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As an entrepreneur, social media is very important within your startup or current small business.
This cartoon, drawn by Joseph Keppler for Puck Magazine in 1880, symbolizes the past sins of the Democratic Party in America, particularly focusing on its enabling of the mistreatment of African Americans. Summary: Illustration shows Uncle Sam as the "Pied Piper" playing a pipe labeled "Lax Immigration Laws" and leading a horde of rats labeled "Jail Bird, Murderer, Thief, Criminal, Crook, Kidnapper, Incendiary, Assassin, Convict, Bandit, Fire Brand, White Slaver, [and] Degenerate", and some carry signs that read "Black Hand" showing a black handprint. Summary: Caricature of John Pierpont Morgan as a bull blowing bubbles "inflated values", for which group of people are reaching. Cartoon is caption “The Devilfish in Egyptian Waters” and was an American cartoon published in Punch in 1888(?). The background image is of Aldai Stevenson as an “axeman” chopping down trees in the “Petrified Forest.” The latter pokes fun at the Democratic vice-presidential nominee’s age (65 years old), while the former reminds voters of his tenure as first assistant postmaster general during the first administration of President Grover Cleveland (1885-1889).
MRL - This political cartoon, titled Hopelessly Bound to the Stake, created by Bernard Gillam and published in Puck magazine in August of 1883, depicts a working class man being burned at the stake by fire projected from the mouths of several men. KEO- This cartoon was drawn by Victor Gillam and it appeared in the journal Judge on August 11, 1900. The New Deal initiatives for unemployed people provide a good example of a government policy intended to create social inclusion. Another example of a government policy, promoting social inclusion and helping people protect their rights is the provision of high quality legal services for all members of society. The LSC's core purpose is to help people obtain quality legal services that tackle real needs. Below are external web links provided by Legal Services Commission in relation to their business activities.
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Lord Smith has a strong financial services background and a wealth of experience gleaned from a wide range of positions. Prior to joining GIB as Chief Executive, Shaun Kingsbury was responsible for European activities at Hudson Clean Energy Partners, a leading US clean energy private equity firm. Caroline Angoorly joined NY Green Bank as Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer in March 2014.
Before joining NY Green Bank, Caroline led GreenTao LLC, a specialized business growth, project development, financing, strategy and execution firm. Caroline has lived and worked in Australia, the US, Singapore and Hong Kong – doing business in all these places as well as The Philippines, India, China, Taiwan, Myanmar, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico and Western Europe. Richard is a member of the Energy Efficiency team with primary focus on smart grids and policy overview.Richard spent 9 years at JPMorgan mostly in leveraged finance and 2 years advising the Department of Energy and Climate Change on commercial matters affecting policy.
Mark Giulianotti has 20 years experience in international banking and energy project finance and joined the UKGIB in March 2013.
Mark joined Bank of Scotland in 1991, and has worked in various corporate and project finance lending capacities in the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore.
Nathan has focused in recent years on the commercialisation and development of growth strategies for "green", low carbon and smart business strategies for cities and regions in the UK. Jonathan has over 20 years’ experience in the Technology, Design, Property and Construction sector, as well as in Finance and Investment in Strategic Development working with both the private and public sector. Jonathan has overseen the development of projects, particularly for two funding mechanisms: REIF (Renewable Energy Investment Fund) and UK GIB (Green Investment Bank).
A large part of Jonathan’s role is liaising between the public and private sectors for project inception and development.
Until recently, Jonathan also carried out a similar role for the City of Edinburgh Council, for strategic property and investment development. Jonathan created Project Edinburgh and the String of Pearls projects for the City of Edinburgh whilst on secondment from Standard Life from 2004 to 2008.
Having created a number of development frameworks, projects and investment opportunities with the Project Edinburgh Design Team; Jonathan and the team then secured major investment interest in the city from global investors and developers. Prior to joining the Green Investment Bank as Managing Director, Waste and Bioenergy, Chris was Head of Capital Markets and UK Origination and Advisory within the Infrastructure & Renewables team at NIBC Bank.
Owen Kelly was appointed as Chief Executive of Scottish Financial Enterprise (SFE) in January 2008. Owen’s role focuses strongly on representing the industry to governments and regulators in Scotland, London and Brussels. Ross Martin is SCDI’s 8th Chief Executive, with a wide and diverse background working across the Scottish economy in the public, private and social sectors. Ross has been driving the development and diversification of Scotland's economy for over a quarter of a century, through the transformation of public services, his support for a wide range of SMEs, or through his more recent policy work at the CSPP helping to create the conditions for sustainable growth. Ross is also an occasionally practicing high school teacher, an adviser to Adopt an Intern, which he helped to create, and previously an adviser to BIDS Scotland, the national network for the country's fastest growing local economic partnership, the Business Improvement District. Ross is a regular commentator on the politics of the economy in print, broadcast and of course social media, and has developed a reputation as an energetic and informative leader of mature and reflective policy debate. Before joining New Energy Finance at the start of 2007, Angus was a financial journalist for UK national newspapers for 18 years. Greg was previously CEO of Sterling Waterford Securities (SWS), a South African asset management and advisory firm, where he was involved in a number of financial innovations in the renewable energy market and carbon emissions trading market.
Dr Brenda Park has worked on a range of renewable energy projects from feasibility studies to large scale wind farm planning applications. Leonie is responsible for driving and promoting Sustainable Business opportunities within the mainstream global lending portfolio at ING.
Iain is the Director responsible for public sector lending in the EE team (eg Outdoor Lighting) and will also look at the banking aspects of other EE areas such as Smart Metering and District Heating. Matthias Zoellner was born in 1953 and has a degree in Economics from Bonn University, Germany.

In this seminar, small business expert, Victor Acosta, will present on ways to promote your business through social media. Please fill out the form below and provide as much information as possible about updates to this event or venue. This cartoon, scanned from the Republican Judge March 4, 1905), is an example of a call to act, in this case against the tobacco trust. American cartoon of John Bull (England) as an Imperial Octopus with its arms (with hands) in - or contemplating being in - various regions1. His estate, to which he adds a piece day by day, consists in the first place of the British Isles, to which he gave the name of the United Kingdom. As a key source of political patronage, the Post Office was a major battleground in the fight over civil service reform (merit appointments and tenure). This was one of many of Gillam’s political satires that were meant to criticize William Jennings Bryan. Part of the Government's role is to ensure that society is inclusive and that all citizens have the opportunity to make the best use they can of their skills and abilities. These initiatives provide a range of training opportunities to help unemployed people back into work, with all the economic and social advantages that can come from being employed. In this way, the LSC contributes towards: making the justice system fair, accessible and affordable to all.
You can write the best blog post in the world, but if nobody sees it, your time has been wasted. In this infographic, we share the 3 best social media sites for promoting your B2B business blog and the top strategy to use on each. Currently Chairman of SSE, which is the second largest producer of energy in the UK and has the largest renewables portfolio in Britain, he has a comprehensive knowledge of energy trends. A long-time renewable energy investor and advisor, Shaun was a founding partner of Pulsar Energy Capital.
Caroline is a senior energy and environmental industry executive with over 20 years of domestic and international experience in business-building, strategy, operations, project and asset management, investment, project finance and M&A. He was previously with Augusta & Co, where he was head of the project finance debt advisory business. Hehas an accounting degree from Napier University of Edinburgh and is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland. Previously, as a Partner at Grant Thornton UK LLP, Nathan worked with public and private sector organisations, across a wide range of projects and programmes in social, environmental and economic infrastructure. This has involved the development and coordination of the Scottish Green Investment Portfolio (SGIP) assisting the accessibility for finance for Low Carbon and Green Sector projects, development and planning of new funds and delivery structures for Energy, Waste and Community Renewable projects.
He advises on the development of teams to progress projects and investment structures and sourcing Public and Private finance and delivery interest for major projects.
Ross chairs the Scottish Waterways Trust, which is working to bring this wonderful piece of our industrial heritage to life encouraging engagement across the canal network. Ross lives in Larbert, in the heart of Scotland, and enjoys playing golf, walking and swimming as well as travelling to find inspiration for further change! He has overall editing responsibility for the company’s newsletters and analysis on clean energy, carbon, gas and power.
He also worked as a senior economist for Centre for Economics and Business Research, a leading London based think tank, and as director of a start-up FSA authorised financial services firm. At SWS, he initiated the listed trading market for carbon credits on the JSE Securities Exchange and played a key role in creating new financing structures in the formative stages of the biofuels and voluntary offset markets.
She has an extensive academic background in solar photovoltaic (PV) research and development and has lectured the MSc module in Advanced Renewable Energy Engineering at Heriot-Watt University giving her a broad knowledge of a range of renewable technologies. She recently completed a feasibility study for an airfield site in England, which is now being taken forward as a 40MW development for which Brenda is designing the solar farm and supporting planning and grid connection processes. As Head of Strategy he is responsible for the bank's corporate and investment strategy, including covering GIB's non-core sectors and reviewing potential areas for expansion. In his early career Bill worked for both Shell and McKinsey before spending 10 years as a private equity investor. Before joining the commercial side of the bank Leonie Headed the Environmental Social Risk Management team and introduced the new topic of sustainability risk management. He started his career in the German bilateral cooperation with assignments in Bolivia and Dominican Republic.
From this picture not only can Keppler's anti-slavery views be observed, through the various references to of violence toward slaves, but also his distaste for General Winfield Scott is noticeable.
Here the ship of business is being lured onto the stock market rocks by a siren wearing a garb of shares and playing a lyre of speculation with a carved head of Jay Gould and strings marked Western Union, Erie, and Northern Pacific.
He has eleven arms, just to demonstrate the “octo” part of “octopus” is negotiable when it comes to illustration. Then he has the Channel Islands, and the fortress of Gibraltar, which enables him to pass comfortably through the narrowest ot straits. Rogers uses lumber to represent the national credit, and pictures Democratic presidential nominee William Jennings Bryan’s insistence on the unlimited coinage of silver (“free silver”) as a threat to it. Depew, an extremely influential and powerful man involved in the maintaining of Cornelius Vanderbilt's monopoly of the railroad industry. He is the figure standing in the middle of the cartoon and the words “free silver” are written on his hat as a reference to one of his most strongly supported policies.
Among the groups that have found themselves 'excluded' in the past are people from black and ethnic minorities, women, lesbian and gay people, disabled people, the poor, the over 50s and lone parents.
In the past the UK's Legal Aid system provided legal advice and support of inconsistent quality and value for money. She has a strong background in technical project management and loves learning and sharing marketing strategies. He is also Chairman of The Weir Group plc, Glasgow 2014 (the Commonwealth Games Organising Committee, and Non-executive Director of Standard Bank Group Ltd.
He also advised 3i on a number of European renewable energy transactions including its €170 million acquisition of GES, where he was a Non Executive Director.
She knows the energy, resources and environmental sectors, especially power and fuels markets and projects across generating technologies and clean tech, as well as environmental instruments, markets, regulation and policy. His key policy specialisms in government were EU and international relations, and communications.
He works closely with BNEF’s 120-strong team of analysts and researchers, and takes a particularly close interest in topics such as project finance, renewable energy jobs and marine energy.

Brenda's solar expertise includes resource analysis, system design, energy yield calculations and shading analysis along with overall technical support and advice. As co-MD of Energy Efficiency he is jointly responsible for the bank's investment activities in the energy efficiency.
Most recently Bill was Managing Director at Hudson Clean Energy Partners, a leading clean energy investment firm, where his responsibilities included European origination and global energy efficiency activities. He held several positions on the Board of Scottish and Southern Energy plc (SSE) and had previously been Commercial Director of Scottish Hydro Electric plc since 1995.David was presented with the degree of Doctor of Laws, honaris causa, from the University of Dundee in June 2014. He trained as chartered accountant with PWC before moving into their project finance and privatisation team, where his highest profile deal was the sale of CrossCountry Trains to Virgin Rail. In 1982 he joined Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW), as a loan officer in the Western Africa department. Topics to be covered: Financial Resources - LiftFund Small Business Resources - NCI Promoting Small Businesses on Social Media - NCI Please bring your pen, paper, and business cards for this key resource event.  REFRESHMENTS WILL BE PROVIDED! Scott is portrayed as an ignorant fool, being manipulated by Democrats due to his lack of political experience.
The islands of Malta and Cyprus serve him as advanced sentinels in the Mediterranean, If he could have Constantinople he would be satisfied with his share of Europe. The symbolism is similar to Rogers’s cartoon from the 1896 campaign, “Monkeying with a ‘Buzz-Saw.’” Both images are based on the assumption that the gold standard resulted in good national credit, which in turn produced abundant national prosperity. This cartoon was created to illustrate the the suffering of the working class as well as their inability to escape the overwhelming control of monopolies.
Here he is depicted as a fool to express what Gillam considers the stupidity of his anti-imperialist position.
The LSC has transformed this situation and created a system that delivers quality assured services, public accountability and value for money.
He has held positions on various private and public boards including the Financial Services Authority and Financial Reporting Council (FRC), and a number of key positions within the banking industry.
Shaun previously worked at Shell in Europe, the US and Asia and for Centrica’s retail power business in the US. Her particular expertise is project development and finance and over her career Caroline been involved in originating, structuring, negotiating, closing and managing billions of dollars of energy and infrastructure projects across the globe.
Caroline holds geology and law honors degrees from Monash University and an MBA from Melbourne Business School (partly undertaken at Columbia). He spent two years in Tokyo in the 1990s, promoting Scotland as an investment location.Owen joined the government service in 1988, shortly after graduating from Edinburgh University with an honours degree in Chinese. Leonie has more than 10 yrs experience in Sustainability though her work as a Management Consultant in which she worked with various multinationals, as an independent consultant in Costa Rica and through setting up the ESR and Sustainable Lending team within ING. In 1988 he moved to the European Investment Bank (EIB) in Luxembourg, where he was appointed Head of Division in the Lending Directorate –first in charge of operations in Latin America, then in Asia. Following the Civil War much of the blame lied with the Democratic Party, most likely because the Republican Party was still emerging until 1860 while Democrats had been around for much longer; thus Keppler labels Democrats as being responsible for the enforcement of the Fugitive Slave Act and secession, in hopes of inciting further opposition toward Democrats. That was the bank which, when it failed, brought down the firm of Grant & Ward, ruining ex-President Grant. By 1883, the railroad monopoly, among others, was well established thus Americans were becoming increasingly aware of the negative impacts of monopolies on the lives of working men.
He also founded and chaired the Low Carbon Finance Group, a group of the leading investors in the clean energy space. Leonie holds a Master in Environmental Science, Business Ethics and International Sports Management. Currently he holds the position of Head of Division of the Environment, Climate and Social Office of the EIB. The entire cartoon is filled with a clutter of symbols, clearly labeled in order to appeal to less educated Americans and help illuminate the perceived evils of Democrats.
Monopolies fueled the "fire" that harmed the working class due to the fact that monopolies inherently eliminated the possibility of the survival of certain small businesses. The satirical nature of this cartoon does not come from its hidden messages, but rather the bluntness of the argument, enabling more Americans to understand and accept the author's intentions. Monopolies also negatively affected the working class by placing the ability to control the living conditions and welfare of perhaps hundreds of thousands of people in the hands of a small elite group who, in somer cases, were more concerned with personal profit than employee well-being.
Emilio Aguinaldo declared the country’s independence, but this was not recognized by the McKinley administration.
Although Keppler tries to reach a wider audience he limits himself to only Northern Republicans by attacking Democrats, who had previously won the popular vote in 1876 presidential election, and offending Southerners who feel that slavery should be legal. In addition many European immigrants, especially the Irish, were Democrats, which further limits Keppler's audience.
The cartoon intended to sway voters against voting for Scott, the Democratic nominee, in the presidential election of 1880.
Started in California and still boasting modest levels of traffic within the US, Orkut is now hosted within Brazil itself and gets the vast majority of its traffic from there, and from India. Ultimately the cartoon most likely had a successful effect because James Garfield defeated Scott with 214 of the369 electoral votes. While machine translation is fine to get the gist of your followers’ responses to you, you’re best off using professional translators for your posts and tweets.One benefit is that you can construct posts, tweets, etc in your native language and then have them translated for the various languages you’re targeting.
At center is a large cushion covered with coins labeled "$150,000,000 Surplus - Result of Over-Taxation". Using social media management programs like Hoot Suite, which allows you to schedule tweets in advance, you can maintain a steady output on your various international social media networks, gradually building followers and generating buzz about your brand in every targeted market, for far less investment than it would cost to run advertising campaigns.Your only outlay is to have your tweets and posts translated, which, considering tweets are less than 140 characters, means you’re not looking at a massive monthly outlay to translate your social media interactions. With a little planning and effort, you’ll find the response to your international social media efforts far outweighs the investment of time and money.Thanks, again, to Christian for sharing his thoughts and tips!
Any business that offer their products and servers on an international basis is going to have to consider how to engage via social media in different languages and will need to understand the cultures and language differences of their target audiences, as well as the appropriate channels where their international audience engages.
Michelle GilstrapThere are many US companies that do international business, Disneyland, Universal Studios theme parks to name just two major companies that bring international visitors to the U.S.
Andreas WiedowChina is big enough so they don’t need qzone or renren in other languages.

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