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Interactive stage built for Interdisciplinary Film and Digital Media program open house at the Mesa Del Sol Aperture Center in Albuquerque. The Epson Projection Distance Calculator application was designed to be a convenient tool for estimation only. The property of the Mercator projection map that made it useful to navigators is that it preserves angles. Lines of constant compass heading (called rhumb lines by sailors) are straight lines on this map.
Earlier maps were drawn on a simple grid: each degree of latitude or longitude is the same size.

It is for these reasons that we have progressively increased the degrees of latitude towards each pole in proportion to the lengthening of the parallels with reference to the equator. In 1599 the English mathematician Edward Wright explained the mathematics of exactly how Mercator's projection should be done.
In 1614 John Napier invented logarithms, and they were soon found to be quite useful in calculations. Can be used in a small size as a web icon or a template with your graphics, text and images.
At $150 to $600 or more per lamp, it is important to get as much use out of them as possible.

It also allows manual width and height calculations, diagonal screen dimensions as well as throw distances for custom installations.

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