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Whether you have a new cell phone adapter or an elephant toothbrush, you need to present your Product Marketing Videos to the mass of consumers out there. The process of creating Product Marketing Videos and producing product marketing videos is something that The Media Zoo specializes in.
We have years of experience and help you get your Product Marketing Videos found on line, call, click or connect today. Let us start working with you on high-quality, professional Product videos today!
Our Product Marketing Videos range in price from $995 for simple videos,? up to $4,995 for complex videos.
When I started thinking about that I thought that around half of the videos for the most popular songs include product placement.

In my count 39 music videos from Billboard Top 100 list have some sort of product placement.
Below you can see Billboard’s Top 100 list from 2014 with the number of views from YouTube and visible brands from the video. Our Video Producers know what it takes to make effective videos to attract and engage your viewers. My initial was just to count the number of videos however I also wrote down brands that I noticed in videos. Without any in-depth analysis I can say that the ‘winner’ in product placement was Beats, at least when you look at Billboard’s Top 100 list.

Beats’ products appeared in 18 videos – Beats Pill speakers, Beats by Dre headphones and Beats Music iPhone app.

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