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The aim of this programme is to provide participants with the tools and skills to create impressive presentations that inform, persuade, and inspire. Know how to effectively prepare and structure presentations for maximum clarity and impact.
Have an action plan to implement the key learning achieved and ensure on-going development of skills. Anybody who has to make presentations to staff at all levels of an organisation or to customers and who would like to improve their confidence and skills when preparing and delivering these presentations. The programme is run over 1 to 2 days depending on the specific requirements of each client and the final content agreed.
Preparing a presentation can be stressful and time consuming, but when you follow some simple guidelines, everything becomes easier. Good preparation leads to great self-confidence, so it is extremely important to feel prepared.
If you don`t have experience in public speaking, you should practice a few time before the presentation and even ask advice from a speech coach.
Ensure the contrast and font size are readable and people can easily see what is written on the screen. I regularly evangelize the idea of using stories as a way of communicating in the job search.
Simone was sought for the position by a recruiter, from whom he requested company background information to prepare. To create his interview presentation, Simone used a service called InterviewBest and followed the service’s step-by-step guide that enables users to include or exclude any of the suggested pages. The presentation enabled Simone to deliver key points describing the employer’s challenges and how he could meet them. Candidates might wonder how to arrange for the appropriate technology for an interview presentation that the employer is not expecting.
A Storied Career's scope is intended to appeal to folks fascinated by all sorts of traditional and postmodern uses of storytelling.
Kathy Hansen, PhD, is a leading proponent of deploying storytelling for career advancement. Soleil Lifestory Network offers resources, classes, and services to those who wish to craft their life stories. The pages below relate to learning from my PhD program focusing on a specific storytelling seminar in 2005.

Giving an effective presentation requires two major steps; one that the presentation should be well planned and prepared, and secondly the confidence level and appearance of the presenter should be appealing. The proper spacing and ambience is also very important to deliver your presentation effectively.
Day and time matters greatly as it helps you to understand the mood, and the capacity of the audience to listen and understand. The programme is highly interactive and includes individual presentations with feedback from instructors and other course participants. To succeed, you need a lot of practice, discipline and preparation, but this comes with time.
Whether or not your company imposes an office style, when preparing for a presentation you also need to have a professional look. Make sure you know and feel comfortable with your material and the information you are about to deliver. It is also recommended to hang out with other speakers and ask them question, because they will generally inspire you more confidence.
Talk to individuals in the crows, as interaction is an important element of a successful presentation. Keep text to minimum on your slide presentation – 5 bullet points per slide should be enough to capture the main ideas. Your public has all the charts, graphics or numbers in the pocket folder just in front of them, so it is better and more captivating to illustrate your ideas by telling stories.
Simone” gave a presentation on his own initiative at his interview for a CFO position with a $50-million AV systems integration group in the Mid-Atlantic region. Simone simply had his presentation professionally printed and bound rather than projecting his slides. So for the purpose of this article we will discuss the planning and preparing of the presentation.
A few points to keep in mind with respect to your audience is the demographics, size, level of knowledge, their motivation to listen to you, why they are attending the presentation and what they expect. The number of seats and attendees, the seating arrangements, proper lighting, visual and audio equipment are some of the aspects that need to be well thought out and checked well in advance. Once you’ve mastered all the ins and outs of presentation making, nothing can stop you from making a good impression and delivering quality information.
With this entry, I continue a short series of job-interview stories that may prove instructional for others.

When he mentioned that he planned to use an interview presentation, Simone learned that the recruiter had never heard of an interview presentation.
He found the actual process of creating the presentation extremely helpful as interview preparation.
The following six points are major steps that need to be taken for an effective presentation. Once these questions are answered you can make sure that your idea or concept gets through to the audience. Every presentation needs a proper outline and the story board or multimedia should also be precisely made to emphasize on the important points. Timing of the presentation is very important as you do not want to over or under do your presentation. There are a lot of natural hair color ideas of 2013 that will go great with an office style.
If you want your audience to have more detailed information or additional facts, you should prepare a pocket folder where you include all these.
When it is about charts and graphics, avoid the complicated ones, as they are difficult to follow. The idea and the concept should be clear in your mind for a good and effective presentation. Visual aids are very important in delivering the presentation effectively and getting through to the audience. If it is possible then rehearse in the actual room of the main presentation so that you are familiar with the surroundings and comfortable with them. However you should avoid a dramatic style change right before your presentation if you want people to focus on what you say and not on how you look. He believes both the quality of his questions and his persistence in responding to them persuaded the recruiter to begin to consider Simone the top candidate. From the many hair color ideas 2013 we recommend the warm shades of brown and blonde since they go great with office colors such as black, navy and gray. An office look will make you look more professional and will help you feel more confident during a presentation.

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