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The most important development that has been made in Adobe Premiere Pro is that now it supports Track Targeting. Adobe Premiere Pro has also been improved with the introduction of GPU acceleration technology. Lots of video editing software has to go through the laborious and time taking transcoding process as they are not able to jell in with all the cameras. Adobe Premiere Pro has other ideas and it supports a wide variety of Cameras like Nikon, Panasonic, Kodak and BenQ etc. Adobe Premiere Pro has a great integration with other Adobe applications like After Effects, Photoshop and Audition to name a few. All in all Adobe Premiere Pro is a very handy application which will allow you to edit the video in a mesmerizing way.
Below are some noticeable features which you’ll experience after Adobe Premiere Pro CC free download.
Before you start Adobe Premiere Pro CC free download, make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements. In Part One of my behind the scenes look into the production of “PIMP in the SERP,” I exposed how we prepped and shot the video with no budget and only 69 minutes of access to a downtown Los Angeles skyscraper. In Part Two, I want to walk you through the post-production workflow of how I cut, colored and accomplished the sound mix in 4 days.I would like to share 5 Adobe CS6 editing tips that will save you time, energy and hopefully a couple brain cells as we all know how strenuous and taxing low budget productions can be! Here is a link to my Adobe CS6 Premiere Pro Template (below) that I use every time I start a new project. Editing is a marathon, not a sprint (expect when the deadline is looming) so use the CPU in your head efficiently. On projects with gargantuan amounts of footage…the editor (or assistant) must plow through hundreds of hours and pluck out the selects.
As soon as I tried this method…I realized I was cutting faster, smarter and always had a bird’s eye view of the project.
Before I jump into Tip 4…I wanted to quickly touch on the actual color grade before the VFX was added. With the addition of Dynamic Link in Adobe CS5…my days of rendering out a quicktime, importing into After Effects, rendering out another quicktime and finally importing back into Premiere…were gone forever. My workflow in Premiere was to send the entire locked sequence to After Effects using Dynamic Link.
Inside After Effects, I used Luca Visual FX to help move the cut along and emphasize visual moments in the cut based on the music and my edits.
VideoCopilot Twitch has some very nice colored-strobe light presets that I used during the chorus and at the end of the song. Lastly, I leaned on FilmConvert Pro to give the footage a film stock emulation that would further blend all my footage and VFX into one cohesive visual world. With all the color and VFX done, I saved my project in After Effects and all my work was updated and reflected immediately in Premiere. Back inside Premiere…My scratch track audio from the Canon 5Dmkii were already in my timeline. Once the vocals were clean, I applied the Audition 20-band Graphic Equalizer to run a high and low pass cut.
I saved my work in Audition and using the Export option, chose Multitrack Mixdown, Entire Session and picked the Wave PCM 48KHz, Stereo, 32-bit option…uncompressed and floating point. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my ramblings and I hope this article was able to open your eyes up to some helpful tips and techniques.
Impressed that you can handle audio and mastering as well (although with preset here ?? – looking fwd more to those posts.
I hope that answered your questions and sets you in the right path for solid results in the future! Adobe Premiere Elements 13 vs Cyberlink PowerDirector 13 Ultra comparison review: What's the best video-editing software? Plenty of free video apps allow you to quickly shoot and edit short video clips for uploading to your favourite social media sites, but for longer projects ita€™s worth investing in a proper video-editing software. Plenty of free video apps allow you to quickly shoot and edit short video clips for uploading to your favourite social media sites. Both Premiere Elements and PowerDirector have now reached the grand old age of version 13, but it’s PowerDirector that seems to have more new ideas at the moment. In addition to its existing selection of transition effects, PowerDirector now includes a Transition Designer that allows you to import an image and use it as a kind of mask through which one video clip can fade into another. Both Premiere Elements and PowerDirector provide two different editing modes that are designed to cater for beginners and more experienced users. More experienced users can opt for the Full Feature Editor, which provides access to the program’s multi-track timeline and its full range of editing tools.
When it comes to transitions, PowerDirector and Premiere Elements both provide a good set of basic cuts, fades and wipes.
Video effects are more important, as you’ll often need colour adjustment tools to enhance the appearance of your video clips, as well as more eye-catching special effects that help to create drama and atmosphere. Premiere Elements allows you to pile multiple effects onto your video clips, and then displays controls for all those effects on screen beside the main playback window. The video clips you work with will generally contain audio as well, so a good video-editing program also needs to provide at least basic controls for working with audio. If the audio track is poor quality then you can delete it altogether, and both programs provide special tracks in the timeline where you can record your own voice-overs or insert a separate music soundtrack. Premiere Elements includes a useful selection of sound effects that you can add to your clips, and also a number of ready-made music clips that you can use for your soundtracks.
Good-looking titles can add a professional touch to your video projects, and both programs provide a good set of tools for adding text for titles and credits. PowerDirector doesn’t give you quite so much help in the form of templates and predefined animations for your titles. But, in addition to the Title Designer, PowerDirector also includes an option specifically designed for creating sub-titles. There’s very little to choose between these two programs when it comes to the variety and power of their editing tools. Therea€™s very little to choose between these two programs when it comes to the variety and power of their editing tools. Video editors and enthusiasts all around the world prefer this tool as it has been developed by the world acclaimed company Adobe. This technology will allow you to view the results of the video without rendering it first.
This makes it possible to edit the digital videos recorded which the above mentioned cameras and many more. I’ve been using Adobe Creative Suite almost exclusively for the past several years and will focus on how I use Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Audition to speed up my workflow and get high quality results in the shortest time possible. The time you spend up front will be paid back tenfold once you are buried deep in the edit. By stacking 2 timelines on top of each other…an editor can now access an entire reel of selects in chronological order (or whatever order desired) and instantly drop them into the active timeline below.
By keeping the selects timeline (top) zoomed out…I could keep track of how much footage I had seen and what was left to preview.

In my article on Shane Hurlbut’s Blog (and the most viewed article of all time on his site!), I go into depth of how I color correct inside Premiere.
I always copy and paste the entire edit onto a higher video level in Premiere before I dynamic link. I only had 38 minutes of total raw footage between the 2 cameras during our 69 minutes of security guard escorted shooting (see Part 1). I then dropped in the ADR vocals that both Peter and AnnMarie recorded in my studio the day before. Because I had slid and slipped the video to match audio earlier…mouths and lips were all in sync and my rappers were locked into the beat. Just like the final video footage was crafted to feel as if it existed in one world…the same strategy was used on the audio.
Because the audio file was the same length (thanks to dynamic link) it was as easy as plopping the track under the existing audio and then muting the temp dialog and unmixed music track.
Please feel free to share any tips you have used or experiences with the software that I utilized in “PIMP in the SERP!” Leave me a comment below! In answer to adjusting audio clips with more sensitivity, there are 2 things I can suggest to make it easier. I love the idea of the pancake timeline but I dont understand how you can keep sync for a music video. The Pancake Timeline is best used to build the rough cut and get all the shots you want into the Main timeline. Here we compare Adobe Premiere Elements 13 and CyberLink PowerDirector 13 Ultra to see what's the best video-editing software.
If you have two or more people with cameras shooting the same event from different angles then the video clips they record will obviously contain different images. We like the new Guided Edits that show you how to place moving video within your titles, and to use masks to highlight specific areas within a video clip, but these Guided Edits are essentially simpler ways of presenting existing tools. When you launch PowerDirector you are asked if you want to use the Easy Editor or the Full Feature Editor.
Our only complaint here is that there’s a huge leap between these two editing modes, and less experienced users may struggle when they try to move from the Easy Editor into the more advanced editing mode.
If you want Premiere Elements to do all the work you can select the Video Story option that we mentioned earlier and just let it compile your movie for you.
Click on the Guided tab and you’ll see a list of Guided Edits that provide step-by-step help with many common editing tools and techniques. Both programs allow you to apply effects by dragging the effect from a menu and then dropping it directly onto a clip in the timeline.
Premiere gives you lots of help by providing a range of templates for projects such as birthday videos or sports events. However, it does include a Title Designer module that provides very fine control over text properties such as character spacing, shading and reflection effects. There’s a special track for sub-titles in the main timeline, so you can type in the text and then quickly move the sub-title to the required point on the timeline, or enter the time code if you know exactly when you want the sub-titles to appear. With its timeline editing concept Adobe Premiere Pro has made the video production as easy as ABC. I don’t want to be cooped up in my edit cave too long…there is a world out there that I would like to see while the sun is still up! The 7 Master Bins cover the basic categories needed to organize any project while editing in Adobe CS6.Things are no doubt about to get clutter crazy…so why not give yourself a fighting chance early. I recently was excited as shit to watch Oscar Winners: Kirk Baxter and Angus Wall utilize the same method.
To accomplish this layout…first open both timelines by clicking on them in the Project Panel.
Mentally, for an editor, this allows you to keep a frame of reference to the sheer volume of footage.
This allows me to keep the initial shots separate and as reference, if I need to revisit or make adjustments later. Due to this fact…I choose to manipulate the footage and give it an active visual palette of streaks, flares, sprocket slips and light strobes. I had busted out my ancient and indestructible Shure SM58 vocal microphone and recorded onto my Tascam DR40 (portable digital recorder). The next step was to go again use dynamic link and this time open all the audio inside Adobe Audition. That’s a conservative range and usually gets rid of any objectionable frequencies while not affecting the human voice. I remember seeing that in some training I watched on FXPHD but I definitely need to utilize more. Once my shots are all in…I can use waveforms from audio to slip and slide the shots to the final audio mix.
I will notate in the name of the file that it has 2 takes inside it and just use a keyboard shortcut to move forward to the next marker to access it. As you might expect, these two rivals share many features in common, but they present many of these features in different ways, so here’s our analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of both programs. However, they will all still share the same audio track, so the new Audio Sync tool can analyse the audio within multiple clips and use it to align your clips at the correct points in the timeline. The same applies to the new Video Story feature, which presents you with a storyboard divided into chapters so that you can quickly compile a batch of clips into a complete movie.
There’s a quick-start guide that introduces the basics of editing, along with guides for using transitions, titles and special effects.
Many of these templates include predefined animation effects, such as scrolling credits for the end of a movie, and all you have to do is type your text into the template. The Title Designer also provides keyframe animation controls so that you can move and resize text, or make it fade in and out. Premiere Elements will appeal more to less experienced users as its Guided Edits do a great job of introducing important editing tools and techniques. The plugin system included in this video editing tool will allow you to export a wide range of video formats. A bin full of similarly named text-based shots will overload your coconut almost immediately. His energy level is off the charts and his brain worked at hyper-speed during the 5-month post run.
You can now, with a glance, know you’ve seen 50% of all the selects…and step outside for an Irish coffee and an e-cig. I prefer to do critical color correction in Davinci Resolve but because of the time constraints and the ample options in Premiere…I stayed all Adobe on this. This feature alone propels my workflow into overdrive with maximum time-saving and harnessing of the powerful entity that is After Effects.
Premiere is powerful and responsive and allows me to cut almost any format on the planet in real-time thanks to the Mercury playback engine and the appropriate CUDA card…but After Effects gives me even more options as it is specifically designed for VFX and complicated compositions. I went with a hyper-saturated color grade before I overlaid the Luca Visual FX…and I found that it blended together nicely and felt like it lived in the same world.

It treats the skin-tones wonderfully and gets rid of the Canon h.264 red color that is often too harsh.
The rappers listened to the final music track through Sony MDR-7506 headphones and recorded the lyrics line by line until I was happy with their rap-ostitude and performances. I am usually dealing with a dozen or more audio tracks in most projects…so it was a real treat to look down at the timeline and see only 3 tracks. I am not ashamed to say, that I dug into one of the numerous Izotope Ozone presets and chose…the Hip Hop Master setting. Then you can make your audio edits accurately up to the sample level, like you can in Audition. The options of markers of the audio clip itself makes only for very sharp adjustments and changes are all to steep. These tips are timely as I’m getting organized and familiar with Premier workflow before jumping in. This allows me to keep the initial shots separate and as reference, if I need to revisit or make adjustments later”.
This makes it much quicker and easier to cut from one camera to another and to create collages with footage from multiple cameras. However, PowerDirector lives up to its name, with some impressive features, such as its new Audio Sync option and sub-titling tools, that may well win over more experienced users.
All the tools in this application together this its 3D editing capabilities has made Adobe Premiere Pro a very hot commodity to handle.
With Track Targeting, Adobe Premiere Pro actually allows you to place the track exactly at the position where you want them to be in your video. First, if I share the project with assistants, it’s easier to confirm the right bin or location is being used.
Specific selects are usually called star or circle takes (“good” takes as noted by the script supervisor) and all these shots together are used to build the rough cut. Using Fast Color Corrector…levels and saturation were the only effects I needed to primary color grade my cut and get it ready for the VFX. I know there are a lot of options for visual FX…but every post house and student utilizes After Effects before anything else.
To hear the diabolical internet-themed rap lyrics in my quiet studio, as they focused on nailing the vibe, was a treat all by itself.
The pancake and thumbnail posters were revelatory to me and give me confidence before tackling the project. Every clip, sequence, cut, file has a number attached to it so that keeps things consistent. Scanning a full bin of text upon text will fatigue you if not in minutes, than most assuredly by lunchtime. As an example…“The Social Network” had 324 hours of footage and 281 hours of selects. The only other manipulation of the original footage was the blowing up several shots by 50%. It is the common ground that allows you to even share projects between PC and Mac platforms with no problem.
This preset emulates the EQ settings of popular rap songs and raises the overall perceived volume while not allowing any clipping. One of the biggest time-sucks is hunting down one rogue file that is hidden amongst dozens, if not hundreds of multi media files with different extensions and version numbers. Second, and more importantly, you can rearrange the bins in the order of your preference without relying on alphabetical order. With Thumbnail mode, I could easily spot the scene and series of shots he requested and jump on the last one for playback.
You can playback the Selects timeline in the program panel or hit the “match frame” keyboard shortcut and play it back in the source panel. This is usually more than h.264 8-bit can handle…but when used on close-ups and short edits it held up fine to my eyes. I spoke about my experience with After Effects in the 20th anniversary event last month and my article can be found here(if I’m not boring you yet!).
Your eyes will bleed and your brain will turn mushy after one too many “needle-in-the-haystack” endless searches. I had previously been in List mode and I would have to playback a shot to make sure it was the right one.
After Effects is a very stable platform and the option for both its built-in effects and 3rd party options are staggering. Additionally, I believe your set up for Audition may be combined and saved as a preset for future projects of a similar nature.
Usually the default image will give you enough visual reference to see what you need…but it’s nice to have the capability to be more specific if needed.
Another very nice feature of this edit workflow is that the shots you pull from the Selects (top) timeline remain in their original position and are duplicated into the Main (bottom) timeline. Most notable development of CS4 version is that like Adobe Premiere Elements 7, it also supports AVCHD files. Another worth mentioning feature of this impressive video editing application is that is has radically changed the way it outputs. Izotope Ozone 5 – masteringFirst, I used the Izotope RX plug-in to denoise the vocals. Speech recognition is another impressive feature which is not something unique capability for Adobe applications. Another new feature in CS4 version is the metadata panel which displays XMP metatag information for different selected files. By switching to Thumbnail mode, I could visually spot the take on my monitor without previewing it on the big screen. Due to the quick turnaround of 4 days…I chose Izotope RX even though Audition CS6 has equally impressive and thorough noise reduction capabilities. There is a Transcribe button at the bottom of the interface by pressing this button your audio track will be analyzed and will be converted into text. Day 2 of the edit was all of a sudden smoother than butter…he got his shots instantly and we had more time to talk about his hero, Davy Crockett…and Woodford Reserve Bourbon. The latest incarnation is leaps and bounds better and has a cleaner interface than the previous version. With CS4 you can apply different effects on multiple clips present in your timeline all at once. I will have to run them head to head at some point…but I was more familiar with Izotope RX and cranked it out in short order. If you pay attention…there is some form (actor or image) of Davy Crockett in every one of David Zucker’s films.

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