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Google recently announced that it’s algorithm will factor in page load speed in addition to the other 200 or so ranking factors currently employed. Using the tools explored below, you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly what’s slowing you down as well as get advice and recommendations on how to make the necessary improvements. YSlow is perhaps the user-friendliest of all the speed optimisation tools, useful for beginners and experts alike. YSlow, which is a Firefox add-on integrated with Firebug (which you have to install first), judges web pages according to one of three pre-designed rule sets or a rule set of your own making. Site Performance is an intuitive tool that tells you how fast your pages load, how this speed has changed over time and how these loading times compare to other sites.
A little different to the other tools in this list, SmartSprites lets you introduce and maintain CSS sprites in your designs.
Pingdom’s Full Page Test imitates the way a page is loaded in a web browser, giving you a visual representation of how long it takes to load each object on each page, including images, CSS, JavaScripts, RSS, Flash and frames. AOL initially developed WebPagetest for use on its own sites, but it is now available for everyone to use online, for free. The advice given is rather hard to digest for all but the most experienced web developers: you’re given as a series of ticks, crosses and warning signs rather than the user-friendly sentences you’ll get from YSlow and Google Page Test. Yes I heard about this change last month and I believe it is taking effect as of the new year. Unfortunately my website has been majorly slow since I’ve had such a large influx of members, this should definitely help out! For example, if I have the_title() or the_permalink() functions appearing more than once in my index.php. I think the user friendly tools speed up the optimization process and this is a very important factor.
Speed of any website effects overall credibility of web because low time browsing websites are best and like by readers and customers and if your web fails to load in quick time than your customers will quit you. Great tips on web site loading speeds, it seems today that sites are getting bigger and more going off which means unless you have a super fast connection you won’t be able to load future sites effectively. This move, broadly welcomed by web developers and users, means it is now more important than ever to optimize the speed of your websites.
If you are a WordPress user, i believe both these articles will bring benefit to your blog’s loading speed, as well as your page rank. It analyses web pages and suggests ways to improve the performance of your web site based on Yahoo!’s 34 best practices.
In addition to advising you on how to improve your web site’s speed it also summarizes each page’s components, displaying in-depth statistics. Again, like YSlow, Page Speed performs a series of tests based on a set of best practices, this time divided into five categories: optimising caching, minimizing round-trip times, minimizing request size, minimizing payload size and optimising browser rendering. It will then give you Google Page Speed suggestions for how to speed up your site for an improved user experience. Using CSS sprites greatly reduces the number of HTTP requests made for image resources referenced by your site, improving your site’s performance. View the objects in load order or rank them in terms of speed to highlight potential problem areas. Once you’ve entered your URL, you’ll be presented with a waterfall-like graph of your page load performance as well as an optimisation checklist. These links are going to be very helpful to web developers as they make speed concerns at part of the core website design concerns.

Now i’ll be able to discover what could possibly is the reason of a slow speed and find out as well ways of how to improve it.
I always just try write nice, semantic code and have well formed directories – it seems to help a lot. Time saved is money earned and good tools can be sometimes the difference between a good designer and a bad one. Now i’ll be able to discover what could possibly is the reason of a slow speed and find out as well ways of how to improve it.
Advertisment is not only pure words, but social media is easier for customers to understand what you are trying to promote. If this sounds like something you want to do, then you should try reading the article below. This is the way that you can optimize your website so that a search engine will make its ranking a little higher. These sites are basically made to where you can easily sign up and find people with similar interests to yours.
It may feel overwhelming when you first start out, but you will get used to it after a while. If your site is too slow, you’ll not only be losing visitors, but also potential customers.
Speed optimisation will not only keep Google happy, it will keep visitors engaged, increasing user retention and activity, as well as reducing your bandwidth and hosting costs. The best results come from utilizing a portfolio of speed optimisation tools to ensure you’ve got all the bases covered.
These are divided into seven categories: content, server, cookie, CSS, JavaScript, images and mobile. Web Page Analyzer then calculates page size, composition and download time, providing you with a report. Once you’ve run the tests, you’ll get a set of scores for each page and advice on how to speed things up.
Google gathers its performance information from your site’s users, specifically those that have installed the Google Toolbar and use its enhanced features.
CSS sprites are particularly effective when lots of small images, like menu icons, are used. It contains the basics of Internet marketing, and reading it will give you all the information you need to get started.
What this means is that you create a small company that you don’t put a lot of money into and then try to market it. You can create a company profile on one of these sites and then you can start trying to network with people. Stay on top of things and learn something new about Internet marketing every day and you’ll be a professional internet marketer before you know it. This means that if your site doesn’t get much traffic, the data you receive might be incomplete or lacking in validity.
You’d want to create a number of banners and try to get them hosted on more than one site. If everything goes wrong for you, then you’ll be able to learn from the mistakes you have made. Defer Loading Content When PossibleAjax allows us to build web pages that can be asynchronously updated at any time.

This means that instead of reloading an entire page when a user performs an action, we can simply update parts of that page.We can use an image gallery as an example. Instead of loading all of the images when a user first visits the web page, we can just display thumbnails of the images and then when the user clicks on them, we can asynchronously request the full-size images from the server and update the page. This way, if a user only wants to see a few pictures, they don’t have to suffer waiting for all of the pictures to download. Use External JS and CSS FilesWhen the user first loads your web page, the browser will cache external resources like CSS and JavaScript files.
Use Caching SystemsIf you find that your site is connecting to your database in order to create the same content, it’s time to start using a caching system. By having a caching system in place, your site will only have to create the content once instead of creating the content every time the page is visited by your users. For WordPress, check out WP Super Cache (one of the six critical WordPress plugins that Six Revisions has installed).
Drupal has a page-caching feature in the core.There are also database caching and server-side scripts caching systems that you can install on your web server (if you have the ability to do so). For example, PHP has extensions called PHP accelerators that optimize performance through caching and various other methods; one example of a PHP accelerator is APC.
It goes without saying that you have to determine whether serving font files would be more optimal than serving images.6.
Optimize Image Sizes by Using the Correct File FormatBy picking the right image format, you can optimize file sizes without losing image quality.
Do you really need all the tags you’re using or can you use CSS to help out on the display?
Writing code efficiently not only reduces file sizes of your HTML and CSS documents, but also makes it easier to maintain.8.
Load JavaScript at the End of Your DocumentIt’s best if you have your scripts loading at the end of the page rather than at the beginning.
This makes your web pages feel more responsive because the way JavaScript works is that it blocks anything below it from rendering until it has finished downloading. Having your content cached across multiple, strategically placed geographical locations helps take care of this problem. A CDN will often make your operating cost a little higher, but you definitely gain a speed bonus. Optimize Web CachingAlong with using caching systems, you should create websites that utilize web caching as much as possible. Similar but not as powerful at Mozillas firebug.Syed Balkhi Jan 21 2011These are some great tips. In the long run, the time to learn and set up a version control system pays off big time in efficiency and backing up your work and tracking changes. I’ve had a few Korean clients, and of course their site loads pretty slowly in Korea.
Optimising a websites speed is always something I am trying to improve and develop when coding clients websites.

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