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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. A Slideshow that explains briefly ten excellent Magento website speed optimization steps(ways).
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Please click here to download the Best Buy Music Cloud application from Best Buy for your mobile device. With Google and other search engines factoring speed into desktop and mobile search rankings, speed is essential in website design. Pagespeed Insights is a free online tool that measures the performance of a page both on mobile and desktop devices.
Google also provides a server module to help webmasters speed optimize their sites, mod_pagespeed.
After reviewing the results from Pagespeed it was clear that all the external JavaScript and CSS files were still an issue. Upgrading to the latest version of mod_pagespeed solved the problem, and allowed us to add lazy-loading images among other things. WP Optimize Speed is a Wordpress plugin designed to improve Pagespeed scores and speed up websites (see Figure 7). We tested each of the options above, and found that optimizing JavaScript and HTML gave the best results. Note that you must test each change with this plugin, as you can get strange behavior and even take the site down.

Move the site to a faster server with RAID SSD, CDN, gobs of memory, multiple high-speed cores, etc. A free online tool that measures the performance of a page both on mobile and desktop devices. Increase conversions with adaptive multivariate testing to squeeze more leads out of your exiating traffic.
Improve your site's look, usability and accessibility for a more credible and successful website. We have obtained great information about Magento Speed Optimization in a detailed manner in this Slideshre Presentation. Pay as you go, pay monthly, pre-pay, contract mobile phone and mobile broadband deals from Virgin Mobile. As the nation's largest home builder, our modular homes and manufactured homes provide the best housing value for every lifestyle imaginable. Found in these pages are new manufactured homes and mobile homes for sale at a great value. Google reports on speed metrics in Google Analytics and probably uses some combination of its Speed Index and Pagespeed Insights score. Pagespeed grabs a page twice, once with a desktop user agent, and once with a mobile user agent. Blocking JavaScripts dropped from 20 to 15 (Figure 4 & 5), and blocking CSS files dropped from 10 to 7, still too high.
Here is the initial snippet of the mod_pagespeed configuration file we used with this site. There are other things that could be done to speed up this site, but these would take some surgery. Through a number of filters, mod_pagespeed trims the fat off your HTML, CSS, JavaScript and images, reduces HTTP requests, and improves caching. Pagespeed grabs a page twice, once with a desktop user agent, and once with a mobile user agent and reports on performance best practices with a score from 0 to 100.

This article shows how we used mod_pagespeed, a speed plug-in, and some manual optimization to improve the Pagespeed score of a complex website.
We wanted to see how high we could make his score using mod_pagespeed, and then using manual tweaking and a Wordpress plug-in or two.
Minification was still an issue for CSS, JavaScript, and HTML, among other findings in the analysis.
Ultimately the site could be recoded from scratch with a lighter theme, but we'd probably lose the dynamic nature of the site that Dr. Optimizing your site manually or with server modules is preferred to plugins as they don't add as much overhead. The site makes extensive use of JavaScript with jQuery flyouts, sliders, faders, and an interactive smile gallery.
Based on the analysis we did some manual tweaks, removing some unnecessary and duplicate CSS and plugins. Once installed you can configure the plugin to optimize different aspects of your site including caching, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, & CDN.
Main Navigation Provide the same access key for links that are repeated across pages such as links to the home page.
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