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Yes, Amilcar, it does take some internalizing to understand the Delta Model but it is actually a very simple strategy: "Bond with and make the customer the center of your strategy". I know this if off topic but I'm looking into starting my own blog and was wondering what all is required to get set up? There are plenty of blog creation sites that start out with free basic packages - it takes more creativity than money. I see Porter's model as analytical for better understanding of what to do, and in strategic action terms, as defensive against various competitive and external threats. You will doubtless have noticed an increase in focus on the subject of Content Marketing over the last year or so.
In fact, Content Marketing has become such a buzz, its given rise to a whole new area of career development for savvy marketers. You can see that an Organisation Centric culture puts most of its trust and faith in product and service feature sets. This strategy worked fine when competition in the digital landscape was less fierce, but now that it is, we have to look at engaging audiences much earlier in the sales cycle. So targeting customers in the Tracker Phase with an Organisation Centric culture can be highly ineffective because you are relying on countering the feeling of trust, integrity, reputation and value that has been fostered by a more effective Customer Centric culture in this scenario. User journeys can be mapped on schematic diagrams or static wireframes, but by far the most effective way of demonstrating this in a Rapid Prototype.
Consider what content needs to be available for the different stages of the buying process and define this in a Content Strategy. What content will answer the questions and concerns your audience has around whether to buy your product or service? You’ll need to earn your audiences permission to speak to them by whichever channel they prefer (telephone, contact submission, quote request, product demo, whitepaper request etc.) – how will the content on your website achieve this?

What content can you publish to demonstrate your knowledge leadership and how easily can your different audience types get to it?
You can search the web for free resources to help with Digital Marketing Planning, team up with a web agency that can help in this area, or choose to work with a dedicated inbound marketing agency.
The skills you currently have in-house, and the scale of your business operations will govern the choice of approach. The appeal of inbound marketing as a cultural change is driven primarily by its ability to deliver increases in online performance that can have a dramatic effect on sales revenue. Moreover, this lift in sales revenue comes at a lower cost than traditional marketing methods so the effect can be felt directly on the bottom line. No more neglecting the real potential of your Website, or struggling to understand how the digital landscape can all be made to fit together. Just a clear actionable strategy that will bring management, sales and marketing together in a new customer centric culture. At first glance, the Delta Model seems more for analyzing where you are so rather than being pro-active I will have to research and study this more.
Five forces allows users to analyze the competitive forces in their industry, but provides no guidance about which strategy to adopt. I would recommend reading an earlier book that Hax and Maljuf wrote on developing strategy, which is more comprehensive. It’s not uncommon to see job roles such as Content Strategist and Content Marketer making up a digital team now. There may be a sprinkling of perceived benefits thrown in, and a lot of time will be spent crafting the business introduction and About Us sections of the site to try and demonstrate differentiation.
This is one of the main reasons a business may witness lower lead or sale conversion rates. The majority of users will compare at least three suppliers to benchmark price and value in the final stages of purchase.

Prototypes can by built quickly and tested in various ways to ensure the requirements of the market segmentation and persona requirements are managed effectively. I like this model though, even if mainly a reminder of the mix of tools and approaches that technology companies in particular can use. Hax said that Porter's model is less relevant due to the internet and that he never anticipated on-line shopping breaking up the model, Yet, I recall Porter's response that the internet simply accelerated the interaction between the 5 forces. The delta model assumes the reader understands the dynamic of the industry, but provides a set of strategic choices. However, the typical user who is completing this search journey will already be showing a 70% intent to a preferred vendor.
Porter (Harvard) in 1980 and has become the classic tool for analyzing the industry structure in strategic processes. The model is based on the insight that corporate strategy should meet the opportunities and threats in the organization’s external environment. Arnoldo Hax at MIT Sloan (a brilliant and engaging person) introducing a competing strategic model named the Delta Model.
System Lock is the strongest form of bonding and integration among complete industries around a product (e.g. Amazon is a dominant exhange in ecommerce and becoming the dominant exchange in e-reading with the Kindle.

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