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Gps mode will probably be preferred by beginners as it provides the greatest autopilot redundancy and also holds the aircraft in a fixed hover whenever you release the controls, automatically compensating for drift and light wind. As with any multi-rotor system, before flying the phantom fc40 you will still need to follow all of the proper calibration steps and ensure adequate gps connectivity for the naza flight control system to operate correctly. A switch on the top right lets you choose between attitude and gps flight modes and a similar switch on the left lets you select between ioc modes. The brains of the aircraft, the fc40 uses the same naza-m v2 flight control system as several other dji models, including the original phantom. Welcome!To customize this message, please go to your Admin panel and find Presentation->Theme Options. Infrared night vision lets you see in complete darkness, and turns on automatically in low light. PC software IP Camera Wizard can configure networking parameters of IP camera automatically for you.
Dedicated DDNS server provided to give your camera a fixed domain name even though the IP address of your network is dynamic. Auto-program most brands of routers to create port forwarding, saving the hassle to configure routers manually. New release go pro monopod with wifi remote holder and extend 42.5 inch for go pro cameras, View go pro wifi monopod, Telesin Product Details from Shenzhen Telesin Digital Ltd. The the phantom fc40 quadcopter is based on the same platform as the original dji phantom and features a detachable first-person view (fpv) camera with microsd recording as well as a 6-channel, 5.8ghz transmitter (tx). Additional functionality can be unlocked using the naza assistant software for desktop computers running windows only. Those used to other rc aircraft will note the fc40 requires only basic assembly using a screw driver and supplied wrench.

A 720p first-person view camera comes with the fc40 and features a wide-angle, 100° field of view lens. Additional modes and other custom configurations can be enabled using the naza assistant software, a windows-only application available for free download from the dji website. Suddenly your controls can get mixed up, where pressing right causes the craft to move left and pressing forward causes it move backward.
Led status lights on the tail of the fc40 provide you with various feedback as well as warnings.
A series of consecutive pictures will be sent to your specified email addresses or FTP servers.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
It is designed to get you started flying and capturing aerial video, the only additional piece of hardware required being your smartphone or other mobile device running ios or android. It uses a thumbscrew attachment similar to a gopro mount that allows the camera to be manually tilted up or down before flight. In addition, the software can offload flight data for diagnostic and teaching purposes and well as perform firmware updates. As with several other dji quadcopters, the fc40 uses the naza-m v2 flight control system to maintain flight stability and provide assisted flying features. Once assembled you will need to be sure to follow all of the calibration steps to ensure correct operation of the gps autopilot system before flying.
Using a smartphone mounted to the transmitter you can monitor as well as record a low-latency, live video feed from the camera at wqvga resolution (400 x 240 pixels) using the free fc40 app for ios and android. In gps mode the quadcopter will stop as soon as you release the controls and stay hovering at a fixed horizontal and vertical position.

These messages give you valuable information such as whether the gps system is properly calibrated, warning you the battery is getting low, or telling you the remote’s signal is out of range. Out of the box, the fc40 comes configured with two gps flight modes, gps mode and gps attitude mode. The phantom fc40 features a 6-channel, 5.8ghz wi-fi transmitter, with dual joystick controls similar to the kind found on other multi-rotor rc aircraft transmitters. In addition, the camera features a microsd slot allowing you to record video internally using cards up to 32gb.
This setting is the easiest to fly and is generally preferred for shooting video as the quadcopter won’t sway or drift because of light wind gusts.
Gps attitude mode, or attitude mode, is a more manual flying mode in which the fc40 does not try and maintain a fixed spatial position. When you release the controls it will continue to drift unless friction slows it down or you stop it. The standard 11.1v, 2200mah 3s lithium-polymer (lipo) battery is able to power the fc40 for up to 12 minutes.
It can be charged using a variety of rc balance chargers including the charger for the original dji phantom with gopro mount.

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