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I created this slide show for Middle and High school students to help educate them about cyberbullying and how it can start out so innocently, and become so very hurtful. I see that these bullying or cyberbullying cases have been growing rampantly in schools of different states today. I am a long time cyber safety trainer for English language schools overseas and I've been asked to present a cyberbullying component. As parents, we need to keep an eye on our kids' situation in school so as to avoid bullies to just get on them.
As a parent, I am so concerned that my 9-year old son might be a prey of this bullies who just can't simply stop.

Yet luckily, I read an article about like an on-star for phone that has been working perfectly for me and my son. Cyber space is wide range of computers connected together by a common media called the INTERNET.
We have now become so much reliant on Internet ,to the extent that we use it from sending friendly e-mails to hyper sensitive data. And it comes across as no surprise that the internet which has given so many boons obviously tracks along some hiccups too.. They are malicious programmers looking to access personal and business data's or simply disrupt net services, mainly through e-mails and web links . There are large scale pranksters as well, whom we can’t call as such because they do it intentionally to mine valuable data( bank account ) or to corrupt stock markets , air traffic controls , power grids and our nuclear weapons as well.

By each passing day there is an increased threat to a nation’s security as well as its pride. Earlier they used to be a group of people, whom they called as terrorists , joining hands to destroy peace and create panic among people. It is a social issue, so unless someone raises voice against this, there isn't going to be ant step in the right direction.

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