says that these ‘butt-enhancing’ procedures are unsafe.
Your information may be shared with other NBCUniversal businesses and used to better tailor our services and advertising to you.
Here in Canada, we are able to share these experiences by coming together in the sharing of a wonderful meal.
As we gathered to break the fast of Ramadan, it was comforting to know that Muslims all around the world were joined in deep spiritual reflection. During my travels across this beautiful country, I am so proud to meet Canadians from all backgrounds and faiths. In addition to this, we have a plethora of industry standard software from ProTools, Reasons, Waves, Auturia, Antares and more.
Microphones include Neumann, Shure SM7 (Same microphone Michael Jackson used for his vocals on Off the Wall, Thriller, and Bad albums!). A combination of experience, great equipment and accurate monitoring means we can ensure every project completed by us is done so to the very highest standards, without exception. EARLIER THIS year, I took two of my sisters to a comedy show, where the theme of the evening was sex.
In fact, in a poll carried out by The Voice, in which we asked whether today’s black men are more sensitive than they were a generation ago, a whopping 71 percent said no, while just 29 percent said yes.
But I think the image of the black man never crying and being as hard as stone has waned over the years.
It took one of my male friend years to confess that he cries whenever he watches the Disney animation The Lion King and when he did admit that, I was quite impressed.
Coincidentally, that very same week, a female friend told me that whilst in a barber shop with her son, she eavesdropped on a conversation between several older men who were openly going through the films and situations that make them cry.
Suffice to say, I soon started wondering about the shifting sentimental state of men, and the many actions that have stereotypically been considered to be things that men don’t do.
Some 20 years ago, most men wouldn’t even have had a conversation about crying, let alone admit the things that make them weep. Bad boy of R’n’B Chris Brown showed his affection for the late great Michael Jackson by breaking down and blubbering at the end of his tribute performance to the king of pop in 2010. Many people have questioned the ‘realness’ of these men’s tears, but it is very refreshing to see grown black men who are not afraid to cry and show real emotion. The rise of the non-conventional woman may also have contributed to the rise of metrosexuality and a rejection of the traditional masculine norms of avoiding femininity, restricting the display of emotions, and displaying aggression. These social networks have made it easier to post personal moments on the internet, but there is also a growing trend for dads to gush over their babies in public or at work, whereas previously it would be only the women in the office with their kids’ photos on their desks.
Sadly, in my opinion, there is still a stigma attached to sensitive men within the black community, be it an outright denial of emotional black men or even homophobia. Men, after all, are susceptible to everything women are, (to a varying degree) and to pretend that they do not feel certain emotions is just a foolhardy and futile exercise. RASTAFARIAN HOLY days and festival dates are now recognised among annual religious days across Prison services.

The inclusion of the dates - and recognition of Rastafarianism as a religion in the National Offender Management System (NOMS) - follows investigation of complaints from a Rastafarian inmate, referred to as Mr. The PPO added: “We recommended that NOMS headquarters issued guidance to all Governors reminding them of the need to comply with the provisions of the Equality Act.
On this day, Haile Selassie I, who some Rastas see as the reincarnated Jesus, visited Jamaica in 1966. The start of the New Year in Ethiopia is recognised because Rastafarians believe Ethiopia to be their spiritual homeland, and a place to which they want to return.
Her Dutch slave owner, Hendrick Cezar, agreed to let her travel to England in 1810 for exhibition, under the guise that she would become rich – a promise which proved false. The Europeans had a morbid fascination with the genital features of the Khoisan people, especially the females, and Baartman’s body was viewed as abnormal. Even British MC Tinie Tempah said of the saga: “I've not actually got what all the fuss is about.
And with rapstress Nicki Minaj’s recent emergence onto the music scene, the voluptuous bottom was celebrated once again.
The 20-year-old traveled to America in a quest to enhance her buttocks, but died after she developed chest pains following the illegal silicone injections she was given at a hotel in Philadelphia. Online - Your source for entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news, and celebrity gossip. During our visit, I was honoured to attend Iftar – a breaking of the fast meal during the holy month of Ramadan – in Surrey.
Ramadan too, though, is a special occasion for loved ones and friends, and teaches us to give thanks for our many blessings.
The sense of togetherness was truly uplifting, and I was so happy to break Iftar with the Muslim community in B.C.
As I have said before, Canada is great not in spite of its diversity, but because of its diversity. Slowly, men are coming out from behind their protective barriers, openly worrying about their image and admitting that they do cry during a really sad film. Truth be told, I cry during almost all movies I watch – I even cried during the animation The Incredibles. Over the last few years, many male stars have cried on stage, during an interview or at a press conference.
But for many of the older generation, embracing this shift in technology was quite a jump – but many of them have, willingly shared their emotions via the world wide web.
But would admitting to crying when you watch a weepy movie really make you less of a man, or take away your social standing?
The international Pan-Africanist, founder of the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) and Jamaican national hero created the 'Back to Africa' movement. She went to audition for one video shoot wearing fake booty pants and she got all the attention.
You had some men, like men’s fashion designer Ozwald Boateng, flying the flag for colour, but on the whole, it was seen as effeminate for men to wear such a ‘girlish’ colour. He complained that he had been told that the Prison Service did not recognise Rastafarianism as a religion.

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