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Description: Blu-ray portable DVD player with 10" screen plays any Blu-ray Disc as well as traditional DVDs and CD Audio Discs. Description: Watch over-the-air ATSC M H TV broadcasts no service fees required, Pocket sized USB tuner adds TV to your laptop, netbook, or computer. The newly developed Striker Field Shirt from UF PRO provides maximum comfort and functionality combined with the outstanding camouflage properties of the PenCott-GreenZone™ pattern.
Dual access chest pockets provide good access to the contents, even when wearing equipment or body armour, and Velcro closures of the chest pockets prevent injury from secondary fragments. The FCU from Gryphon DefTech is designed to meet the requirements of special operations units for most the effective clothing systems that deliver agility and mobility, durability and quality materials in an ergonomic and practical design. Limited quantities of the made-in-the-USA Pathfinder BDU are available now directly from Hyde Definition Ltd with free shipping to US addresses.
Hip and rear pockets are of a horizontal slash type Rear pockets serve as an integral dump-pouch. We received an update this morning from Helikon-Tex to let us know that their PenCott™ camouflage range will be on sale in the UK as of September. War Room Church Campaign Kit is designed to help churches plan and promote a movie outreach and prayer efforts in their church and community.
The War Room Bible Study includes five scriptural lessons and inspiring movie clips found in the new Kendrick Brothersa€™ movie WAR ROOM. Session topics include: Dealing with Spiritual Lukewarmness, Christian Accountability, Grasping Grace and the Gospel, Engaging in Spiritual Warfare, and Trusting God in Prayer. The Battle Plan for Prayer Bible Study equips believers to create a prayer strategy and become specific and strategic in prayer. This eight-session study will expand studentsa€™ understanding of prayer and spiritual warfare. The Battle Plan for Prayer is designed to help anyone learn how to become a powerful person of prayer.
Fervent guides women through the basis and practice of crafting prayer strategies that hit the enemy where it hurts by instead faithfully turning to God with every sin, struggle, and strife faced in life.
Award-winning author Chris Fabry brings page-turning drama to the inspiring WAR ROOM screenplay by Alex and Stephen Kendrick.
The WAR ROOM Soundtrack captures the emotion and message of this impactful film through meaningful songs both from and inspired by WAR ROOM. The score for WAR ROOM was created by Paul Mills in Nashville and includes 32 individual tracks that bring to life the message and the passion of the movie.
When it comes to prayer, we can all use encouragement and reminders to open our spiritual eyes and strengthen our believing hearts. Petera€™s Perfect Prayer Place is a delightful preschool resource that introduces the idea of prayer to children through the story of Peter who is looking for his own place to pray. PrayerWorks offers a strategy that kids can use to figure out how prayer works and just how powerful it is. A teen companion book to the movie WAR ROOM, this new kind of journal will get you ready for a new kind of prayer lifea€”one that's strong, growing, and reflects just how powerful prayer can be. The Battle Plan Prayer Journal provides users with a prayer planning, execution, and tracking resource that they can carry with them no matter where they go. Taking a cue from Miss Claraa€™s prayer closet, Kerusso has developed a beautiful stationary set featuring a Prayer Pad, Sticky Notes, and Pen.

Central to a prayer strategy is having a plan to integrate prayer into every day of your life.
Inspired by WAR ROOM, DaySpring has created a series of beautifully crafted cards for you and your loved ones that celebrate the power of prayer. Kerusso will release a line of contemporary graphic tees to proclaim the inspired messages of WAR ROOM. Discussing Goda€™s grace and His power through prayer over a cup of coffee with a friend is a recurring image from WAR ROOM. Every shoebox gift delivered by Operation Christmas Child is a tangible expression of Goda€™s love, but a shoebox is just the beginning. The Pastor Prayer Team Initiative is designed to make sure local pastors know that the men of their churches have their backs.
The Preach 2 Engage initiative is based around 12 preaching topics: Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Fourth of July, and more.
4K High Definition Seamlessly Loop-able Background Animation Which Can Be Used For Any Fashion, Party, Celebration And Club Promo Videos And Presentations. 4K High Definition seamlessly loop-able background animation which can be used for any fashion, party, celebration and club promo videos and presentations.
Night vision aerial surveillance flyover of a small airport's terminal and service buildings.
4K HD background animation with glittering particles which can be used for any fashion, party or celebration related videos and presentations.
Features full 1080p HDMI output, 4 hour play time, premium carrying bag, USB and SD connectivity ports. Cutting edge ATSC M H standard is optimized for watching TV on the go Broadcast reception quality will vary based on geographic location. It offers an anatomic cut which makes it comfortable when worn under body armor or battle vests.
Big upper and lower arm pockets deliver enough space for equipment that you need to have quickly at hand. The Campaign Kit includes the War Room Bible Study Leader Kit, planning guide, sample of the Battle Plan for Prayer book, and a DVD-ROM with digital downloads that includes sermon outlines, flyers, web ads, posters, and other helpful tools.
This short series provides a variety of heartfelt or humorous movie scenes and Bible study sessions that can be used in a corporate church message series or a small group Bible study setting.
This resource, written by Alex and Stephen Kendrick, will help students develop the spiritual discipline of prayer, as well as challenge them to develop a personal prayer strategy.
Fervent is a hands-on, knees-down, dona€™t-give-up action guide to practical, purposeful praying. Top Christian artists include Casting Crowns, Toby Mac, Mandisa, Building 429 and the never-before-released song a€?Warriora€? from Steven Curtis Chapman. Carpentree has created a number of WAR ROOM-themed gift plaques as well as a beautiful wall decor based on Miss Claraa€™s a€?Answered Prayera€? wall hanging. This board book will teach preschoolers an important lesson about talking to Goda€”and the fold-out prayer chart and stickers in the back of the book will let them track their prayers as well as God's answers. Lots of great explanation is combined with fun activities, illustrations, and journaling prompts to get kids thinking and praying.
The journal is small enough to fit in a pocket or purse, but sturdy enough to last through a hardback cover, elastic closure, and ribbon.

A key strategy for prayer is to know what to pray and to have prompts ready when help is needed. The pages of the pad and notes are printed with prayer-themed quotes and Scripture from the movie. Living the Battle Plan flip calendar will give users distinct prayer prompts, activities, and guidance for each day of the year.
DaySpring desires to see Goda€™s Kingdom come through joy, hope, and the message of Jesus as we encourage and pray for one another every day. Share the message that God answers prayer when we diligently seek Him, and that He always gives grace to those who trust in Him.
After receiving a shoebox gift, children have the opportunity to enroll in The Greatest Journey, a dynamic, 12-lesson Bible study course guiding them through what it means to faithfully follow Jesus Christ.
The Pastor Prayer Team helps churches mobilize a team of 31 men from the church who together cover their pastor in prayer and affirm him each day through a phone call, email, or text message.
It features stylistic nods to the US paratroopers’ classic M-42 Jump Suit, the special operations RAID BDU, and other modern innovations and improvements.
With all of the great publicity that has surrounded this film, a Movie Event at your church makes for a great outreach event. And now you can bring it home on Blu-ray, Collectora€™s Edition DVD, or a Blu-ray + DVD Combo Pack. Record your answered prayers as a reminder to Goda€™s faithfulness and to point people who enter your home to our loving Father.
Journaling options will then get you thinkinga€”and prayinga€”in a way that is both personal and purposeful. The Battle Plan for Prayer Cards draw from guided prayer content included in The Battle Plan for Prayer book to give users portable prayer prompts to take with them in daily life.
The website sends a reminder to each man on his date of the month as a reminder and with tips on how to pray and affirm his pastor. And, when your prayers are answered, mark them answered so that you can rejoice in God's providence! This simple tool helps you begin a habit of taking at least 5 minutes a day joining hands, bowing heads, and praying together as husband and wife. However you use it, a Movie Event is a great way to inspire the people of your church and your community at large.
Each day, we'll send you a prayer prompt with a prayer guide via your choice of email or text message. Learn more about hosting a Movie Event and why an official site license is required to host a public showing of WAR ROOM. The daily prayer guide will include a recommended theme for each day based on scripture along with suggested prayers for each of you.
Our hope is that as you begin to establish this discipline in your marriage, youa€™ll also experience the impact of drawing together as husband and wife to go before the throne.

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