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Vous aurez acces a des outils d'aides tels qu'un dictionnaire, un correcteur d'orthographe, de grammaire dans la langue que vous souhaiterez et un navigateur qui vous seront utile lorsque vous redigerez de longs documents. La configuration graphique de Libre Office est sensiblement la meme que celle d'Open Office. Pour vous familiariser avec votre logiciel, debutez avec Libre Office ou Open Office Writter.
Cliquez sur l'icone « Texte », une fenetre apparait avec un nouveau document (1) que vous nommerez lorsque vous enregistrerez votre travail et une page blanche. Si vous effacez des caracteres (un paragraphe, un tableau, une image, ou autre) par megarde, vous aurez la possibilite de corriger votre erreur par les icones « Annuler» ou « Retablir». Libre Office et Open Office vous donnent aussi la possibilite de rattraper vos erreurs ou vos oublis de sauvegarde en re-ouvrant votre document par le menu « Fichier » puis « Dernier document utilise ». De plus, les documents que vous ouvrez seront enregistres a intervalles reguliers, si bien que, en cas de catastrophe ultime (coupure de courant, batterie a plat, fermeture intempestive du programme, …), les documents en cours seront recuperes automatiquement avec un minimum de pertes.
Les regles de navigations a l'interieur du logiciel restent sensiblement les memes quelque soit l'assistant que vous ouvrez. Use Classroom Open House Presentation in New School Year, open this template on your PowerPoint 2013 for Powerpoint Presentation templates. Currently we have more than 425+ Presentation Designs and Project Management templates ready to download, and more new templates will be added periodically! Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Riverside has confirmed that all plan designs comply with required benefits according to the Affordable Care Act as well as ensuring that our plans meet the affordability standard (cannot exceed 9.5% of employees pay). Good news- first two bullets Explain specialty drugs – typically high cost unique drugs requiring special dispensing conditions.
Alternatively, you might want to open a complete presentation and actually run it for an audience. When you find your presentation, either double click it to open it, or select it and then click Open. In Open Office Impress, each of the workspace View is designed to facilitate easy completion of certain tasks.
Create convincing presentations with Open Office Impress powered by special effects, transition styles, high impact drawing tools animations, 2D and 3D clip art. While building your presentation, you can view your slides in various viewing modes such as the Normal View for general editing, Outline View for outlining and organizing your text content, Notes View for editing the notes to a slide, Handout View for generating print materials and Slide Sorter for viewing thumbnail sheets so you can quickly locate and arrange your slides.
At the time of your presentation, you can utilize a powerful Slideshow Mode giving you total control on how slides are sequenced and displayed in manual or automated timed slide transition and with every conceivable supporting application at hand. Now it is time to get to the basics and let’s get you to work to set up a new presentation utilizing the Presentation Wizard.
A Slide Master has specific characteristics that act as a template and used as a starter prop in creating other slides.
Open Office Impress has a range of predesigned slide masters, stored in the Master Pages of the Tasks pane.
Choose the preferred background from the list including bitmap, solid color, gradient, and hatching. To duplicate a slide you have already inserted, from the Slides pane, choose the slide you like to duplicate and then select Insert > Duplicate Slide. Open Office Impress is an open source slide show presentation program similar to and compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint. Open Office Impress allows users to install the Open Clip Art Library, a large gallery of images from which to generate materials for drawing projects and general presentation. With Open Office Impress, you can create professional presentations with slide shows that may include text, drawing objects, multimedia, charts and much more.

Open Office Impress shares most of the tools used in creating vector graphics available in Open Office Draw. There are numerous templates in Open Office Impress to help you create professional-looking slides. Allows you to view your next slides plus the time and speaker notes while presenting their slides when using multiple monitors. Open Office Impress gives you options of presenting a slide show manually or automatically. The Presentation Wizard of Open Office Impress aids in the creation of simple slide shows while powerful presentations can be achieved through more advanced features.
The main Open Office Impress window contains the Slides pane, the Tasks pane and the Workspace.  Several toolbars can be displayed or hidden while creating presentations. The Tasks pane includes five sections with Master Pages simplifying the function of preparing your materials. Open Office Impress supports multiple monitors, giving presenters to view something else while using a projector for slides presentation. You can save your attractive presentations in Open Document format, which will allow you to access any presentation saved from other software compatible with Open Document format.
Aussi si vous optez pour l'un ou l'autre des logiciels, vous vous y retrouverez dans les tutoriels.
You might have previously saved an incomplete presentation and now need to dos ome more work on it. It is basically sound to familiarize yourself with the different Views in order to quickly accomplish the required tasks. It displays the topic titles, numbered lists, and bulleted lists of each slide in outline format. This outstanding tool generates effective multimedia presentations that you will surely captivate your audience. So first on line is to think about why you are building a presentation, who will be your target audience and build your presentation based on the answers to these question statements. If you do not want the preliminary introductions, previews and what not, just choose the “Do not show this Wizard again” and your wish is the Wizard’s command.
Its characteristics include the background, text format, objects in the background, and background graphics.
The ready-to-use open clipart package is available for download from Linux distributions, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Debian, and Mandriva online software repositories. You can also import and modify old Microsoft PowerPoint presentations with on-screen slide shows, animation, slide transitions and multimedia and more techniques, to make your presentation more exciting.
You can also opt to designate a number of vibrant effects to your slides, including transition effects and animation. For instance, an overview of your slides can be displayed in thumbnail form with the use of the Slide Sorter, while the Handout page contains both the text and the slide you want to physically distribute to your audience.
Your impressive presentations can be supported with special effects, 2D and 3D clip art, high-impact drawing tools and animation. When you create slides for presentation, you can access impressive tools to aid your creation containing a variety of exciting elements, including bulleted and numbered lists, charts, text, clip art, and tables plus a wide array of graphic objects to choose from.
Imagine producing effective multimedia presentations that will surely impress your audience with two-dimensional and three-dimensional clip art, animation, special effects and high-impact drawing gadgets. For instance, you can remove the Tasks pane or the Slides pane from view by simply clicking the X mark in the upper right corner of every pane. You can choose the slides to be transferred to your Workspace and arrange them in the order that you want them to be shown. By downloading templates from the Extensions repository, you save time in creating powerful presentations.

With the free Presenter Console Extension, you can make the most out of every presentation because it allows you to view your next slides including the time and the essential speaker notes.
This new international standard XML based format for office documents does not tie you down to Open Office Impress.
De plus Libre Office et Open Office vous proposent une aide a laquelle vous pouvez acceder par la barre des menus ou en tapant sur votre clavier la touche de raccourci « F1 ». You can use PowerPoint 2013 Microsoft office software to open and edit Classroom Open House Presentation in New School Year. To place a slide in the Workspace or the slide design area in the Normal view, either double click the slide thumbnail in the Navigator or click it in the Slides pane. Only the text confined in the default text boxes in each slide is displayed, so if your slide has other drawing objects or text boxes, the text in these objects is not shown. Having a good idea of knowing your audience, the content, the structure and how to deliver your presentation will save you a lot of quality time from the start off point.
To alter the background and other characteristics in all presentation slides, you need to select a different slide master or modify the slide master. Master page, Master slide, and slide master all refer to a slide that is used to create other slides. Clicking Yes to the dialog box prompt asking to apply the background on all the slides would automatically modify the slide master.
In addition to its ability to create PDF files from presentations, it is capable in exporting presentations to SWF files which can be played on any computer with an installed Flash player.
Impress, a component of free software, was launched as a component of Open Office under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License. Save your slide shows in Open Document format and retrieve them from any Open Document compliant software. Open Office Impress, together with the other components like Writer, has access to the thesaurus and spelling checker and has pre-packaged background styles, text styles and a useful online help.
You can also add new slides, mark a slide as hidden to the presentation, delete a slide from the presentation, rename a slide and duplicate a slide by ‘copy and paste’ function or move it by ‘cut and paste’ to a different position in the presentation. Drawing, outline, slides, notes and handout views are supported here to meet all the requirements of presenters and target audiences, including an optional multi-pane view where you can store all the handy tools when needed.
You have the option to use your old M PowerPoint presentations or save your Open Office Impress work in the old M PowerPoint format so you can send presentations to users who still haven’t used the Open Office Impress. It is able to edit, view and save files in various file formats, like the .ppt format, which is used by PowerPoint.
You can always use old PowerPoint presentations, or save your Impress work in PowerPoint format for sharing your presentations with people still patronizing Microsoft products. Hiding the Slides and Tasks panes is convenient when you want to maximize your Workspace area.
The Slides pane also allows you to alter the slide transition, change the slides sequence, alter the slide design or simultaneously change the layout for a group of slides. Open Office Impress carries a comprehensive range of easy-to-use diagramming and drawing tools to spice up your presentation.
Likewise, an optional multi-pane view is available wherein all the tools you need are just a single click away.
You can also create Flash versions of your presentations as Open Office Impress has the built-in ability to support the process.
Fontworks supplies amazing two-dimensional and three-dimensional images from text simulating live images with great speed and response.

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