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TweetScoop.itMaking slideshows that run automatically can help you present presentations without the need for a presentation remote.
PowerPoint Slide Show Converter is a slideshow maker which allows converting PowerPoint presentations into self-running slideshows, with transitions and animations. You can add background music to your slideshows using the Special Mode and even convert ordinary PPTs to screensavers. With the PowerPoint Slide Show Converter you can convert PowerPoint files into an auto-run EXE file and burn it to a disc or save it to a USB drive to run it as a slideshow from a portable device. During testing we successfully created a self-running slideshow from a PowerPoint presentation, with background music. Farshad is a Tech Blogger from Pakistan who has worked for numerous international Technology Blogs. In fact, sometimes such slideshows may even serve as a complimentary addition to a complete presentation; such as a picture slideshow which may be shown to the audience after a presentation concludes.
This app makes it possible to convert PowerPoint files into a self-running EXE file which when launched, displays the PowerPoint presentation as a slideshow.
As shown in the image below, you can use the Special Mode to adjust the time duration after which slides are switched so that you can ensure that each slide is changed only when you are done explaining the content of that slide.
This can also be quite useful if PowerPoint is not installed on the system from which you wish to present your presentation.

He is a former systems engineer and has been associated with the IT industry for the past 8 years, rendering professional services related to desktop administration, networking, SEO and Blogging. Simply search for your next travel destination on your phone, or check out luxury accommodations on your tablet.
You can use SmartArt to create diagrams, tell stories, or describe a rather complicated process. It lets you trace your family, relatives, and even ancestry to find out many things about your family’s history, which makes the discovery even more special. As the names suggest, the Simple Mode is for creating basic slideshows, whereas the Special Mode can be used for making slideshows which retain PowerPoint animations. However, nothing still beats connecting to customers on a personal level and giving them information directly, face to face.With the Travel Brochure Maker Templates for PowerPoint that we will discuss below, you can make sure you can get your point directly across to your customers.
Family charts can be wonderful during family reunions and holidays when you can all be together and enjoy looking at these types of presentations.Map Out Your LineageThe Family Tree Chart Maker Template for PowerPoint Online is a wonderful template that you can use for displaying your family tree in an elegant slide. These templates can be accessed and customized to your own company for free as long as you have your Microsoft account. With this Diagram Maker Template, you can use callout text to pinpoint areas or objects in a picture and elaborate on each one of them.This PowerPoint Template contains a set of sample photos of the woodlands, with callout SmartArt picking out objects within the photo, magnifying them, and elaborating on each of these objects. You can use this template to show your lineage as well as add or duplicate blank slides to insert family pictures and make it into a photo album presentation as well.This PowerPoint Online presentation template can be opened on any browser on any computer or mobile device.

You can also download these PowerPoint Templates and modify them from your computer.Beach Paradise Travel Brochure TemplateThe first template we will discuss is the Beach Paradise Travel Brochure Template that features a seashore and a theme of red, blue and gold. There are three callout photos that you can use to label and describe the items within the main picture.Easily CustomizableThis presentation template is professionally designed to provide a way for you to describe various items or objects within a photo.
This free brochure maker template is for a tri-fold brochure and is specially made for travel, tourism and hospitality industries.This template has enough photos to highlight the beautiful features of a resort, hotel, inn or even spa.
This template is also free so you don’t have to spend much to create a memorable family themed presentation. Its travel-oriented layout can even be used for other companies in other industries, such as restaurants, food service, clothing, retail and many more. Simply follow the instructions written on the Notes Pane of the PowerPoint Template in order to reproduce the effect and graphics.

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