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But what will really sell the Samsung Ativ Smart PC Pro is that you can go from one to the other in seconds, without being disappointed in either. You won't draw the same kind of attention as you do when you're carrying a Surface Pro, but if the kickstand isn't for you and you can stand the trackpad, Samsung has a compromise that doesn't make too many concessions. Earlier this month at the Digital Landscapes conference in Dublin, Google’s vice president in charge of global ad operations told a slightly bewildered audience that “in three years time, desktops will be irrelevant,” adding that “In Japan, most research is done today on smart phones, not PCs.
Herlihy’s remarks were given weight to by comments from Google’s chief executive Eric Schmidt, at the Mobile World Conference event in Barcelona in February. According to Morgan Stanley’s December Mobile Internet Report, the mobile web market will eventually be double the size of the desktop web market. At one end, the desktop PC is being hit by the growing use of smartphones, netbooks and notebooks. In February, IDC predicted that 10 per cent of new desktop deployments in the corporate enterprise would be virtual. The key to the desktop PC’s survival is that the days of one-size-fits-all computing are over. As Curtis Campbell, senior product marketing manager for commercial desktops at Dell suggests: “In today’s business environment, staff are increasingly looking to use their computers on their own terms. For these industries, Campbell believes that “mobility is less important than security, manageability and scalability” – all areas where the desktop system comes up trumps. It’s a point backed up by Andrew Barrow, desktop and visuals director for Lenovo in Western Europe. Nor should we forget that the needs of a user whose work mostly involves a word processor, email and spreadsheet are very different from a user whose work may extend to large-scale spreadsheet manipulation, application development, the editing of more visually intensive documents, or other forms of visualisation or content creation.
While it’s possible to buy a large-screen laptop with the required processing and graphics horse power, it’s more economical to outfit a department with desktop systems and screens. And while we’ll all spend more time searching and using social networking sites on our mobiles and word processing from our laptops in the future, the desktop PC has one final ace in the whole: you can always add more performance when you need it. These are tough times for the desktop PC, and the days of one on every corporate desk are over, never to return. While cloud-based services could one day make the hardware platform irrelevant for those who want to communicate or write a memo, it’s unlikely they’ll do the same for those who need to create or manage those services, analyse a mass of scientific data or produce a good-looking 50 page report. The only way IBM could do this was by eschewing proprietary components and building the PC from off-the-shelf OEM parts. It will be interesting, and a bit sad, to see the PC consumers reduced to gamers and professionals (arquitects, video editors, etc.).
It probably means that upgrading your desktop will start getting more expensive … upgrade now! Hehe, yes, desktops will eventually become a minority share, I guess — and I suppose that will drive the cost of components up! Having said that, you can make a desktop out of mainly laptop parts… so perhaps it’ll be OK!
Also, it should be noted that the first successful personal computer was NOT from IBM… it was the Apple II.
Are you actually trying to say that the IBM PC did not define the last 30 years of computing…? My first computer was Apple II Color 320 x 200 TV, Then Kaypro CPM, then in 1981 IBM PC with 16K Ram and Cassette player for software.
I think this is a nice little article that sort of simply looks at the contributions the IBM PC started and a quick overview of how the last 30 years were like. The SchultzeWORKS designstudio has created a wide variety of consumer electronics and housewares for clients such as Microsoft, LG, and Target, but the Philco PC design received more attention than usual. Philco PC by Dave Schultze is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.
Thank you to everyone who has called or written to inquire where they could buy the Philco PC. Company InformationFounded in 1997, SchultzeWORKS designstudio is a full service industrial design consultancy specializing in consumer electronics, housewares, furniture, and lighting. Educational ResourcesOwner and Founder Dave Schultze teaches industrial design and 3D visualization at OTIS College of Art and Design in Los Angeles.
Leaving your old PC in a public space may seem like a sure-fire way to make it someone elsea€™s old PC.
But before you get carried away with the idea of bringing free computer access to the people, you need to take some security measures to protect both the device and your private network.
Repurposing an old desktop system as a public-access PC for the lobby of your business or local school is a great way to put neglected hardware to use.
The free Windows 8.1 update adds an Assigned Access feature to the Pro, Enterprise, and RT editions of Microsofta€™s troubled operating system. Microsoft hasna€™t as yet included the Assigned Access feature or settings in the Preview release, but this leaked screenshot of an internal build shows what the settings might look like. If you cana€™t wait for Assigned Access to come with Windows 8.1, or if doesna€™t provide the functionality you need, you can turn to other features built into Windows Vista (and later) for improving security on your kiosk PC. These features dona€™t provide nearly as much power to restrict and control access as third-party options do, so people using your public PC could download documents or even malware.
On the positive side, Windows makes it easy for you to quickly restrict application and Web usage without spending a dime. First, create a standard Windows account for public use, and make sure that you set a complex password on the PCa€™s Administrator account.
Once youa€™ve configured Windows for maximum security, use the built-in Windows backup utilities to save the configuration. You can use Windows 7 to create a system image via the Control Panela€™s Backup and Restore.
Many third-party programs can turn public PCs into dedicated information kiosksa€”and you can use the same software that big businesses use to repurpose an old PC with far more security and control than Windows provides.
Kiosk SoftwareDedicated kiosk PC software like the suitably named Kiosk Software can give your DIY public PC a professional appearance at reasonable cost. Repurposing an old PC as a public kiosk is a great way to share Internet access with your community.
If you use Windowsa€™ Parental Controls, you can easily to limit Web browsing to a whitelist of sites that youa€™ve authorized as acceptable for public consumption. Easily the simplest OpenDNS option, FamilyShield offers preconfigured adult-content filtering. No matter how you choose to set up your PC, pay attention to the security of the network ita€™s running on. Laptop locks are great for people working in crowded coffee shops, but they also serve as an inexpensive theft deterrents on kiosk PCs.
Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. El uso de la PC ha terminado por abarcar casi todos los aspectos de la vida cotidiana: trabajo, relaciones o hobbies, no hay horario en el que el hogar no tenga una computadora prendida. Liberar espacio borrando el historial, cookies y archivos temporales de Internet, los cuales pueden ocupar mucho espacio si periA?dicamente no se los limpia. Existen programas que eliminan archivos que no son fA?ciles de encontrar para quitarlos o que hacerlo uno por uno llevarA­a mucho tiempo.

Otra forma de hacer que la computadora ande mA?s rA?pido es hacerle una limpieza profunda a su disco duro, lo que involucra una actividad de formateo. Es la plataforma con la que millones de personas comenzaron a ilusionarse por el ocio digital, el caldero de donde alimentaban la imaginacion los jovenes y no tanto desde los primeros 80. Comenzando con los primeros ordenadores domesticos como el Z81 y derivados, el Amstrad, Msx. Esta nueva generacion nos brinda todo un mundo de posibilidades donde la informatica y la tecnologia estan aportando grandes creaciones en el ocio digital.
The rise of smartphones and the cloud will render traditional desk-based computers all but obsolete within three years, claims Google Europe boss.
A senior Google executive believes the rise of smartphones will see the desktop PC all but obsolete within three years.
Google Europe boss John Herlihy told delegates at the Digital Landscapes conference at University College Dublin that the move towards the cloud would see mobile devices capable of increasingly rapid and complex applications. He cited Japan as an example, claiming the majority of research there is now done on smartphones, not PCs.
Herlihy's comments largely echo those made by Google chief executive Eric Schmidt at Mobile World Congress last month, where he announced that the company was shifting to a “mobile first” strategy, having already built strong foundations through its Android mobile operating system and key role in the Open Handset Alliance. According to Herlihy, part of Google's success was down to its willingness to try out new ideas, embracing those that worked and discarding those that didn't with “relentless brutality and execution”.
He also revealed that fear of “the next Google” was one of the primary forces behind its seemingly relentless expansion. The addition of 4G LTE and a slightly faster CPU would seem to sweeten the deal, but $1,599 is a lot to spend for these upgrades, especially when the LTE speeds aren't that fast. Offers a different clock speed in the different CPU models (ULV to desktop quad core) and therefore a different performance.These graphics cards are not suited for Windows 3D games.
At the other end, it’s being hit by a resurgence of interest in desktop virtualisation – putting virtual systems on a server, not real ones on or under users’ desks. Look behind the headline-grabbing proclamations, the predictions and the statistics, and there are sound reasons why the desktop PC isn’t going anywhere. Staff can work on the move, or use the same device at home or at work, and the screens are large enough and the processors powerful enough to make them a viable, all-day work solution. For a while the desktop PC has seemed like the notebooks inefficient older brother, using more energy for arguably little gain in real-world terms. As long as users need more application power than a smartphone or netbook can offer, they’ll be in demand. It’s a small point, but shouldn’t the slideshow celebrating 30 years of the PC include an image of the original PC? The two four color pallets were such hideous combinations that the CGA standard was quickly shoved aside once EGA became available. Since then, the firm has designed goods in the categories of consumer electronics, housewares, high-tech toys, furniture, and lighting.
However, these images are 3D renderings of a design concept which does not yet exist in the real world.
But if you take the time to secure it properly, you can get a lot of mileage out of turning it into a dedicated public-access machine. You need ensure thatA people who use your kiosk cana€™t monkey with system settings, add or remove applications, or download malware.
Depending on what you want to offer in the kiosk, you may even be able to rely on Windowsa€™ built-in features instead of installing extra software.
If you update your PC to Windows 8.1 you can use Assigned Access to lock down your Windows 8 PC or tablet so that public users can access only a particular Windows Store app. To this point, however, it appears that you can limit access to Windows Store apps only in the new Windows 8 interface.
Moreover, inattentive or poorly informed people can put their own privacy at risk by saving files to your PC and leaving the browser history intact. This is probably an acceptable solution if you trust the people who will be using this PC or if you plan to keep a fairly close eye on your users. Next, log in to that Administrator account and enable Parental Controls for restricting program and Web usage. That way, you can restore everything if your public PC ever suffers a catastrophic failure and you need to restore it from a backup.
In Windows 8 you can create and use the Refresh and Reset features to roll your PC back to its previous, presumably pristine state, and you can create a custom refresh state using the recimg.exe tool. Though each piece of software has its own quirks and peccadilloes, nearly all of them protect a system against permanent tampering and preserve both your privacy and the privacy of whoever uses your PC. If youa€™re operating on a stricter budget, try the excellent Netkiosk, a free utility that you can use to lock down a PC for public use in a small business, a big house, or a local school. If you plan to offer general Web access on the kiosk, however, you should enable some sort of Web filtering. The OpenDNS Home service lets you customize the filtering and security settings, but it requires you to create an account and install a program on at least one PC on the same network. Whether youa€™re setting up a general-use PC for a hotel lobby, a local elementary school, or even your spare bedroom, chances are you dona€™t want the public poking around in your local network. Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links. Si bien la tendencia es cambiarlas cada varios aA±os, tanta actividad puede enlentecer a las computadoras mA?s modernas y hacer que su funcionamiento no sea el mismo de antes. Para el Google Chrome, se debe ir a la barra de herramientas y allA­ seleccionar borrar datos de navegaciA?n. AllA­ van todos los elementos que se eliminan de la computadora: imA?genes, archivos, documentos o videos.
Uno de ellos es el CCleaner, el cual permite seleccionar carpetas y hasta programas para eliminarlos junto a la informaciA?n de navegaciA?n de los exploradores, todo en un solo paso. De esta forma se eliminan archivos que se encuentran ocultos o virus que hacen que el equipo no funcione correctamente y con velocidad. Los ordenadores han sido una de las cunas de muchos generos, entre ellos las aventuras graficas.
Los Smartphones se han apuntado al carro y ofrecen espectaculares disenos a la vez que sencillos pero divertidos.
And with that trend likely to emerge in western markets too, Google is shifting its focus increasingly to the mobile space. The raw power of the ATIV 500T isn't going to blow anyone away, but for everyday tasks is more than adequate.
Every product announcement we’ve done recently – of course we’ll have a desktop version – but we’ll also have one on a high performance mobile phone,” he added.
The likes of Asus and Acer are focusing on new form factors as well, with Intel Atom powered all-in-one net tops and small form factor PCs that clip onto monitors seen as one part of the desktop’s future. Now that is changing, as more energy-efficient processors, screens, graphics processors and system architectures hit the market. IBM, realizing that the small office and home computing markets were about to take off, set up a small 12-man task force called the Entry Systems Division. Also, you point out Apple’s contributions which is definitely not IBM or an IBM clone as you claim this article to be. I think it’s fairly clear from the first sentence, though, that this story is about the IBM PC.

You would have to eliminate Apple from the lineup and that would be wholly unfair to deny Apple’s contributions. Schultze, “but I felt so strongly that, with few exceptions, most computers are engineered eyesores. Schultze has a degree in Architecture, an Architect’s License, and a Masters of Industrial Design from the prestigious ArtCenter College of Art + Design in Pasadena, CA.
We are currently meeting with PC manufacturers and hope that will change in the near future.
You should also help protect your users from themselves, by preventing them from accidentally saving documents, browser passwords, or personal information to your public PC. The trick is to figure out who will be using your public PC and what theya€™ll be using it for. If youa€™re setting up a public PC with a single purposea€”say, for browsing the Web with Internet Explorera€”or a single app, this is a quick, easy way to secure it and prevent users from accessing other apps and settings. Consequently, if you need to limit access to a traditional desktop application or provide general access to Windows, youa€™ll probably need to adopt another approach.
PCWorld recently published an article on childproofing your PC, and many of the tips and tricks that appear there also apply here.A Of course, if youa€™re using the Ultimate or Enterprise edition of Windows 7 and have some tech support experience, you can dig into the AppLocker, an application-control system introduced with Windows 7.
Some programs even feature automatic restore functionality that wipes away any changes and user cache when at log-off or rebooting. No matter what you plan to use the PC for, chances are you dona€™t want a someone accidentallya€”or on purposea€”accessing websites that arena€™t safe for work. You can apply this free service to your entire network by editing the DNS address on your router, or you can apply it to specific PCs and devices by editing their individual DNS addresses.
For either service, OpenDNS provides great step-by-step instructions for editing the DNS address of your router or PC. If your wireless router has a guest Wi-Fi access feature, enable it and connect the kiosk PC to the guest network to keep it isolated from your main private network.
If youa€™re using an old laptop, you can repurpose common laptop antitheft devices to protect the PC while ita€™s out in public. Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. De esta forma, se eliminan permanentemente y se pueden eliminar varios gigabytes de memoria que enlentecen a la PC. Y no solo de esta categoria se nutren los PC y Mac, si no de cualquier genero dentro de los videojuegos. Toda una pleyade de sistemas que dieron mucho despues origen a la informatica tal y como la conocemos hoy en dia.
We seek feedback at every opportunity on something – we either kill it, adjust it or redeploy resources. Its powerful Core i5 dual-core CPU and 128 GB hard drive ensure a speedy and lag-free performance even with multi-tasking.
Basically I would compare the ATIV 500T to a netbook, enough power to get most tasks done, but obviously lacking if you are hoping to run intensive programs. Prior to the Personal Computer, every IBM product (computer, printer, storage system) went through a laborious design process that could take years to get to market. Dave maintains a commitment to education by teaching a weekly class in 3D Visualization at OTIS College of Art + Design in Los Angeles, CA. In the meantime, thanks for the interest, and it’s very cool that you thought the images were real.
And putting a PC in the common area of your home, your local school, or your place of business provides convenient Internet access for visitors and gives you a great tool for sharing media, accepting job applications at the office, or helping customers share information with your business.
But the AppLocker uses incredibly complex and technical application execution rules and exceptions. Blocking inappropriate content with OpenDNS requires a bit of advanced networking know-how, but you can get started with the companya€™s excellent guides for using FamilyShield to filter Web traffic. Use heavy-duty tape or plastic to block access to unused ports, and use cords to prevent visitors from tampering with them.
Ya no podemos vivir sin Internet y las posibilidades infinitas que nos brinda la Red de Redes. Apple y Google convergen en la actualidad en una encarnizada guerra por la supremacia de los videojuegos en sus sistemas moviles. Samsung is an international notebook manufacturer of medium size according market shares and reviews. Therefore, the transistor count of the Atom series is much lower and, thus, cheaper to produce.
The Entry Systems Division, however, were given free reign to do whatever it took to launch the IBM Personal Computer as quickly as possible.
Digging into the AppLocker for the first time can be a humbling experience, so tread carefully and use this guide to Windows 7 security featuresA as a reference. Regardless of which option you choose, take care to classify the network as Public in Windows (which youa€™re prompted to do the first time you connect), to disable sharing and network discovery. But dona€™t get too carried away with locking down your PC: The point is to repurpose hardware that you might otherwise trash to serve as a public PC that anyone can usea€”and whether your DIY project ends up in a business or in a local school, it wona€™t serve its purpose if people cana€™t use it to be productive on the Internet. Si queremos jugar a cualquier titulo lo tenemos a un golpe de clic del raton, gracia en parte a plataformas como Steam. Esto redunda en un beneficio para los usuarios, que ven un amplio mercado de ofertas para sus telefonos inteligentes. El pago por medio de transacciones de Internet es ya una realidad y muchas personas compran a traves de este sistema.
As a tablet, it's a great Windows 8 tab with an excellent screen that's powerful, well balanced in your hands and very responsive to touch.
Yes, I can do this on my laptop, but I can do it faster on my desktop, which doesn’t have to worry about overheating and gives me pure processing power, AND is connected to a large screen. While the design is not bad, it is not innovative either, and makes it appear like a device meant more for business users rather than a general consumer.
Battery life is not better than a standard netbook if you are a heavy user, but you can push it to a decent 7.5 hours with power management.
While it is still quite expensive at Rs 75,500, this seems to be a better buy when compared to the more expensive Sony VAIO Duo 11.
Using the split screen while you work on a Word document or browse the web is another plus with 11.6-inch screen. It looks similar to many of Samsung's tablets and mobiles as far as the tablet design is concerned, and that can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the user's view. Although there is a 64 GB SSD, there's just hardly 34 GB free space available for the user and this might need to be augmented via microSD card. The battery life is good and Intel has done a good job with the CPU that competes favourably against ARM variants. Priced at Rs 54,000, this is more expensive than the better-looking Acer ICONIA W510 that comes with a slightly smaller 10.6" screen, but a better battery life, thanks to additional battery in the keyboard dock.

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