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JJ's Tents & Function RentalsWe supply all equipment needed for your function or party. We offer an unrivalled range of speciality cakes perfect for entertaining guests, a family treat or a little self indulgence. A delicious blend of fresh vegetables and meat, our Our food is a complete meal in themselves. Take time out of your busy day to enjoy a delicious meal or coffee and cake in our al fresco dining area. Call Center Pros offers high quality, affordable third party verification services, and can accommodate companies of all sizes. Our third party verification operators are trained professionals, who are always on hand to deliver your script in a kind and professional manner.
Among other features, our innovative system enables you to download reports and calls instantaneously, and our platform has been created and tested to make sure you always get through. Most importantly, our services are affordable for any business, on any budget, around the world.
If you want to provide live interactions with superior customer service to your clients, live operator third party verification is for you. When setting up your service plan, we’ll go through any requirements you may have, and comply no matter what.
During live party verification, all calls are recorded and available for instant playback via the phone or the web. To connect your clients to an experienced, professional, and friendly live operator, visit our Plans & Prices page to find a plan that’s right for you. Whether your sales campaign is small, or you’re running a large operation, Call Center Pros can help you set up an automated system that is always under your control. Our customer service representatives are always on hand to talk you through plans and pricing, so you can find the service that’s right for you. If your prom party consists of a big group, a 20 passenger party bus might be the best option, but if you group is simply a couple or a smaller group of friends, a classic Lincoln town or sedan may be a better fit. For this website to work properly, you must enable both JavaScript and session cookies in your browser. Similar to flight and hotel booking sites, our limo companies compete to win your business.
Since 2010, we’ve been helping businesses become more flexible with outsourcing services utilizing the latest cloud technology. It allows you to boost sales, streamline your workflow, lower your overhead, boost lead generation, and increase retention, among many other benefits.
We pride ourselves on customer service, and we know you do too, which is why we will always adhere to any guidelines you put in place. We know third party verification is a necessary part of your business, but you might not always have the extra budget to spare.
Your clients will get real interactions with real people, so they know your company values them as a customer. We understand how important the delivery of a third party verification is, so our staff is trained on your script, learning to recite it in a clear-voiced, professional and personal manner before ever picking up the phone. Our systems are customizable, with an array of options to fit your needs, whatever they may be.
Companies can lose sales due to non-verified third party calls, which can cause significant financial damage.

Whether you choose live or automated third party verification, you can rest assured that you’ll receive excellent service and care at every step.
Welcome to the world's largest and most trusted resource for limousine and party bus transportation services.
Many limo companies specialize in special occasion events such as prom and are focused on delivering the best possible experience. We partner with thousands of ground transportation companies to bring you limo and car service at a great price for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for automated or live operated third party verification services, we’re ready to serve any industry, from healthcare to financial services, Fortune 500 companies or individuals.
It allows you to provide customer service to your clients without taking any of your time, and builds an element of trust into your business.
Because we believe that third party verification is such an important element of any company, we want to provide the highest quality service at a price that anyone can afford. We don’t put new hires on live TPV calls, but instead put them through a comprehensive and rigorous training. When your clients speak to our operators, our customer service strategy will be so in line with your own, they won’t even feel like they’re speaking with a third party. Verifications per hour, time on the phone, time to answer, and many other statistics help us and you stay on top of how the service is performing. They’re also simple to set up, implement, and launch, so you can get back to business as quickly as possible. We can also make script changes on the fly, just in case you change your mind or think of an important addition at the last minute. But business expenses can add up quickly, and often business owners can get stuck having to skimp on important services to save money. You can also visit our Plans & Prices page, where we’ll provide you with a downloadable copy of our pricing and services, so you can browse through the different elements of each package.
These operators often offer vehicle packages for these types of events so the more details you can provide, the better the value and service you'll receive.
We view our clients as partners, and dedicate ourselves to providing the best possible service to your business, because your business is ours as well.
That way you know that when they pick up the phone to speak with your customers, they’ve been trained on the excellence standards of Call Center Pros, and most importantly on the requirements of your business. We also train our operators to go through their objectives as quickly and concisely as possible, while never making any of your clients feel rushed. When your customers call and reach the automated system, you want it to be an easy, pleasant experience. During the call, all transactions are recorded and immediately available over the phone or the web for retrieval. Cutting back on customer service oriented expenses, like TPV, can result in bad service and unhappy clients. Our clients work directly with a seasoned account manager, who manages a highly trained staff of third part verification operators.
In addition, we don’t charge a setup fee, and we don’t have a monthly minimum, or associated monthly fees. Managing to project a friendly vibe and a warm, personal touch, while also maintaining efficiency and a business mindset is a tricky thing, and our operators have it mastered. This provides instant playback for end-user customers, and the web interface is useful for your own QA.

Pick up the phone and talk to a customer service representative about creating a custom plan. Get the Best Service at the Best Price Getting the best value is important which is why price should not be the only consideration when choosing the best prom transportation. No one gets on our phones without exhaustive training, so your customers get the highest-quality service possible. For professional, reliable, friendly, and efficient third party verification services, check out our pricing packages or talk to a customer service representative about the plan that’s right for you.
This saves your clients time, which they’ll appreciate in their busy day, and also keeps your per minute costs to a minimum.
Sometimes, even the smallest changes can have a big impact on the quality or success of a service, and we want to do whatever we can to make sure it’s working in the best way possible for you. Let us set up an automated third party verification that provides friendly, seamless service, without any glitches.
In addition, our intuitive record keeping and storage means your recordings are never lost, and can be stored and electronically transferred. We know how important third party verification is for your business, and we want to provide you the best service in the industry, without pushing you over budget. At Call Center Pros, our operators work around the clock so you can take advantage of our services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That’s why we offer affordable tiered pricing, so any business of any size can benefit from our services.
It's good to have a budget in mind in advance of your event, but you also want to have an idea of the type of service level you expect.
In addition, we don’t maintain monthly minimums or associated monthly fees, and we don’t charge for setup.
At Call Center Pros, we over-schedule our staff to ensure the shortest pick-up times possible. Know Your Options for the Best Prom Ride The right vehicle type can make all the difference in making it a great prom event. If you have any questions or concerns about your plan at any time, our customer service operators are also well staffed, so you don’t have to wait for service either. Try to book a prom vehicle that has room for at least one to two more people than are in your party. Some companies provide music (radio or satellite radio), so ask in advance or be prepared to take your iPod or a mix CD with enough music to last the whole ride. Take a look at our Limo Pricing Guide to learn more about party buses, stretch SUVs, luxury sedans, deluxe motor coaches and other vehicles provided by our operators.
Our service partners offer vehicle pictures, descriptions and videos, and are available to answer any questions you may have prior to your trip.
After you've selected the right transportation service provider, get confirmation in writing or via email.
For occasions like prom, it's generally a good idea to contact your provider a week before the event, just to ensure everything is confirmed.

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