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Who are your customers: what are their interests and how can your brand attract their attention? This is effectively the interface between your brand and your customer, so ensure that customer service is given priority. Make use of Twitter, Facebook, etc, to promote your brand – offer incentives to followers, and use this forum to showcase new products and developments. If a picture paints a thousand words, it is worth investing in a good designer to take your concepts and ideas and turn them into appropriate branding.
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To create an effective brand, it is important to decide the appeal of the product and target your brand promotion strategy to this group.
A friendly service and ease of ordering and returns will build loyalty with your customer base.
This is a powerful brand promotion strategy that will increase your visibility and become a vital reference tool in the hands of your customer. Social media can also be used to make your brand more human – introduce company staff and users of your products to show the human face of your organisation.
This is your showcase to your customer so spend time getting this right and your brand promotion strategy will pay dividends.

Most people do not throw maps away so each time a customer uses the branded map, they will be reminded of your brand.

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