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It’s rarely about “right” and “wrong.” It’s about whether you can accept each other despite your respective flaws.
My wife’s first marriage was falling apart – and no one around her knew until she got separated.
If my marriage were falling apart – every single one of my friends and acquaintances would know about it before we got separated. So, like I told the last reader who was debating whether or not to keep her boyfriend, you can either accept him as he is – and know he will be this way forever, or you can try to find another guy who is just like him who is private like you. But from where I sit – admittedly in your boyfriend’s seat – having a boyfriend who is so publicly effusive about you is probably a crime that you can learn to live with.
I hate spam as much as you do, therefore I will never sell, rent, or give away your email address.
I am a bit of an open book myself, but I can certainly empathize with Kelly’s position. If THAT is her problem then she needs to tell her bf that compliments that hints at her sexuality make her uncomfortable. If he’s SHOWING her photos to his friends, that would be violating her privacy and disrespecting her.
If he’s complimenting her ass and she wears abayas all the time, that would be violating her privacy. If he is objectifying her, and that is what she’s reacting to, she just needs to keep that to herself and continue to monitor to see if he really has no respect for her and is only into her for her body or if this is just him being him. If his objectification of her is a part of a pattern of other disrespectful behavior, she should dump him.
Kelly– your boyfriend has not been demonstrating discrimination in his speech, trustworthiness with private matters, or class. I too saw this as just a sign of the boyfriend’s insecurity, just bragging and talking loudly about the sexy pic she sent. The TILA-RESPA integrated disclosure rule replaces four disclosure forms with two new ones. Ensures compliance with Federal consumer financial laws by supervising market participants and bringing enforcement actions when appropriate. Provides, through a variety of initiatives and methods, information to consumers that will allow them to make decisions that are best for them. The CFPB is a 21st century agency that helps consumer finance markets work by making rules more effective, by consistently and fairly enforcing those rules, and by empowering consumers to take more control over their economic lives.
Inform the public, policy makers, and the CFPB’s own policy-making with data-driven analysis of consumer finance markets and consumer behavior.
Strategies and investments that lay out the actions we will take to accomplish our outcomes. Prior to Congress enacting the Dodd-Frank Act, consumer financial protection had not been the primary focus of any one federal agency, and no agency could set the rules for the entire financial market.
Industry structure is always changing, and therefore, so too will the number of institutions that fall under the CFPB’s supervisory authority. Develop and maintain an efficient fact-based approach to developing, evaluating, revising, and finalizing regulations. Develop a rule-writing team with highly advanced skills in relevant and specialized legal and business areas. Work with consumers and industry stakeholders on developing regulations to implement existing Federal consumer financial laws effectively.
Develop ways to provide financial product disclosure information to consumers electronically. Section 1022(d) of the Dodd-Frank Act requires the CFPB to assess each significant rule the Bureau adopts and publish a report of the assessment within five years of the effective date. The Regulatory Flexibility Act, as amended by SBREFA and the Dodd-Frank Act, requires the Bureau to convene a Small Business Review Panel before proposing a rule that will have a significant economic impact on a substantial number of small entities. Acquire and analyze qualitative and quantitative information and data pertaining to consumer financial product and service markets and companies.
Focus resources on institutions and their product lines that, based on their size, nature of the product, and field and market intelligence, pose the greatest risk to consumers.
Establish a framework for sharing information, coordinating activity, and promoting best practices with fellow financial institution supervisory and law enforcement agencies to ensure the most effective use of regulatory resources. Continue to develop a technology solution for coordinating supervisory information, capable of recording, storing, tracking, and reporting information on the CFPB’s supervisory process.
Continue implementing a tool capable of reviewing loan and deposit portfolios for compliance with Federal consumer financial laws. Effective supervision of financial institutions to foster compliance with Federal consumer financial laws requires prompt notice to institutions of matters requiring their attention and action to avoid further violations or consumer harm. This measure ensures that the CFPB successfully resolves as many actions as possible while, at the same time, pursuing complex and challenging actions when appropriate, even when success is not assured. The CFPB works to arm consumers with the knowledge, tools, and capabilities they need in order to make better-informed financial decisions by engaging them in the right moments of their financial lives, in moments when they are most receptive to seeking out and acting on assistance. With the current economic climate remaining fragile, even those who are not usually cautious with expenditure are now trying to keep costs down.
JumpSeat is an appealing app designed to connect people wishing to share space on private aircraft with those looking to fly, and subsequently creating considerable financial savings for both parties.
To ensure comfortable flight sharing, JumpSeat has initiated a screening process involving interviews with a Customer Service specialist to ensure that both parties’ aims and objectives are matched. JumpSeat can also provide an exclusive concierge service with on-board catering, rental cars, and a limo service, making the entire travel experience both appealing and hassle free. Welcome to the Luxury Travel Blog dedicated to Luxury Hotels, Vacation Clubs, Timeshares, Fractional Ownership & Rentals.
This is a€?Memorandums and Lettersa€?, section 9.2 from the book Communication for Business Success (v. This content was accessible as of December 29, 2012, and it was downloaded then by Andy Schmitz in an effort to preserve the availability of this book. PDF copies of this book were generated using Prince, a great tool for making PDFs out of HTML and CSS. For more information on the source of this book, or why it is available for free, please see the project's home page. helps people like you help teachers fund their classroom projects, from art supplies to books to calculators. A memoAn abbreviation for memorandum; normally used for communicating policies, procedures, or related official business within an organization.
A memoa€™s purpose is often to inform, but it occasionally includes an element of persuasion or a call to action.
One effective way to address informal, unofficial speculation is to spell out clearly for all employees what is going on with a particular issue.
While memos do not normally include a call to action that requires personal spending, they often represent the business or organizationa€™s interests. A memo has a header that clearly indicates who sent it and who the intended recipients are.
In a standard writing format, we might expect to see an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.
Memos are often announcements, and the person sending the memo speaks for a part or all of the organization.
Some written business communication allows for a choice between direct and indirect formats, but memorandums are always direct. Memos are a place for just the facts, and should have an objective tone without personal bias, preference, or interest on display. While e-mail and text messages may be used more frequently today, the effective business letter remains a common form of written communication.
Letters may serve to introduce your skills and qualifications to prospective employers, deliver important or specific information, or serve as documentation of an event or decision.

The date should be placed at the top, right or left justified, five lines from the top of the page or letterhead logo. Like a subject line in an e-mail, this is where you indicate what the letter is in reference to, the subject or purpose of the document. This is your opening paragraph, and may include an attention statement, a reference to the purpose of the document, or an introduction of the person or topic depending on the type of letter. If you have a list of points, a series of facts, or a number of questions, they belong in the body of your letter. An emphatic closing mirrors your introduction with the added element of tying the main points together, clearly demonstrating their relationship. Five lines after the close, you should type your name (required) and, on the line below it, your title (optional).
If the letter was prepared, or word-processed, by someone other than the signatory (you), then inclusion of initials is common, as in MJD or abc. Just like an e-mail with an attachment, the letter sometimes has additional documents that are delivered with it. A formal business letter normally includes a logo or contact information for the organization in the header (top of page) or footer (bottom of page). Memos are brief business documents usually used internally to inform or persuade employees concerning business decisions on policy, procedure, or actions. Letters are brief, print messages often used externally to inform or persuade customers, vendors, or the public. Find a business letter (for example, an offer you received from a credit card company or a solicitation for a donation) and share it with your classmates.
Now that you have reviewed a sample letter, and learned about the five areas and fifteen basic parts of any business letter, write a business letter that informs a prospective client or customer of a new product or service.
I had a best friend who felt I was a traitor for speaking my mind about him in conversations to friends.
You’re entitled to whatever dealbreakers you want to have in a relationship, big, small, substantive, or trivial. What stood out to me was that she said she felt embarrassed and that he was being disrespectful. But what if this guy was dating your mom, or sister, or daughter and made a similar comment? He is drawing attention to what a hottie he’s managed to score in order to make himself look cool to other people. It comes across as his wanting to be noticed and to feel important – really very little to do with her. Perhaps it’s enough for her to know the commentary is not about her, but about his wanting to feel important.
We take in data, manage it, store it, share it appropriately, and protect it from unauthorized access. This means developing and leveraging technology to enhance the CFPB’s reach, impact, and effectiveness.
Therefore, we invest in world-class training and support in order to create an environment that encourages employees at all levels to tackle complex challenges.
We serve our colleagues by listening to one another and by sharing our collective knowledge and experience. We believe in investing in the growth of our colleagues and in creating an organization that is accountable to the American people. The result was a system without sufficiently effective rules or consistent enforcement of the law. The CFPB is designed to be agile and adjust its approach to supervising the financial industry in order to respond rapidly to changing consumer needs.
Working with industry groups, develop data standards so that private enterprise can create new tools that help consumers understand the financial products they buy.
The assessment addresses, among other factors, the rule’s effectiveness in meeting the purposes and objectives of the Dodd-Frank Act, Title X and the specific goals the Bureau states for the rule.
Other public outreach efforts, such as meetings with consumers and industry stakeholders in the development of a proposal, inform and otherwise assist the Bureau in crafting more effective rules. A thorough report development and review process ensures high quality reports that appropriately explain what the examination team found and why corrective actions, if any, are required. Timely pursuit of resolutions increases deterrence and provides consumers with greater protections of law. The CFPB seeks to successfully resolve as many fair lending actions as possible while, at the same time, pursuing complex and challenging actions when appropriate, even when success is not assured.
To that end, the CFPB will develop and maintain a variety of tools, programs, and initiatives that provide targeted, meaningful, and accessible assistance and information to consumers at the moment they need it.
With the onset of the ‘Sharing Economy’ moving on from rental properties and car services, a new application has been launched to bring together those who wish to share space on private aircraft. By acting as an agent on behalf of charter clients, JumpSeat arranges flights through a novel jet-sharing program, offsetting costs whilst maintaining a first-class service. Along with full background checks and clearances, the right people can be matched to ensure private flying is mutually comfortable. See the license for more details, but that basically means you can share this book as long as you credit the author (but see below), don't make money from it, and do make it available to everyone else under the same terms. However, the publisher has asked for the customary Creative Commons attribution to the original publisher, authors, title, and book URI to be removed. If budget cuts are a concern, then it may be wise to send a memo explaining the changes that are imminent.
They may also include statements that align business and employee interest, and underscore common ground and benefit.
An acronym or abbreviation that is known to management may not be known by all the employees of the organization, and if the memo is to be posted and distributed within the organization, the goal is clear and concise communication at all levels with no ambiguity. While it may contain a request for feedback, the announcement itself is linear, from the organization to the employees. It can serve to introduce you to a potential employer, announce a product or service, or even serve to communicate feelings and emotions. The audience or reader may have their own idea of what constitutes a specific type of letter, and your organization may have its own format and requirements. Regardless of the type of letter you need to write, it can contain up to fifteen elements in five areas. If your letter includes a letterhead with this information, either in the header (across the top of the page) or the footer (along the bottom of the page), you do not need to include it before the date.
This can make it clear to a third party that the letter was delivered via a specific method, such as certified mail (a legal requirement for some types of documents). An emphatic opening involves using the most significant or important element of the letter in the introduction. You may choose organizational devices to draw attention, such as a bullet list, or simply number them.
This line indicates what the reader can look for in terms of documents included with the letter, such as brochures, reports, or related business documents. Just like a a€?CCa€? option in an e-mail, it indicates the relevant parties that will also receive a copy of the document. Share it with your classmates, observing confidentiality by blocking out identifying details such as the name of the sender, recipient, and company.
I know you don’t mean to hurt me, but can you try to remember that I’m not as public as you are and I prefer to keep some things between us? Clearly, this is not something she feels comfortable with and she is well within her rights to tell him, “Hey.
And she can laughingly tell him, “I love your compliments, but tell them to me when we’re ALONE, kk?? Men don’t ask us to change all our annoying behaviors because they DO respect our individuality.

So she should dump him to show that she respects his right to blurt out whatever he wants, but it’s not what she wants in a boyfriend. The Bureau is developing targeted outreach to groups that face particular challenges, as required by the Dodd-Frank Act. Our aim is to use data purposefully, to analyze and distill data to enable informed decision-making in all internal and external functions. We strive to be recognized as an innovative, 21st century agency whose approach to technology serves as a model within government. The Bureau is also interested in exploring ways to increase general consumer involvement in the rulemaking process.
These supervisory activities will foster compliance with Federal consumer financial laws, promote a fair consumer financial marketplace, and prevent unlawful discrimination. Finding a good deal can be an easy and exhilarating process, especially with a referral scheme offering rewards for new and existing members. You may also download a PDF copy of this book (6 MB) or just this chapter (934 KB), suitable for printing or most e-readers, or a .zip file containing this book's HTML files (for use in a web browser offline). It is often written from a one-to-all perspective (like mass communication), broadcasting a message to an audience, rather than a one-on-one, interpersonal communication.
The unofficial, informal communication network within an organization is often called the grapevineThe unofficial, informal communication network within an organization, often characterized by rumor, gossip, and innuendo., and it is often characterized by rumor, gossip, and innuendo.
Date and subject lines are also present, followed by a message that contains a declaration, a discussion, and a summary. The memo may have legal standing as it often reflects policies or procedures, and may reference an existing or new policy in the employee manual, for example.
Wea€™ll examine the basic outline of a letter and then focus on specific products or writing assignments.
This chapter outlines common elements across letters, and attention should be directed to the expectations associated with your particular writing assignment. While you may not use all the elements in every case or context, they are listed in Table 9.1 "Elements of a Business Letter". A comma after the salutation is correct for personal letters, but a colon should be used in business. Readers tend to pay attention to openings, and it makes sense to outline the expectations for the reader up front. Readers may skip over information in the body of your letter, so make sure you emphasize the key points clearly.
And since you don’t operate that way, you have a hard time fathoming how anyone does operate that way.
And if you can’t change to accept his effusiveness, then you owe it to him to break up with him, so that he can find the woman (and there are plenty) who would adore him for being so proud and complimentary about her. There’s a world of difference between being prudish and not wanting to share your sexuality with the world. She’s asking him not to comment on her ass in mixed company as a means of propping up his fragile self esteem. If not, he can explain to his buddies at the next party that the girl with the fine ass dumped him for acting like a douche. We seek input from and collaborate with consumers, industry, government entities, and other external stakeholders.
The Dodd-Frank Act increased accountability in government by consolidating consumer financial protection authorities that had existed across seven different federal agencies into one, the newly formed Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. It may also be used to update a team on activities for a given project, or to inform a specific group within a company of an event, action, or observance. On the grapevine, one person may hear that someone else is going to be laid off and start passing the news around. For example, on February 13, 2009, upper management at the Panasonic Corporation issued a declaration that all employees should buy at least $1,600 worth of Panasonic products. The discussion elaborates or lists major points associated with the topic, and the conclusion serves as a summary. There are many types of letters, and many adaptations in terms of form and content, but in this chapter, we discuss the fifteen elements of a traditional block-style letter.
The salutation a€?To whom it may concerna€? is appropriate for letters of recommendation or other letters that are intended to be read by any and all individuals. Just as you would preview your topic in a speech, the clear opening in your introductions establishes context and facilitates comprehension. If your letter requests or implies action, the conclusion needs to make clear what you expect to happen. It’s easier for him to shoot from the hip and be himself than to try to censor himself and be more like you. Except in my world, the role of a friend is to be able to be fully self-expressed and honest, and accept each other no matter what gets said.
If you can’t change to be more outgoing, why do you think it’s easier for him to change to be more private?
These authorities include the ability to issue regulations under more than a dozen Federal consumer financial laws. Rumors change and transform as they are passed from person to person, and before you know it, the word is that they are shutting down your entire department.
The company president noted that if everyone supported the company with purchases, it would benefit all.Lewis, L.
If this is not the case with your letter, but you are unsure of how to address your recipient, make every effort to find out to whom the letter should be specifically addressed.
It is usually courteous to conclude by thanking the recipient for his or her attention, and to invite them to contact you if you can be of help or if they have questions. So he keeps putting his foot in his mouth, and while he’s indubitably sorry that he’s upset you, he can’t really help himself.
Puffery, secrets, lies, half-truths – all designed to paint a false public picture – are not for me, although I understand why private people want to keep things that way. They are often printed on letterhead paper, and represent the business or organization in one or two pages.
For many, there is no sweeter sound than that of their name, and to spell it incorrectly runs the risk of alienating the reader before your letter has even been read. This paragraph reiterates the main points and their relationship to each other, reinforcing the main point or purpose.
Sorry, she’s got to be the one to change, either her perspective, or her coupled up status. With the consolidation of existing and new authorities under one roof, the CFPB is now focused and equipped to prevent financial harm to consumers while promoting practices that benefit consumers across financial institutions. Shorter messages may include e-mails or memos, either hard copy or electronic, while reports tend to be three or more pages in length. Avoid the use of impersonal salutations like a€?Dear Prospective Customer,a€? as the lack of personalization can alienate a future client.
Am I hoping for change by sticking around with someone who doesn’t understand that the image I portray to my intimate partner isn’t necessarily something I want the whole world privy to? When you make comments about my ass to your friends, I feel like you’re not being respectful. I’m asking if you could refrain from sharing any of our intimate information with your friends or talking about my body parts. It’s funny, I hear women all the time complaining about how women are over sexualized and objectified in our modern culture on TV and elsewhere. As a woman, I do feel his comment to his friends was disrespectful and I can assure you I’m no prude.

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