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Recently I found a great, super quick way to do it and I thought I would share this tiny tip in the hope that it helps someone else. Move your mouse over the ghost menu and it will come alive, then look near the bottom right of the menu (in the red rounded rectangle) and you see a big paintbrush, click on this.
Helping you design mobile and desktop friendly web design, with ongoing development support. Whatever your solutions, we are confident in being able to support your on-line requirements.

As Oxfordshire's leading digital specialist it makes sense to use a company that understands digital media.
Perfect for corporate, musicians, chartities, record labels, production houses and private clients who wish an on-line interactive experience. When SELECT CUSTOM SETTING is selected, current settings are shown in the quick menu by the label BASE. As Oxfordshire's leading digital media specialist, website design is second nature to our core business in providing on-line specialist services.

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