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We’ve all sat through enough boring presentations to know that any visual aid needs to be inventive and memorable. Our Presentation mode works with any of your existing wideos and doesn’t require you to make any extra effort in preparing your content. Remember, if you’d like to send your Wideo as a link or embed it to a site, it will be saved in the last mode you selected.
If you’ve got a presentation coming up, there are some things you can take into account to make your presentation as successful as possible.
Keep it Interactive – Move around as you speak, repeat key points throughout, give your slides the time they need to be viewed, and allow space for questions.
Post on Twitter, Facebook – Tell your audience that you’ll be delivering something to remember. Share your presentation for re-viewing – This helps to really have your audience feel they have something to “take away”, and even encourages more internal sharing of your presentation. Extra Tip – Connect your computer to an external monitor or projector, click the Presentation Mode icon, and begin your presentation.
Agency Resources, Product News, Video Marketing animated presentations, presentation mode, slides. Our Automatic Wideo Generator allows marketers, retailers, and publishers to create dynamic video messages for their entire user database, driving engagement and revenue. Although this resume dates back 23 years, we don't know how old the job seeker is because she didn't list dates under Education. This and other resume examples in this collection were created using professional resume templates from my Ready-Made Resume Builder.
Developed and led solid business strategy for a pioneering e-hub solution allowing institutional plan sponsors to hire and manage service providers using the Internet.

Created infrastructure and team building to support a dramatic expansion for a successful investment consulting firm, and managed large accounts. Led investment consulting firm region as one of a 13-member management team, accomplishing record revenue growth and client retention during a period of overall declining revenues. Won extraordinary client trust, building investment programs from the ground up and catalyzing massive internal restructuring where needed. Marketed pension consulting and investment manager services to public and corporate plan sponsors with assets from $1M to $1.5B. Built an investment management business with over $250M in assets for institutional clients and high net worth clients.
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A friend of mine was casually browsing the internet when she encountered a certain webpage (Futurist Meals, Wikipedia – it’s really interesting, go check it out).
The founding fathers of molecular gastronomy were, unsurprisingly, two scientists : physicist Nicholas Kurti and physical chemist Herve This. Nowadays, the term is used to design the sub-discipline of food science that tries to explain the social, artistic and technical processes of food-making. Molecular gastronomy uses a wide range of ingredients and techniques (for example, liquid nitrogen or using ultrasound) in order to make mind-boggling dishes. Dynamic, animated presentations that you can show anywhere and anytime bring something different to the table, and our new presentation mode does just that. Whether it be for a small team meeting, delivering a final sales pitch, or even a creating a presentation for a wide audience through the web, Wideo’s presentation mode gives you a beautiful, full-screen layout with just the click of a button. After you’ve finished animating your slides how you want and writing in your text, click on the “Preview Wideo” Button – the Wideo Player will open up.

Her work history is filled with promotions and she is recently self-employed, which she downplayed by listing her job title as CEO, President & Founder. Molecular gastronomy tries to explain what happens when we’re cooking by studying and experimenting with the components of the ingredients and the processes that lead to the final product.
The term was, initially (1992), the name of a set of workshops in Italy that brought together scientists and cooks from all over the world. Herve initially defines the objectives of molecular gastronomy as being: the exploration of existing recipes, culinary proverbs and sayings, the invention of new dishes, the introduction of new technologies into food-processing and helping the public understand the contribution of science to society. I leave you with the image of one of Heston Blumenthal’s signature dishes, bacon ice cream.
As a bonus, site members have access to a banner-ad-free version of the site, with print-friendly pages.Click here to learn more. The Pilgrims first landed on Cape Cod (in what is now Massachusetts) and then sailed to a nearby area. This new and straightforward function just made it easier to share information, tell stories, and literally put your ideas in motion. This will divide your scenes into slides that you can click through using the arrows on the player’s lower toolbar.
To draw a parallel between this and the futurist meals, they both attempt to improve the food preparation by integrating science into cooking. Their aim was to go behind the traditional methods of cooking and to experiment with different mechanisms in order to better the food.

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