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For sure, the Instagram app is great, and it resizes your photo and allows you to add filters, but it is limited in its capability. Tactus Ltd, registered in England and Wales, registered address of Tactopia, Building 1, Olympic Way, Olympic Park, Warrington, WA2 0YL. It is the most common thing for business personnel carry their laptops with them to everywhere they go as they'll have to view and edit office documents on the go. As I said earlier, Google Play Store has got thousands of Android apps and so picking the best ones out of those is a little tough for some users. One awesome feature which is missing in most other document editing apps is the ability to edit the formula or the content of the cells in Excel. You can get the Olive Office Premium for Free on the Play Store.Quick OfficeThis particular Quick Office Android app is owned by Google itself. Once you finish editing the documents on your Android mobile or tablet, you can instantly share them with your friends via email directly from within the app. Using AfterFocus, you can apply filters to remove background stuff, drawing lines around the stuff you want to retain.
With this app, you can actually apply filters and effects with your fingers to specific areas of the pic. With the Pixlr Express, you can add borders, whiten areas, remove red-eye, rotate, resize, change colors and so on. You can use this app to draw on your pictures, add effects, and adjust size, font and color. This app can do everything that the PC Photoshop app can, so go ahead and crop and color and filter to your heart’s content. Use Photo Grid – Collage maker photo editing app for Android to create funny grid collages.
Anyway, i thought of posting a video tutorial from YouTube on how to use PicMonkey for your photo editing. Rather than depend on photo filters so much, why not use these handy smartphone apps that can give you a quick makeover for a flawless complexion and surgery-free enhancements. Here are 10 free apps we have found for iPhone and Android devices that let you edit and retouch your pictures for more share-worthy results.
The response for iOS is great but there is no word by the team to create one for Android yet (eventhough there is a clear demand). Pixtr does all the hard work for you by automatically detecting what needs to be corrected in your picture. Pixtr has the added option to let you automatically set an improved photo as your Facebook profile picture straight from the app. The face detection feature of this phone makes it easy for you to remove dark circles under your eyes, remove unsightly blemishes from your skin, and even customize your face (think higher cheekbones, higher nose, firmer faces). There are also pre-set makeup templates to give you an instant makeover or you can save your customizations to apply to your future selfies. The app also lets you make quick one-tap color corrections for photos that were taken under bad lighting, under-exposed or a victim of poor backlighting.
ModiFace has a wide range of apps including this one that can really turn you into somebody else. Like other ModiFace apps, this app lets you apply makeup to your photos with preset templates. There are other apps you can use for a quick touchup of your photographs before sharing it on your social network sites.
This app only gives you skin corrections and eye effects, but you get added stamps, speech bubbles, photo borders and beauty filter effects.

This app retouches your picture automatically by applying skin and eye makeup, shine removal, smoothing wrinkles, enhancing colors and even whiten teeth, all at once. This app will not only help you brighten up your poorly lit pictures but it will also change the picture’s tone and detail. To publish a truly fantastic photo on Instagram, you’re going to want to download a few new photo editing apps.
Snapseed is more editing focused than filter focused, and it lets you easily adjust photos to make them perfect.
It lets you manually draw light effects onto your photos, and there are several gradients and types to choose from. In order to make your task easier, I've tested out different Document editing apps on my Android mobile phone and came up with the list of the top five best yet free Android apps that allow editing documents on the go. The main reason why I was attracted to this app is its interface which resembles the MS Office interface. Additionally, you can create and edit up to 23 different office extensions like doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, txt and many more. It allows you to create & edit documents in all the major Microsoft Office formats like word, excel and ppt. Along with the regular MS Office files, the CloudOn app also supports working with Adobe Acrobat and images on the same interface.
Although there are a lot of paid apps on the Play Store, I'm sure these 5 best Free document editing apps for Android are more than enough for the majority of the users. Now you can take all the pics you want (never mind the lighting or angle) and then use photo editing apps for android to edit those pics. Use the HDR Scape filter to give your pictures an extra edge and the Shadows Slider to brighten dark areas. This is one of the best free photo editing apps for android, if you want to get professional-looking blurring. You can save your pics to your mytubo account as well, and share it with friends via social media. Let’s face it, we all want to look good on our profile pictures but a pimply complexion, dry skin, a hair out of place, red eyes, or just bad lighting can really mess up an otherwise perfect-for-sharing picture.
The app also has great share options, leading to Facebook, instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Flickr as well as email.
It will eliminate skin blemishes and red eye to ensure a flawless, natural look, and it works even in group photos.
Try Photo Makeover that can literally put a smile on your face (or any other facial expression you prefer on a photo.
With this very new app, you can enhance your facial features (jaw, nose, cheeks), change eye color and size, whiten teeth and clear face blemishes. You can also apply filters and frames or add text to the enhanced photos before sharing it on Facebook. This however have fewer, limited functions compared to the above, but as always, it doesn’t hurt to have more options. You can also take a picture or select a picture on your device and smoothen out skin or remove any spots.
All you need to do is select areas with marks or pimples and the app will remove it completely.
As you would expect from such a photogenic man made from wood, I’ve got a few neat apps up my sleeve. There are more than 100 filters and styles to use and you can draw, add text, and adjust the brightness and contrast of your photos.

It has 15 adjustment tools and 56 filters, which is more than Instagram, but less than Aviary. With a good smartphone, we can capture videos of our moments to later rejoice and reminisce.
There are a lot of useful document editing apps for Android Smartphones as well as Android tablets which let you edit Microsoft Office documents like Word, Excel and even PowerPoint without needing any additional devices.
So, this makes the user feel comfortable and quickly find all the functions he need as he was already got used to the interface of Microsoft Office. Additionally, you can copy, cut and paste from a selected range of text or even change the styling.
As this app is directly integrated with Google Drive, you can make the edits on the cloud instantly. This app is useful for those who have the need to print a document directly from their device.
If you found any other useful app on the Play store which is not listed in here, please let us know through the comments. Change colors and fonts, apply filters and create collages, share your pics with other PicsArt users and social media friends. You can set your edited pics as your wallpaper and also share them on your social networks. I do love making collage, it give us opportunities to tell story from pictures without having to write it up. Dubbed the cheaper alternative to Photoshop, you can remove a stray hair, or a gray one, give yourself acne- and wrinkle-free skin, remove red eye and even change your eye color and more, with this handy app. With the app, you can also widen the eyes or the face, introduce more symmtery to the face or make other adjustments to the face.
The share options are great for this app though: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, email and direct download.
Where this app really comes into its own is textures versus Aviary – this app has 66 of them, from lighting, to instant film, to vintage. I recommend using this app to edit photos, and then the Instagram app to add the final filter. It supports all iOS devices with a camera on iOS 6.1 or higher, enhancing your devices camera with auto capture, shutter speed adjustment, and a self timer. You can share to Instagram from within this app, too, so it’s an all-in-one app for people who want extra functionality, and wish to save time! PicMonkey is amazing, I love the options available inside including awesome filtering and some font options.
If you are blogging just like me, our photography quality is very important, so PicMonkey will help us a lot on this department.
Carefully picked from a bunch of other video editing apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, these free video editing apps are surely going to make your video a great one. It can also automatically select the most prominent parts of your video and convert them into little videos. Drag any video and have fun drawing anything you like on videos and amuse your friends with it.
It is good to see you verbalize from the heart and clarity on this important subject can be easily observed.

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